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Burger King

75 East University Ave
Windsor, ON N9A2Y6
Tel: (519) 256-7629
Neighbourhood: Downtown

Other Locations

1.East Tecumseh & Mercer (2.7 km)
2.West Tecumseh (3.3 km)
3.East Tecumseh (4.4 km)
4.Dougall Ave (5.9 km)
5.Eastway Toyota (9 km)
6.Walker Rd (9.1 km)
7.South Wonderland (159 km)
8.South Wonderland (159.3 km)
9.Wellington (163.6 km)
10.East Commissioners (166.3 km)

Nearby Restaurants

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4.Shawarma Palace (124 m)
5.Subway (125 m)
6.Honest Lawyer (125 m)
7.The Dugout (125 m)
8.Coffee Exchange, The (126 m)
9.Whiskey, The (128 m)
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