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Taco Bell

391 West Weber Street
Waterloo, ON N2J3J2
Tel: (519) 885-6680
Neighbourhood: Dearborn District

Other Locations

1.North King (1.6 km)
2.Victoria (5 km)
3.Ottawa (7.6 km)
4.Kingsway Drive (9 km)
5.Homer Watson Boulevard (9.7 km)
6.North Eagle (17.8 km)
7.West Stone Road (23.3 km)
8.East Wellington (23.5 km)
9.Milton (51 km)
10.North Hamilton (53.3 km)

Nearby Restaurants

1.KFC (14 m)
2.Ennios Pasta House (120 m)
3.Tim Hortons (131 m)
4.Burger King (150 m)
5.Subway (158 m)
6.Twice The Deal Pizza (159 m)
7.Harvey's (170 m)
8.Starbucks (201 m)
9.Tim Hortons (202 m)
10.Bianca's Pizza (256 m)