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Sizzling Tandoor Restaurant

3600 Uptown Boulevard, #123
Victoria, BC V8Z0B9
Tel: (778) 265-7775


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Worst dining experience of my life
By canadiankim005 of Victoria BC (1 Review)
Submitted Wednesday, April 1, 2015 - 1:33pm [Dine in]

I left a public message on this Facebook page for management to explain the situation that occurred last week. This has not happened. Instead I can no longer find my post asking for clarification around a certain policy to do with mis-ordered food. So, since I have no faith in the management responding let alone keeping that post public, I figured I would share my horrific experience here.

I have never been treated to the kind of customer service in my life I received here. I am not sure if this is now becoming usual practice of charging for food that was not ordered? If so, I'd advise against coming here as this is what happened to me. Also, I'd like this clearly explained by the establishment whose manager was apparently too busy cooking to come talk with my party.

Our waitress misunderstood our table's order and we ended up with five dishes instead of four (for four people and we said nothing about a to-go order). Another waitress (the only one who actually tried to fix the situation) brought our food out and commented how five dishes wasn't right was it? After trying to leave the fifth order at our table in a take out box, our waitress returned to explain that she was just going to leave the order to go and essentially, because she misheard our order, we would be charged for the five meals. Apparently, she had explained this situation to the manager and said we could speak with her if we wanted. Yes, of course I would like the manager to have this policy explained to me and my party.

After being ignored and with blatant stares from staff from the window, our waitress finally returned to inform me the manager was too busy to come speak to us as she was cooking in the back. The other waitress was there actually refilling our drinks (imagine that!), and said to her colleague this was a server error and apologized to us. I had to chase down our waitress even for a take out box and getting our bill wasn't much easier.

This is truly unfortunately as I live walking distance to Uptown and work nearby. I have taken out food several times and has always been my to-go Indian restaurant. I would at least like some sort of recognition from this establishment for being a long-time customer.

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Good food, good value, but issue with staff appearance
By MiracleMax of Victoria British Columbia Canada (5 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, October 27, 2014 - 11:14am [Dine in]

I have eaten here many times and had the lunch buffet as it is a great deal. It is full of yummy tasty North Indian dishes, and keeps you full for hours, as it is a heavy style of food.

I have at times noticed some questionable sanitation issues around the handling of utensils by restaurant staff, and have had unclean drinking glasses on a few occasions. The serving staff are friendly, well dressed, and clean in appearance.

However there is one younger female staff member who works in the kitchen who often comes out in front of all the customers wearing a filthy dirty old t-shirt and these old baggy stained jogging pants. She handles the food and brings out the replacement items for the buffet as needed and at times has even served customers water and bread. She often wipes her nose in front of the customers with her bare hands, coughs openly over the buffet food, and in general is just very dirty in her appearance and how she works in front of the customers.

At first I thought she was just out in front of the customers because someone didn't show up for work, but each time I went back she was there dressed in the exact same dirty old jogging pants and old stained t-shirt. So the owners of the establishment are clearly making the decision to have her come out in front of the customers.

Based on this..........Even though the food is delicious and the value is excellent, I simply have not been able to return in months. For me clean staff means a clean kitchen. Dirty staff means a dirty kitchen.

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