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Rathskeller Schnitzel Haus

1205 Quadra St
Victoria, BC V8W2K6
Tel: (250) 386-9348
Fax: (250) 386-9348
Neighbourhood: Harris Green
  • Cuisine: Eastern European, German
  • Price: $$ ($15 - $30)
  • Reservations: Recommended
  • Service: Banquet
  • Meals: Lunch, Dinner
  • Features: Live entertainment
  • Hours: Mon: 4:30PM - 9PM, Tue - Thu: 11:30AM - 9PM, Fri - Sat: 11:30AM - 10PM, Sun: 4:30PM - 9PM
  • The Rathskeller is a schnitzel house located in downtown Victoria. Enjoy an extensive menu offering the rich, unique flavors of Bavaria.


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Bring On The Heart Monitor
By diner40 of Vancouver (95 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 3:24pm [Dine in]

For starters this is not light food. If you are on a low fat, high fiber, calorie counting sort of diet skip this place. If you are feeling like a high calorie, heavy , fill you to the brim sort of meal you can't go wrong with the Rathskeller.

I came here last night with seven other friends to take in the ambience and taste of Germany right here in little ole Victoria. The restaurant wasn't very busy for a Friday night and we were seated right away.

For starters I ordered the cucumber salad with a lovely dill dressing. So let me correct myself, yes, there is something here on the healthy side. Of course I wasn't going to eat just the cucumber salad , by the way, it was nice light and refreshing and just the right amount, a nice starter.

My main course consisted of the schnitzel topped with some bits of seafood like tiny scallops and pieces of faux crab in a white sauce. It was truly delicious. The dish came with some very nicely cooked potato pancakes and excellent red cabbage. I was very impressed with the taste and quality of the meal.

A couple of my dining partners shared the meat platter with sausage, schnitzel, spaetzle, potatoes and a few other yumming looking things that got rave reviews and so much they needed doggie bags.

Our waitress was a very pleasant person with a sense of humour and prompt enough that I don't have any complaints.

I was still full when I woke up this morning. If I ate German food like this on a regular basis I would be wearing a moo moo in no time and have to hire someone to tie my own shoes. It was very , very good. I'll be back.

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Good SOLID restauarnt - German Food but not much Getmutlichkeit
By Bydesignprez of Saanich, Victoria (60 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, January 30, 2009 - 4:46pm [Dine in]

A small group of us went for lunch on a Friday as 2 of the party had never been to this restaurant.

It was quiet and quaint in a nice way with authentic looking old fashioned decorations that clearly indicated that this restaurant has been here a long time and is not going anywhere.

The menu has a good range of German style meat and potatoes meals including schnitzels and various Wursts (sausages). Each lunch meal came with a small side salad on the plate with dressing already on it. This is a no-nonsense take it or leave it kind of restaurant style. The waitress has been there for years and speaks English with a heavy accent - so fits right in.

The food? Good and solid - no nonsense and so very German. It did not try to pretend to be anything other than good solid food. It is not pretentious or trying to be nouvelle cuisine. Frankly, I like German food and it seemed to go down well with our group. We all tried the apple strudel which came with a dollop of cream or ice cream on top (whether you asked for it or not). Again - take it or leave it. No fawning around here. The portions were very adequate and the food was solid (may be over-using that term) and the only observation was that it was not a restaurant with too much atmosphere as it was just about getting good (solid) food into your stomach. Service was reasonably attentive but cannot be termed as overly friendly as the waitress dealt with us much like a conductor on a Deutsches Bundesbahn (railways) might treat a bunch of school children.

Good restaurant with good solid food.

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Boots of Beer, and that's about it.
By dux23 of Victoria, BC (41 Reviews)
Submitted Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 10:41pm [Dine in]

How long will the Rathskellaer last when Germans themselves no longer eat this way?

The boots of beer are a great novelty, and the Wheat Beer (we sampled the Koenig and the Dark Wheat) was indeed a treat - but food-wise the whole menu is filled relics and little of substance. Don't ever go here if you're a vegetarian who is looking for a meal beyond some appies (served an hour too late even though the restaurant is empty) and the aforesaid boot of beer. They will dismiss you as riff-raff just there for the beer, even though you might genuinely want to drop $30 on a meal.

$30 is about what you'll pay for a meal, by the way, if you get an appetizer with it. (Heads up: boots of beer run $15 to $30 depending on size.) I'm sorry, but $2 for a potato pancake that's less than 0.5 cm thin and 4 inches wide isn't a great deal... nor is half a Kraft Camembert with some store-bought jarred cranberry sauce ($7), no matter what type of flour you coat it in before you deep fry it. The lox was clearly something that had been sitting pre-plated in a fridge, wrapped in saran. The hardboiled egg slices were wrinkling like a dead person's skin. Six slices of lox, a hardboiled egg and 8 capers on a piece of lettuce is not worth $9.

When the last of the 80-something crowd die off, I'm not sure how long the Rathskeller will last. The ambiance is kitchy (I'm sure it's WAY better with the accordion player) and the boot of beer great entertainment, but the food is an uneventful rip-off and the service terrible. By the Little Piggy's review, they treat young people who come just for the boots with great disdain (evidently the 2L boot should be shared, and I personally share the Rathskeller's position on this). But at the same time, the tired old traditional fare is going to die with that generation - and maybe it's high time they consider either adding 21st Century (or should I say late 20th century) German fare to the menu, or simply turn themselves into a polka bar where we can simply come for boots and a good time.

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Very Thin schnitze
By mparks48 of Washington DC (1 Review)
Submitted Saturday, October 31, 2009 - 12:32pm [Dine in]

Overall this is a good German restaurant. The atmosphere is good, service was acceptable, and the food taste good. However, I did have one major complaint and that was the paper thin thickness of their Jagerschnitzel and lack of mushroom gravy. The schnitzel served in this restaurant was 3 to 4 times thinner then ones that I’m use to, which have been normally about one half inch in thickness. The taste was OK but, don’t expect for it to fill you up. In addition, there was no salad served with the meal which is usually the case in most German restaurants.

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Very good schnitzel
By eric7 of Portland, OR (1 Review)
Submitted Monday, August 17, 2009 - 3:41pm [Dine in]

I do not review a restaurant unless it is very good or very bad. That being said, my mother is Austrian and I am very anal about Wiener schnitzel - it being my favorite food. I seek out a good german restaurant wherever I go and travel extensively in North America so have been to many. This restaurant is highly recommended for authentic Wiener schnitzel. Mine was done with veal, while the rest of my family had the recommended pork. Everyone enjoyed their meal and we would definately come back if we are ever in Victoria again.

BTW, we got the name from the owners of the Christmas store, when I asked them the best place in town for a Schnitzel.

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Good food - Great service
By Kim of Victoria (6 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, December 29, 2006 - 11:15pm [Dine in]

This little family-owned and operated business is a true gem. My husband and I dine here quite often and really enjoy the simple, basic German food...especially the schnitzel's. The staff are extremely friendly and the decor lets you escape to Europe...even if only for a few hours. Delightful ambiance and food that you can count on to be great each and every time. Be sure not to miss the "Apple Strudel" for dessert....the best in the city!

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A Different Experience
By Rapunzel of Gabriola Island (25 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, June 19, 2008 - 1:14pm [Dine in]

I was here on a weeknight (not Monday or Friday) at about 7:30 p.m. so the restaurant was not crowded. I am not a connoisseur of German food, so had specifically planned to come here for a new dining experience.

I had a cup of liver dumpling soup as an appetiser and the Rahm Schnitzel. Not a liver person (though I do like pate), I was being quite daring about the soup. It took a few mouthfuls to get used to the liver taste, but by the end of the cup I was quite into it.

I also enjoyed my schnitzel and spatzle, of which I could only eat about half (in part because they had also provided some delicious bread and butter). They packed up the rest and I had it for lunch the next day.

Two gentlemen at the booth next to me sounded like they quite enjoyed their meal as well. I think they were from out of town and one said he came to Rathskeller whenever he was in Victoria. I heard one of them comment about how they had to order the apple strudel because it was the best ever. If I hadn't been so full (and not being a dessert person), he certainly made it tempting to try.

All in all, a very nice meal.

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Birthday Dinner
By opinion_man of Victoria (33 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, January 21, 2010 - 1:18am [Dine in]

After years of walking by this restaurant and not entering, my mother came up with this idea of going to a NEW or Different restaurant for my birthday Dinner. I said....Rathskeller is a place I have alays wanted to try out.

So me and my family went down to Rathskeller for my birthday dinner and the service was indeed good. The waitres wearing a traditional German outfit which was really cool and there was also traditional German folk music playing quietly in the background.

Since none of us had ever been to a German Restaurant most of us ended up ordering schnitzel simply because it sounded cool and German.

The result was too much grease for our tummy's LOL. While I have no problem with Schnitzel, I must remember that I am a bit too old for food that is cooked in large amounts of oil.

The Shnitzel overall reminded me of my Grandma's Breaded Porkchops...just a little more greasey than I was used to.

In the end we left with my mother with a tummy ache (which is expected since she has colitis) and everyone just kinda having an average experience.

For me....I would definately give Rathskeller a second chance and just order something that is not Fried.

Overall experience was Not "Bad" just introductory. I believe you must attend a restaurant at least twice IN MOST CASES in order to form an honest review on it.

I plan to return to Rathskeller in the near future and will keep all of you viewers informed of my experience there.


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Easter at the Rathskeller
By glenalan54 of Saanich, Victoria (20 Reviews)
Submitted Wednesday, July 18, 2007 - 5:37pm [Dine in]

I've wanted to try this place for years and finally did on an Easter weekend. I was not disappointed with either the food, service or the ambiance. There are not many restaurants in town that serve German food and we enjoyed the change from our usual Italian or Chinese fare.
The Rathskeller Schnitzel Haus has a long history at it's present location and it's nice to go into an establishment that has grown roots in this city and be served up such a good meal.
In the mood for something different? Go German.

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  • Ambiance
Hmm, not too sure...
By foodiebabe of Victoria (18 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, November 13, 2006 - 1:35pm [Dine in]

This dining experience was a little strange - the roast beef sandwich was greasy, and the sauerkraut was a little better than boiled cabbage. However the bratwurst was good and the lager was fantastic. The service was friendly but the atmosphere was quite bizarre - what's with the cling-filmed giant cookies suspended from the ceiling?! But we'd go back for the lager at least.

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Worst experience EVER
By VicDiner of Victoria, BC (2 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, December 14, 2007 - 10:07pm [Dine in]

The title says it all. I went with a group from work to the Rathskeller for a nice social outing and diner. We were kept waiting over an hour for our food. This is after waiting 1/2 hour to order (and it was not busy). After asking when our food was coming, I was told it would be at our table in 3 minutes. After 20 minutes of additional waiting I advised the waitress to cancel my order as I could not wait any longer to eat and would be leaving (the rest of my group stayed). The owner of the Rathskeller asked me to stay and when I refused told me "Well, you're a jerk!". I promptly left and on my way out she told me sarcastically that there was a McDonalds around the corner. She then proceeded to tell my group what a horrible group we were, etc. I have never received such horrible service (and insults) in a restaurant in my life. Especially when I was polite and as tolerant as I could be of the extremely long wait.

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