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  • Food2.5
  • Service3.5
  • Value2.5
  • Ambiance2.5
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Wally's Burgers

2661 East 49th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5S1J9
Tel: (604) 434-2930
Neighbourhood: East Side


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Just OK
By 8there of Vancouver (66 Reviews)
Submitted Tuesday, July 5, 2011 - 10:50am [Dine in]

We finally got the chance to eat here, but was disappointed that the food didn't live up to the hype. However, I did appreciate that everything was cooked to order, and came out fresh and hot.

We had a mushroom swiss burger, which we felt didn't measure up to our favorite 'Monty Mushroom' burger at another place. The halibut burger was nicely fried, with a nice crunch from the onions and lettuce. The down side is that it costs 2x as much as a filet o' fish, but didn't taste 2x as good and was just a little bit bigger. The serving of fries we got was fresh and good, and large enough for two to share. They have a number of hot dogs on the menu which might be interesting to try. The service was prompt and efficient, about as good as you can expect in a fast food/cafeteria type of place. This place will suffice if you have a real hankering for a burger fix, but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here.

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Wally World!
By Bonka of Vancouver (464 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, January 13, 2011 - 7:23pm [Dine in]

We followed the demise of the original Kingsway location to the temporary (?) location out on the North Shore which led us to this location one day after a short indecision of what was for dinner. Both my gf and I live close by so it was hard to avoid.

Service was aimable, efficient and proactive. Upon entering, the friendly lady staff mentioned that the chuck wagon buns were sold out and that only the regular buns were available and made sure we were ok with that before we ordered. She was genuinely happy to greeting customers, a sight becoming more rare these days.

We ended up with a swiss and mushroom burger, a beefy boy with cheese, a basic chicken burger, fries, and onion rings. The burgers looked a little small, but it more than filled us up nicely. It's quite a mess actually with their special sauce seeping through the bun and paper but the greasiness seemed to make the burger taste better. Do note that these are not gourmet but they do exhibit that homemade flavour. Fresh cut fries came in a bag - nice and crispy while the battered onion rings had a fantastic crunch - normally not found in the battered varieties.

Only benches and stools are available for dining in with a few signed autograph athelete portraits dawning the walls but the overall space is ultra clean.

It's probably not something I would indulge in regularly but it's nice to know that a stand alone burger joint is in our neck of the woods.

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Decent Value, Mediocre Burgers
By kawaii of Vancouver (51 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, May 3, 2013 - 7:15pm [Dine in]

I was feeling the pinch from paying upwards of $15 for my favorite burgers at other places, and decided to give Wally’s a try as I’ve heard good things.

It was under $10 for a combo which I thought was a good deal, the space was cute and clean in a retro-A&W kind of way. But the burger was sorely lacking – it was small, so covered in a dripping sauce I couldn’t taste the ingredients, and the fries were overcooked. I now know why I shell out the extra $5 for a large, juicy patty and higher-quality ingredients at other burger places that pay attention to the details. You can really tell the difference.

But for a high school crowd that's close by and just wants to have a cheap meal that’s not McDonald’s or Burger King, this place is not that bad.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Great Burger in the corner......
By CaptainNemo of Vancouver (97 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, January 6, 2011 - 10:17am [Dine in]

I didn't know they moved here. I found it through a post on facebook from a friend. I tried it, and I really enjoyed it.

The burgers were great, and it didn't sit in the stomach like most of the greasy burgers you get from burger joints. Although my BC dog was a little dry for my liking.

The lady was incredibly nice. There was a mixup on the order, so she gave us the wrong order for free and fixed us up with the correct order.

I thought it was a bit expensive, but all worth it.

Will go back and try their milkshakes.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Burgers and fries are not made on premises.
By Foodcriticbc of vancouver (42 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, January 1, 2016 - 1:41pm [Dine in]

When I think of a burger place I expect burger and fries made on premises. The burger and fries are both bought ready to cook. If I remember Wallys on Kingsway everything was made on premises. How can I place that specializes on burgers by the patties already done.
The place is nice and the service is good but the food tastes average at best. There is so much sauce its hard not to get dirty. The shakes are made from scratch and are good.

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  • Service
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  • Ambiance
Don't bother!
By Sara-Sara of Marpole, Vancouver (2 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, May 15, 2011 - 12:05pm [Take-out]

They served me a cheese burger that was under cooked, they even forgot the cheese the first time around. They added so much sauce the burger buns were wet because of it! The onion rings were extra oily and they added salt making them hard to eat.

The place seems dirty and they have not finished the renovations, it really looks like they are broke from buying the franchise name.

Don't bother, there is no quality there, the beef patty was so small, you can make it better yourself!

Try White Spot for a burger or even McDonald, it's better ambiance too!

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  • Value


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