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Vij's Railway Express

1075 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6E0B6
Tel: (604) 639-3335
Neighbourhood: Downtown


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Disappointing Experience
By cherrybomb143 of Surrey, bc (218 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, July 23, 2012 - 12:46pm [Take-out]

Was craving Indian and remembered that I still haven't tried Vij's in mobile form. Ordered the halibut coconut masala curry for $11.50. Sadly, the food is disappointing. While the naan was good (I like the addition of the spice) the curry lacked any and all flavour. Bland. Normally Indian food is rich and lovely, with savoury flavours but this was a complete fail, save for that the ingredients were fresh.

Value (even for downtown pricing) is lacking. My container came with two small pieces of fish, a bit of veggies and mainly rice. Curry to rice ratio was off, since the curry was so bland. For $11.50 it's one of the priciest streetfood carts and unfortunately, doesn't live up to the hype.

Lastly, kudos for Vij's for being green and using environmentally friendly containers and utensils. Unfortunately, the paper like container they use is not conducive to wet foods, especially curries where the precious sauce gets absorbed into the container and ruins the container's integrity / makes it really hot to hold!

The only plus is that I visited on a rainy day, so the line was really short.

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Doesn't Travel Well
By KeyWester of West End, Vancouver (31 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, July 1, 2012 - 10:43am [Take-out]

As someone who is a big fan of both Vij's and Rangoli I was excited to see that Vij had set up a food wagon on West Georgia. However, that excitement quickly disappeared. After waiting a good 25 minutes I ordered the ginger coconut curry which turned out to be a major disappointment. Served in a microwaveable container (similar to what you get in coach on an intercontinental flight) with the smallest slice of naan imaginable, the dish was overcooked with lots of soggy rice and perhaps a total of seven green beans that had seen better days. There is little doubt that Vij is a master showman. However, his latest effort, the Railway Express is unfortunately missing a few wheels.

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Please Sir, May I have some more.
By Reet of Vancouver (12 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, July 2, 2012 - 9:18am [Take-out]

Came here one afternoon for lunch last week and waited in a 30 minute lineup. Fortunately I was surrounded by friendly people to chat with. Unfortunately, the chicken curry I had wasn't the best. It tasted the same as mine after its been frozen and nuked some time later. The rice was wet. I'm guessing it was precooked, dunked in hot water and drained, but not very well. It also came with a 1/4 slice of pita not naan. I'm sure it's not easy to prepare fresh food for that many people in a truck. But for $9 you expect to be full. I am female, 5' tall and not over weight, so dont eat a massive amount. I left and went to my favorite food cart for another 30 minute wait but at least my fish taco was very tasty and I was satisfied. I might go back to Vijs again but be prepared to buy 2 items, drop 20 bucks and eat on the sidewalk.

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