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Tokyo Bay Sushi House

1947 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5N2T1
Tel: (604) 708-8555


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Great discount on advance orders.
By foodfanatic of South Vancouver (286 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, April 2, 2006 - 1:50pm [Dine in]

20% off for ordering 2hrs in advance. Have yet to find anywhere else that beats that even if it's a day in advance. That, and the fact that it had decent reviews on here and it looked alright from the outside when I was actually dining next door, I decided to give it a try.

Ordered enough for me to know I'll not be ordering from them again. Out of the myriad of rolls I've sampled, especially their "specialty" ~$6.99 ones, they are completely not worth the $$. From the rainbow rolls to the mango variations, they share a common ingredient: plenty of shredded artificial crab meat. Shredded rather well, I must say, but still easily taste the fish pastiness & texture. It makes each of those rolls rather similar in taste & texture. The spicy tuna roll is safe, since it would be odd if that was stuffed with real or faux crab meat. The tuna nigiri pieces were suspiciously resembling of regular tuna, and not a millimetre of belly involved. The saba was alright. None of the nigiri was actually very appetizingly presented especially the rice under the fish. Unevenly packed/shaped by hand, but somewhat cold & slightly hardened. Couldn't eat that rice, I quickly found myself losing my appetite. The rice on the inside-out rolls were more "normal" maybe because there was just less concentration of it so it definitely comes off as being more tolerable. The ikura/salmon roe is not very fresh and a tad mushy.

The service, however, was fairly pleasant.

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The only reason I come here....It's in my neighbourhood...
By Bobeater of East Vancouver (58 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, July 17, 2006 - 9:43pm [Dine in]

I use to go to this place alot, but recently I went here for lunch after just getting off work and I felt like eating sushi. I came back in surprise that the orignial owners still are in service. However, they lack of many things other than customers...

The food has changed alot, it used to be really good...now it just bland. I really have to use the soy sauce that is given to me to make the food go down. Pricing has gone up, due to supply and demand....What demand? They have no customers! $8.50 for a spicy sushi combo where other sushi places charge about $7.50 (and the other place is SPICY!!)

The Service: Hasn't changed....

Ambiance: A few new lights and pictures hanging on the walls. A few fun disease filled flies buzzing around you. (The least, they can do is go to the dollar store and bug a cheap bug catcher)

Note: I only come here because it's in my neighbourhood and I get hungry on the bus. Otherwise, I go eat at other more better sushi places....

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Friendly smile but not much sushi
By binh5354 of Vancouver (11 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, June 22, 2006 - 8:40am [Dine in]

I pass by Kingsway alot and was atracted by the pictures and the sign on the street so I decide to give it a try. I ordered a California Roll and few Salmon Nigiri. I almost did not see the filling of my roll but only rice on some pieces. My salmon are so thinly clice that I think I could blow it of the rice. Friendly smile but I think the couple is not speaking too much English because I was trying to make conversation while I waited for my order but not much responded. Oh Well! another Japanese sushi house.

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Good East Vancouver Sushi, finally
By pshoebri of east vancouver (2 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, February 24, 2006 - 10:09pm [Dine in]

Tokyo Bay was a pleasant surprise - we visited after receiving a menu through the mail - and feeling desperate for some good East Vancouver sushi, we decided to try it. The food was very fresh, nicely presented, even for takeout. We have been back several times trying the agedashi tofu, avocado rolls, gyoza (a bit tough, but otherwise flavourful), california rolls, spicy dynamite roll (excellent) and more. All were excellent value, and had great flavour -- it's a nice little spot, on a corner that seems to attract out-of-the-way good restaurants. (It's right across from where Rubina used to be, and right beside the eclectic and also very good Green Lettuce.) Highly recommended.

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Good Cheap Sushi Joint
By kuhrt of east van (1 Review)
Submitted Tuesday, August 15, 2006 - 11:58am [Dine in]

This place is a small husband and wife run restaurant. Okay the ambience could be better but the place is clean, the food is good and consistent; and the staff freindly. My husband and I often go here for lunch and dinner and have never been disappointed. Try the california hot roll or the house special roll.

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