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Tai Tung Chinese Seafood Restaurant

8102 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6P4Z8
Tel: (604) 261-6328
Neighbourhood: West Side


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Unusually good quality for Chinese restaurant
By EatsFats of Vancouver (322 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, October 15, 2012 - 10:40pm [Dine in]

We came here on a Friday night after the advanced scouts had already sampled this place and declared it to be worth a try. We had no problems getting seated, no mean looks despite being close to 30 minutes late for our reservation. Restaurant was busy, but not 100% full so at no time were we ever rushed.

I noticed this place has been completely renovated. No half-baked reno here like in most Chinese places. The first of many surprises. It certainly is not decorated like most "traditional" Chinese places, but good job on that.

Our order was taken in good time and the dishes came out very quickly at a pretty reasonable pace so that we could at least have a chance to sample each dish for a bit before the next one came. Eventually though, we did end up with everything piled on at once. (That's not necessarily a bad thing). I don't remember getting any choice in the tea, we got what we got (though there was a label on it, so presumably choice is available).

The food itself was quite a surprise, from the first soup onwards, it was all of unusual quality for a Chinese joint. By that I mean, not too salty, not super greasy and very low, if any, amounts of MSG. In fact, I piled on more than my usual quantity of food and no complaints from my stomach afterwards. Just for example, we had some sweet ribs and these were nicely done, with just right amount of batter and not super fatty cuts as we usually get down the block at Red Star. Oh, did I mention it's not quite as pricey as Red Star either?
We also got their "famous" (says who?) chicken and got double condiment dishes, so maybe they are listening to complaints. The chicken actually is quite tasty, but because they use free-range older chicken, it is quite a bit more chewy than normal. Good or not depends on your preference, but flavour is definitely there.

We did not notice any really innovative dishes on the menu (which, by the way, chock full of pictures for the uninitiated), but fairly normal standards but done quite well. I guess it is a testament to the quality that I am coming away feeling rather generous in the ratings. Usually I come away feeling a bit bloated and regretting that I ate too much.

The ultimate question, would I return? Yes, for sure, if I were to have a craving for Chinese food, I would definitely be willing to make the trek back here.

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Worst Dinner Service... Diner Beware!
By doc168 of Vancouver (Dunbar) (1 Review)
Submitted Sunday, July 1, 2012 - 10:35pm [Dine in]

After the treatment we received tonight from this restaurant, I'm sending out a diner beware for those who are thinking about trying it out. We had made reservations for a birthday banquet and had heard the food was pretty good (similar to Red Star Chinese Restaurant). Upon arriving, we were greeted by a sour faced hostess that didn't think it was necessary to acknowledge their customer. She picked up some menus and started to walk towards a table, so we just followed. As we sat down, they didn't bother asking what type of tea we would like as they usually do in Chinese restaurants. Instead, she slams two pots containing tea and hot water in front of us and proceeds to walk away. When I asked her if she could please bring us a specific tea, she raises her eyebrow and gives me a dirty look. Did I fail to mention that the restaurant was empty at the time... As we waited for the rest of our party to arrive, we decided to place an order for a set meal for 10 people so they can start preparation in advance for the feast. As the food started to arrive at the table, we were confused why we were being served main courses before the appetizers were complete. Not trying to fuss, we just ate the dishes even though we knew that something was wrong with the presentation of the meal. We ate our steamed fish which was followed by our soup... which they forgot to provide bowls and had to make two request for them to drop it off. Condiments that accompanied the food never arrived and we tried again multiple times with the server to bring it to the table. By the time we received three quarters of the dinner, it was already two hours later. The one chicken dish they were infamous for was still missing after the fried rice was dropped off, so we asked the waiter if it was going to arrive shortly. We realized that they had overbooked for the evening when another large group was glaring at us through the glass window which was extremely uncomfortable. The waitress came back and said the chef was cutting the chicken up and it would be out shortly. 5 minutes later, the dish arrived at our table... once again, missing the condiments which complete the dish. What was most shocking was the hostess coming to our table right after the last dish was dropped off and telling us that she was going to give us our bill. She then lied directly to us saying that the person who made the reservation was told that we had to be gone by 7:30 pm. At this time, I informed her that the last dish just arrived at our table and that it was not our fault that they had messed up our order. Leaving an extremely bad taste in all of our mouth, especially as it was a birthday dinner to celebrate.. we approached the owner of the restaurant. He apologized, as did the waitress when she thought that it would be okay to try and push around a younger group of patrons. If you want to be treated rudely and ignored, then this is the restaurant to go to. Should have read the reviews from another site before going... never again!

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