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Sushi Nara

5755 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC V5P3W5
Tel: (604) 568-4618 Order Online
Neighbourhood: Knight


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Sushi Nara -- my first time under their new management
By tkinleong of Burnaby (1 Review)
Submitted Sunday, April 29, 2012 - 1:17am [Dine in]

I came to try Sushi Nara with my family on recommendation from a friend. I have seen this small Japanese restaurant before but never tried the food. I did not realize until my friend mentioned it that Sushi Nara is under new ownership and management since April 23rd of 2012.

I must firstly thank my friend for making her recommendation, as this was one of the best sushi places I have tried in years. As a big sushi fan for many years, I have tried many sushi restaurants around the world. Sushi Nara scores a 9/10 in my book with their high quality ingredients and care in details of the preparation.

I started my dinner with some appetizers - miso soup and gomae salad. This was one of few places that used fresh tofu in the miso soup. We had the toro sashimi and salmon sashimi after with amaebi (sweet shrimp sushi) and spicy tuna sashimi. The sashimi fish were very fresh and delicious. The amaebi was particularly commendable as it was so fresh that the shrimp was actually a bit crunchy in the mouth - not mushy as I have tried in many other places. Of all the nigiri sushi types, the amaebi had been one of my least favourites until I tried this at Sushi Nara. They have completely redefined what the amaebi should taste like to me. The spicy tuna was also worth noting. This was a sweeter tasting spicy tuna sashimi which was reminiscent of a sweet chili thai sauce. The sweetness and spiciness worked well to leave just enough tuna taste for a full enjoyment on the palate. I highly recommend this dish for those who likes spicy tuna.

We had a good appetite after the sashimi and asked our server (Jamie, who is also the owner) and the sushi chef to recommend their special rolls. We were presented with a kiwi roll and a smoked salmon roll. The kiwi was fresh and sweet, which complemented the fresh tuna inside the roll nicely. The smoked salmon roll had a nice touch of fish roe on top of each piece (two different types of roe) and real crab meat inside. The flavours and textures were well balanced. The server recommended also a rainbow roll and a mango roll with real crab meat. I should point out that most Japanese restaurants serve pollock which is an imitation crab meat made from fish. If you have had California rolls then you will have tried this imitation crab meat. Real crab meat (probably from a can) has a much different texture and taste that one must try. Real crab meat is often found only at high end Japanese restaurants (think Tojo's). Sushi Nara offers this if you just ask the server or the chef as a premium product. Once you have tried real crab meat maki rolls, you would not want to go back to pollock. Thanks go Jamie for her excellent recommendations.

Our wonderful dinner ended with a nice mango and green tea gelato. Through out the night, our server provided very attentive service. Even though she is the owner, one can tell that she definitely has a passion to provide the best Japanese sushi restaurant experience for her patrons. Every detail from the hearty green tea, to the comfortable seating, to the simply yet effective decorations all contributed to a nice family restaurant experience. Our best surprise was bill at the end, which was well below what we would have expected to pay for such a sushi feast. Sushi Nara delivers excellent value and superb quality. We are definitely coming back soon for more!

P.S. Sushi Nara is located on a busy part of Victoria Drive. It is best to park on the side street behind the restaurant (Beatrice St. near E. 41st) unless you happen to be lucky to find parking on Victoria Drive. Alternatively, Sushi Nara delivers within 10km so you can just call them to place an order.

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