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  • Service2
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126 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z2V4
Tel: (604) 689-7263
Neighbourhood: Central


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Some good snacking here
By EatsFats of Vancouver (322 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, November 2, 2008 - 1:14am [Dine in]

Never saw their first location, but glad they opened up in Yaletown. Place is a nicely done "typical" cafe for Yaletown.
Service? Well, come on, it's like Starbucks or something. You go up, order your stuff and they'll plop it on your table when it's ready. Okay, honestly, it met my expectations for this type of place so I'm not complaining.

This location seems to be packed full all the time, there's not a lot of seats inside, so bring a good coat and use the ample outdoor space.

They claim to make "Roman Street Food". Okay, whatever, as long as it tastes good. The pastries, I'm not sure they make there and I would give it a pass. Not horrible, but nothing amazing either. I suppose a better sell is the panini and their "pane romano" (sort of like a pizza thing, but zillions of different toppings including cold salad). There, they do knead and make the base bread from scratch. It's a bit different because it is sold by weight (ask for however much you want), not for fixed sizes. Good idea, I think, though a little work-intensive for the servers.
The bread base was delicious, big thumbs up on there and they've got so many topping varieties, you'd be crazy if you couldn't find one you liked. Makes for a great tummy filler for when you don't need a big meal.
Also tried the drinks (lots of selection of coffee), I'll warn I'm either not a big coffee fan or have exceedingly high standards. I would give it a passing grade here, which is high marks for me. The only better I've had was at Berry Good.

They have plenty of other brunch options and given the convenience, price and above all, tastiness, I would say this is worth a stop. It can be light on your wallet and stomach, so if you don't like it, not too much wasted there. Give it a try.

  • Food
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Surprisingly Good
By nelliebobellie of Downtown (69 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, August 6, 2009 - 1:49pm [Dine in]

After a nice long walk around the seawall in Yaletown, my friend and I decided to stop in at Sciue for a bite to eat and a cold drink. I had my dog with me, so I waited outside while my friend went in to see if he could get some menus. Apparently, there were only tea menus. Not sure if they actually had any food menus or he just couldn't find any... he said they had pizza and a few other items that he could see. I think it was the way he said it, that I was not really interested in the pizza, so I decided to flag down a server for a possible menu.

The servers who were aimlessly walking around outside clearing plates seemed put out when I asked if they had menus. One girl pointed to the dry-erase sandwich board outside and said that was their menu. She also pointed out they closed at 8pm so we'd better hurry up (it was exactly 7pm when we arrived) if we wanted to order food. I decided to go with their meat lasagna, and my friend chose the same. We sat for a few minutes being ignored by every server walking around, before I finally asked about being served. The same girl said, "well, just go inside to order" like it would have KILLED her if she had taken my order.

My friend had to go feed the meter, so I quickly went inside to order a couple of beers and our lasagnas, trying to keep an eye on my dog at the same time, who was tethered to my chair. I got the beer and ordered the food and went back outside. When my friend joined me, I went inside to wash my hands - as I passed by the food prep area, I was quite surprised at the pizzas - they looked delicious! They are traditional style with very fresh ingredients and made to order. I immediately regretted my choice for the lasagna.

When the pizza arrived, the 'server' just plopped down the plates and walked away. No cutlery. I had to go inside to get it myself, apparently. I don't mind self-service, but the attitude from the employees is ridiculous. Why even have servers, since they don't really do anything except clear plates and bring your food? I just hope they aren't expecting a tip with attitudes like that.

The lasagna was surprisingly good - very light, fresh and simple flavours. They are a little skimpy with the bread (one, small, anemic slice on each plate) but the lasagna was a decent portion and I guess I shouldn't expect much for a sidewalk cafe.

We shared an order of Tiramisu for dessert, which was also very good and the portion was huge. Again, very light & simple flavours and it tasted freshly made. I prefer my Tiramisu with a little more rum or brandy flavour and maybe a stronger coffee taste, but this was pretty good anyway.

I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a nice, simple yet tasty meal. Keep your expectations low on the service front, as there really isn't any to be found. I think I'll go back to try the pizza next time.

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good coffee
By cheremushki of Vancouver, Canada!! (4 Reviews)
Submitted Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - 11:10pm [Dine in]

With sleuth of competing chain cafes popping up in every corner, it is absurd that finding a satisfying taste in those cups that contains more than a just jitter is a such a difficult task. But for a chain coffee shop, Sciue knows how to pull a good espresso shots that is full of aroma and strong body.

Also famed are their pizzas. Price can be very steep. Customers are asked to pay by the weight, and making selection can be like visiting your butcher. You choose, point, they glance to ask, cut and weigh. It's a definite splurge for delightful lunch or some pizza are light in taste enough to be a brunch. Ingredients are fresh, crusts are more thinner than your average idea of pizza, and the melodies of flavour(though it's only a pizza) is sophisticated enough to demand more bucks for it's name.

Dessert in comparison is very disappointing. With espresso's such richness and simple, cleanliness of pizza, dessert falls flat. It tastes as a regular super market dessert full of sugar, period. It would be nice for the place to pay as much attention and detail in making their own dessert but I suspect that it is indeed external bought.

It may be that it is not my usual crowd, but the place is typical of Yaletown ambiance. It is clean, bright, well designed. The description is not to be demeaning, but to be more factual or creating awareness for future visits made by others. It is different from your neighborhood starbucks.(as for some food and coffee).

Service is neither warm nor hostile. Rather, the perfect description would be 'professional'. There may be a smile here or there, but so far visits remain such. Is it worth a visit? For one of those afternoons when you are seeking some comfort taste of a complex espressos or to spoil your taste bud while fooling your mind('it's ok, it's just a pizza'), Sciue is a proven to be an answer to it all.

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