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This restaurant is permanently closed.
  • Food4
  • Service4.5
  • Value4
  • Ambiance3
  • Reviews5

Pizzo Pizza

861 Denman St
Vancouver, BC V6G2L9
Tel: (604) 688-3333
Fax: (604) 688-3328
Neighbourhood: West End


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Best Homestyle Pizza We've Found in the West End
By megsablue of Vancouver (2 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, September 25, 2009 - 2:07pm [Dine in]

We tried Pizzo Pizza a month or two ago after walking by several times and I'm very glad we gave this little place a try! They have the best homemade type pizza that we've found in downtown, period. If you're looking for a super thin crust, this isn't the place for you, but they have an outstanding medium thickness crust. The 2-for-1 pick up specials are really good, however the toppings were a little lacking on those (I like tons of toppings), so we stick with our favorites instead. The guy who runs the place is super nice and after three times, knows my husband when he comes to pick up our order and they have great hours as they're open late. This is our new go-to place for pizza.

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Hot for Pizzo Pizza, oh yeah babee!
By DiscoDaddy of Vancouver (3 Reviews)
Submitted Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - 1:40pm [Dine in]

It's TIME to break the silence. DiscoDaddy has decided to come clean about how he keeps his dancing machine body so healthy.

For his first review, he will review a food that hits very close to home: pizza.

For late night pizza, Pizzo Pizza is the best pizza in downtown Vancouver.

After parting the dance floor throughout the night at his favorite discotheque, DiscoDaddy is hungry. Discodaddy jumps into his latest shaguar, his DB9 and presses the start button. Before DiscoHunny can finish saying wow, they are in West End, Denman Street.

Pizzo pizza has great service. After his third visit, everyone knows DiscoDaddy by his name. Great service is what impresses DiscoDaddy. With the boogie music still ringing in his ear, DiscoDaddy yells out in his best Tony Marino voice TWO PIZZAS, TWO PIZZAS!

Oh NO! There is nothing that fancies DiscoDaddy tonight. His disco body does not crave what is in the cabinet, Hawaiian with back bacon and 3-Cheese Pesto, very good pizzas, but not tonight.

Tonight DiscoDaddy is diggin Spicy Italian Sausage (something that has been custom-made just for him... shhhh Pizzo Pizza plays favorites and it is rumored the pizza may be named after him... just like the Robson Blake pizza is named after a great customer) and Double Pepperoni. As well, DiscoDaddy puts in an order for a slice of their great Veggie Pizza for DiscoHunny. DiscoDaddy knows of no other pizza restaurant that will make him fresh slices to order.

With a big smile on DiscoDaddy's face, he knows he is getting great value. There are those “other guys” that claim to sell fresh slice or two for $4, but DiscoDaddy knows none of them can match the great value and the quality of Pizzo Pizza. What does Pizzo Pizza do that is different? Their tasty crust is made in-house, their tasty sauce is made in-house and their cheese is a standard blend of part-skim, edam and provolone. Don't take DiscoDaddy's word for it, just ask the friendly staff of Pizzo Pizza.

In less than 9 quick minutes the pizza is out, hot, crispy and good. The cheese is perfectly browned and the crust tastes very good. DiscoDaddy's Double Pepperoni, actually has 2 kinds of pepperoni which creates an amazing texture and his Spicy Italian Sausage is made from big balls of Italian sausage and a secret spicy sauce.

DiscoHunny thinks Pizzo Pizza's vegetarian pizza is fresh, tasty, and never oily. Pizzo Pizza's specialty take-out pizzas are great as well, but DiscoDaddy will leave that for another review.

Pizzo Pizza, the best pizza in Vancouver! No one other take-out joint comes close!

DiscoDaddy has left the dance floor.

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Awesome pizza!
By cowonahill of False Creek (3 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, October 26, 2009 - 1:48am [Dine in]

This was a pleasant surprise! We expected mediocre late-night pizza, but instead received one of the best pizzas we've had in a long time. We ordered a 'secret mushroom' with tater tots on it, and it was fantastic. The order took over an hour to get here, but it was totally worth the wait. On the other hand, they are located several kilometers away, so it was a surprise that they even delivered. Love that they're open late. Friendly service, excellent food.

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They changed their recipe
By wpc33 of Vancouver, BC Canada (15 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, November 12, 2007 - 11:51am [Dine in]

I ordered a pizza last week...They are no longer using any edam cheese, their pepperoni went from large, lean pieces under the cheese to small, greasy bits dripping over the top, and the crust is the consistency of a pancake made without milk.
I wouldn't post this if it was a bad night...but the first bad pie after two dozen, and the glaring recipe changes make me a former customer. This was the worst pizza I've had since Domino's. Believe me, I'm not happy this happened....

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back for more
By TheOracle of Vancouver (2 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, June 6, 2009 - 12:14am [Dine in]

grabbed a slice the other day
really good, went for seconds
and found out its under new ownership
much cleaner
and the pizza is really good
they now use a mix of cheese that includes provolone
i had a slice of their veggie
and the vegetables were fresh
then i had one of these sauteed mushrooms and it was excellent
their pizzas were not greasy at all and found out from the new owners that they only used pure olive oil
all i can say is i'll be grabbing a few slice the next time im in that part of town

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