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Pizza Pizza

2901 Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V5K5J1
Neighbourhood: Hastings East


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Playland Pizza - It is what it is...
By lindarose of Vancouver (172 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, July 12, 2010 - 9:56pm [Dine in]

I like amusement parks.

The food leaves something to be desired .... but I still like amusement parks.

The choices at Playland are limited. There is the Triple O's near the East Hastings Street main gate. There is Pizza Pizza at the East midway. There is Fundunkers Donuts for a sweet treat. There is a fudge place on the north end of the midway which has good fudge. There is cotton candy which is so overpriced to be laughable ... but it is an amusement park.

If I wanted to be the food snob that I usually am, I would pack brie and french bread, deli meats from Santa Barbara Grocery, some fresh fruit and a fancy Italian soda ... but I am just not that organized so I am stuck with Playland Food.

Which brings me to Pizza Pizza.

The pizza is okay. I would ask that it be made hot as if the slices have been sitting, they cool down quite a bit. We got some pepperoni pizza for the kids at $5.00 per slice. This was pretty expensive - but keep in mind the crazy mark up at Playland. The pizza is a little greasy, the pepperoni slices are paper thin and the cheese only okay quality, but it serves its purpose of providing some nourishment when we are going full tilt on the rides and attractions. The veggie pizza is actually pretty good and has lots of veggies.

The servers are friendly and efficient. I liked the fact that the server offered to cut my slices into two so that the kids could better handle them. This is good to keep in mind if one only wants a light snack as a large slice can be cut. I had the onion rings once, they were pricey too - but they were actually pretty good.

I NEVER EVER order soft drinks at Playland because they are grossly overpriced. I had the kids sippy cups full of water to drink. Also, if you ask nicely, they will give tap water in little itty bitty cups if one doesn't want overpriced soft drinks or bottled water.

Anyways, if one orders just a couple of slices of pizza and have them split - it comes to $10. If one adds a large onion rings - it will be another $5.50. Drink your own water and after your snack, go across the midway to the fudge place and order $3 to $4 dollars worth of fudge. You can have a light lunch and a sweet treat for four and get away with $20 at Playland for food purchases.

Then go on the Roller Coaster again. The seats at the front and back are the most fun, but the seats at the middle have less of a line up.

YeeeeeeeeeeeeeHawwwwwwww! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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