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Peninsula Seafood Restaurant

650 West 41st Ave, Unit 140
Vancouver, BC V5Z2M9
Tel: (604) 428-9999
Neighbourhood: West Side


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Catered to the Nouveau Riche of China
By vancouverpiggie of burnaby (54 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, December 15, 2014 - 12:43pm [Dine in]

I eat lots of dim sum. High end, low end, family oriented, fast food, buffet, you name it, I've ate it.

The one thing that is absolutely important with dim sum, and like most other cuisines, is technique plus value in the end.

Do you think you got your money's worth?

No I do not. From food to service to bill, the only thing this place had going for them were utilities, utensils and decor.

Peninsula is a 1 year old restaurant, opened up in Oakridge mall to cater to the wealthy young chinese of vancouver. They have VIP rooms with minimum spending and all of their menu items are 30% higher than Kirin (Very well known and respected same category restaurant in Vancouver)

What is ironic is, the design of this restaurant is heading for modern, high end luxurious dining and yet, they put a huge 9 feet wall LED TV right in the center back of the restaurant. It kills the mood and the ambiance.

Now onto the service. All waiters are young and novice in training. You do not use novice, inexperienced waiters in a restaurant with such pricing caliber - it's an insult to the patrons.

You order something, they forget it - even something as simple as ice water.

The menu had sushi and they weren't even high end - they were sushi you can get in a food court. This should raise alarm bells for you. A sushi menu in a restaurant that is trying representing authentic cantonese / guangdong dim sum etc? I say trying because they even failed at that in terms of their predecessor.

Now onto menu and food. The names of the dishes were not very traditional but you could tell what they were. For good or worse, this wasn't the worst part.

The worst part was the skills execution. We ordered alot and we paid alot. at over 700.00, we ordered a total of 3 dishes (king crab, pork ribs, oysters in shells) and around 10 smaller dim sums.

This sort of ordering would cost only 400.00 or so at Kirin and made much better.

- king crab: was flat in flavor, a big disappointment. it felt like they killed the crab awhile ago than served it when ingredients like this need to be cooked asap the moment they are killed alive.

- pork ribs: was 80% FAT. they should call it fat ribs.

- taro / radish cakes x 2: nothing special, just taro hash and radish combined in 2 halves

- chicken feet x 2: small, flavorless

- tendons: hard, not soft or melting in your mouth

- shrimp dumpling: this was one the only thing decent

- siu mai: small, mediocre

- pork buns: on a sizzling plate with greasy onion beddings? you'd be smart and imagine the buns would soak up all that grease instead of the reverse

- oysters: mediocre and too much black bean sauce on top

- scallop chung fen: NO SAUCE. can you believe they had no sauce for it? you had to ASK.

final verdict is this. if you are young, inexperienced and flushed with daddy's cash, come to this place. it was made for you and your money.

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