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Oakwood, The

2741 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6K1P9
Tel: (604) 558-1965 Reserve Online
Neighbourhood: Kitsilano


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"Right Lisa, some wonderful, magical animal"
By thecritic of Vancouver (376 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, November 20, 2011 - 6:30pm [Dine in]

One thing that Homer Simpson and I have in common is our love of pork. When I found out that the Oakwood was out of pork crackling last night, I was a little disappointed. Luckily, a couple pieces are included in their maple pork belly dish which was ridiculously good. I will have dreams about the combination of melt in your mouth pork belly, apple puree and jicima salad.

For a main, I had a burger with side salad probably out of guilt from the last dish. When I saw the burger had sprouts on it, I have to admit I was a little concerned. But it really worked well on the burger and it was one of the better burgers I have ever had. My dining partner had the striploin steak which was cooked perfectly and very tasty. We finished with the baked apple dumpling that is accompanied with vanilla ice cream; a simple dish but perfect combination and a great finish to an outstanding meal.

The restaurant was busy all night and its easy to understand why: excellent food that is reasonably priced and made with quality ingredients, a fantastic beer selection and a cozy environment.

I will definitely return to the Oakwood. Next time I want to try the poutine covered with brisket.

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By Gorgelicious of Vancouver (52 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 7:48pm [Dine in]

Since we were in the Kitsilano area already, we decided to give this place a try after hearing such rave reviews about their brunch menu. We all know that high expectations lead to disappointment, well, to say we were disappointed would be a HUGE understatement. We were looking to satisfy our cravings for a traditional eggs benny so we stumbled into this restaurant hoping their lone benedict dish would be of justice.

We should know that if you’re not into eating with strangers (sharing tables), then be sure to eat elsewhere, or come with a party big enough for your own table. Maybe they’re also known for their long tables that can seat 10, but a little warning would have been nice before we were told the wait would be 20 minutes long. Things also start to get a bit confusing because at one point, it was hard to tell if the ketchup belonged to us or to the party next to us.

Albacore Tuna Nicoise Benedict - $11 (3.75/7)
This was definitely something different. In fact, too different for our liking. The corn muffin was way too dry and although the tuna was cut generously, it was kind of weird having two slices of thick tuna atop of corn muffin. Perhaps a weird combination? The entire dish was confusing and we had to pour hot sauce on it to make it more flavourful/less dry + confusing. Accompanied the benedict were hashbrowns. … or were they just fries diced up into small hashbrown looking bits? The latter seems about right. Nevertheless, the hashbrown/fries were just okay.

Corned Beef Hash - $11 (3.75/7)
Again, confusing. The sauerkraut threw everything off .. just didn’t blend well with the dish. We were 50/50 on the corned beef - one thought it was way too salty while the other thought it was just right. This also came with the hybrid “HashFries.” Hot sauce to the rescue, yet again.

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Second visit, disappointing and now probably the most expensive breakfast in Vancouver
By diningdave of kitsilano (11 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, April 29, 2013 - 3:56pm [Dine in]

I've been twice. First visit was mixed, but I saw potential I liked. Second visit, new menu, prices up by 30 to 40%. They are trying to do a quality job here, but it just didn't work. Too many weird things and ends up one of the most expensive breakfasts in Vancouver.

First time, I had brunch and I did enjoy it, but left feeling that it wasn't quite right. Let's be clear though, the quality of the food here is very good. I love the homemade ketchup, hot sauce and jam. That's classy and appreciated. Good, strong coffee too. And the room is lovely. We sat at a booth that is nice and spacey and has really cushy benches. Service is very friendly and attentive too.

So I ordered the corned beef hash. I love a hash and with home made corned beef, that just sounded awesome. It was very good, but at the same time, not how I would have preferred it. It came with a good portion of sauerkraut which was under the eggs. I get it, corned beef and sauerkraut are meant to go together, but here it made the eggs taste very vinegary and I didn't like that. Easy option, ask for it on the side, but it's just a bad idea in the first place.

The other thing was that the corned beef was a big pile separate to the rest. For a hash, I expected it to be chopped up and fried with the potatoes and probably some onions too. On the side meant that really, it was a case of putting the hash together on your plate. Missing was the kind of cooked hash experience that I love. It's also served in a bowl, which I didn't prefer.

This sounds like a lot of complaints, but the ingredients and the the cooking were still very good. I wouldn't hesitate to come back here, but would try something else, and so I did...

So second time. Turns out, they changed the menu recently. They no longer have bacon and eggs. No bacon at all, which is a little odd for a place with a pig sign outside, but whatever. Prices are much higher now. All breakfasts used to be $11, which to be fair, was pretty reasonable. Now they are around $14 or $15. On top of that, you don't get toast with most options, so buying toast is another $5. That makes a $14 breakfast $19. Wow! That is one expensive breakfast!

We ordered the the short rib with sous vide eggs. What the heck is "sous vide eggs"? Well, it's eggs poached in a slightly different way that had them delivered near raw and all slimy. Really horrible. Appreciated that they swapped them for us, but really, these pretentiously named eggs are just a bad idea.
The warm kale breakfast was unusual and very nicely prepared. If you like vege for breakfast, this was a winner, but again, no toast. I had pork belly and eggs (no bacon!) The pork belly was really tasty though. Eggs were over easy and were overcooked. Almost hard. The idea is that they are flipped over for a second and served. These were cooked on the other side. Cooking easy over eggs is pretty basic stuff for a brunch place.

As I said earlier, great room and nice service, but sadly, this is now a miss for me. Way too expensive and feels like the chef is just trying too hard to impress. Sad about that as I was kind of in love with the place the first time.

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Salty Dining Experience
By equus of Richmond , BC (7 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, August 24, 2013 - 11:19pm [Dine in]

This is the saltiest dining experience we've encountered - and we dine out a lot. We ordered the kale salad and it was so salty we told our waitress and all she said was that she would notify the chef. No offer to substitute or redo the salad. Our next order was the deep fried pork rinds - a little too salty for our liking. Our third order was the flat iron steak, the steak was good but the chips that came with it was also too salty (really needed to spread the bone marrow dip to cut down on the salt taste).

We tried this restaurant based on good reviews from another site. Would not recommend this place.

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