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Mucho Burrito

601 West Broadway, #20
Vancouver, BC V5Z4C2
Tel: (604) 569-3002
Fax: (604) 569-3302
Neighbourhood: West Side


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Mucho Burrito?
By thecritic of Vancouver (376 Reviews)
Submitted Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - 4:36pm [Dine in]

Mucho Burrito is a brand new restaurant replacing the Bread Garden on the corner of West Broadway and Ash. I noticed it was finally open today so we dropped in for lunch. I ordered a 10" chicken burrito with most of the available toppings including a combination of the hottest red sauce and chili verde. The burrito was pretty tasty and I especially liked the hot sauce because it actually had some spiciness. They have a bunch of condiment hot sauces to choose from as well if you want to kick it up even more.

To be brutally honest though, I think the name Mucho Burrito is a little misleading because I found my burrito to be on the small side. Yes, I only ordered the 10" and not the 12" because I wasn't super hungry but I was surprised at how small it actually was. For the extra dollar, I wish I would have gotten the bigger size.

Given the amount of competition in the area (I can think of at least 3 other burrito joints within a few blocks and one taco place), I'm not sure how much I will be coming back here but its definitely worth a try.

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Rudest Experience Ever!!
By Flowering Lotus of Commercial broadway (6 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, September 27, 2012 - 2:52pm [Dine in]

I eat out at restaurants several times a week and I usually get great (or at least decent) service everywhere I go because I am friendly and respectful to servers, and I don't generally get upset when things go wrong. Last night, I had one of the worst, rudest experiences I can ever remember.

I stopped in to get dinner at the Broadway Mucho Burrito. It was my first time at the place and I was unsure of how all the options worked. The server was rude from the start, and when I asked for clarification (I couldn't hear her very well and she was not very helpful in explaining or showing me my available choices), she became noticably agitated and mumbled the same thing at me again, only with a more terse tone to it. I asked a question about the ingredients of one of the items, and she said, "You just look at it and pick what you want. That's how it works."

I should have walked away at that point, but I was hungry and tired and I just wanted to eat. I chose some ingredients and then we moved down the counter to another area for more choices. I started choosing the things I wanted, per the server's previous admonition. I chose a few things and then I was told that I couldn't have them. I asked why not, and was them very briskly told that some of my choices either cost extra or were only available on the side. I said, "Okay. Do whatever you need to do so that I can have the meal I want." I tried to be as nice as possible, because at that point, I just wanted to finish up this unpleasant transaction and get it over with.

After paying for my food and halfway through eating it, my husband met me. He was hungry and so he decided to order something too. I went to the counter with him to help out, as English is his second language. We got another server, so I was thinking that we would get an acceptable level of service this time. Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed very quickly. We basically had the same level of service, except this time, the new server was adding things that we did not ask for (including one item I was told had to have on the side) - and the quantity of sour cream she added was enormous!

My husband was unhappy because his burrito contained ingredients he didn't like. The server, rather than taking responsibility for making a mistake, told my husband that "that's how our burritos are always made". My husband decided to just take the burrito the way she made it. I didn't try to talk him out of it, because by now everyone was in a bad mood. We paid and sat down. My husband did not finish his heavily smothered in sour cream burrito, which he told me tasted disgusting.

The food probably would have been okay if we have been able to get the ingredients the way we wanted them, but it doesn't matter how good the food could have been, both my husband and I agreed that we will never, ever go back. What a shockingly bad experience!

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Darn tasty quesadilla
By wally of Vancouver (1 Review)
Submitted Monday, October 10, 2011 - 8:13pm [Dine in]

We went there yesterday for lunch. I ordered a large quesadilla (12") and my girlfriend ordered the small quesadilla (10"). What impressed me right off the bat was that the person behind the counter stir-fried the veggies when I ordered the food. Nice to see a fast food-ish chain actually prep the food in front of you instead of just scooping from a metal tray. Maybe it was just good timing but nonetheless it was nice to see. The two people behind the counter were super friendly.

Our food was good from the first bite until the last. The small jalapeno pepper bits they scooped in gave just the right amount of kick. The salsa and guacamole spread on top was perfect. It was delicious.

One of the two owners came by and asked how everything was and thanked us for coming. We had a nice chat and he told me they were opening another 4 locations within the GVRD.

My only dig on the place was the price. Our meal including a drink was $19 which for fast food type of restaurant is a bit much but I'm glad we checked this place out instead of going to Cactus Club across the street. That probably would've cost much more than $19.

Overall, loved it and will definitely be going back.

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  • Value
  • Ambiance
Unless you love salt.
By dailydiner of Delta [Ladner] (1 Review)
Submitted Friday, March 23, 2012 - 3:37pm [Dine in]

Place looks ok from the outside. I ordered an Enchilada and waitress refused to give me a cup of water. No cups, she said. But what are those on the counter, I pointed to a stack of cups. Oh, those are "insulated" she said. A big word for her. Still no water to drown the over-salted food. Also, no receipt given. I sent an e-mail of complaint to management but no reply.
Gerry C.

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