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769 Hornby St
Vancouver, BC V6Z1S2
Tel: (604) 267-0769
Neighbourhood: Central


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My Review of Faubourg Paris
By Gumboo of Vancouver (2 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, July 9, 2016 - 5:56pm [Dine in]

I put a lot of thought to see if I should share this review or not, then I came to the conclusion that I must. To be clear, I should explain few things briefly first and then I move to the issues. The beginning is about the good past days; and I write it in detail because first, I must be fair and second, I want you to know that I KNOW THIS PLACE VERY WELL, and third, I used to care so much for Faubourg (OLD FAUBOURG WAS HOMEY FOR ME, MY FAMILY, AND FRIENDS).

Anyway, I was a fan, and a very loyal customer. And I liked this place not only for myself and family, but also friends. Every time, I wanted to do a favor for friends or to treat them, Faubourg or Faubourg gift card was the first and sometimes my only choice. I was a regular since 2014 when Faubourg was opened in Park Royal West Vancouver. And I was so happy that finally we, the West Vancouverites, have such an excellent coffee shop/ bakery in our neighborhood. I used to visit Faubourg almost every day, sometimes twice a day. Everything was excellent as I said before, customer service A+; friendly atmosphere A+ ; very nice and welcoming owner who really cared about what he is offering, how he is running his business, and how he is treating his customers ( a lovely man indeed: for sure 3 pluses A+++). The list goes on: Very clean store with beautiful décor , “TO DIE FOR” croissants, especially pistachio and almond or those cute macarons. Sandwiches tasted great, fresh and fulfilling, pastries elegant design and delicious, almond slices were rich and flavorful; perfect match for a pot of high quality tea or tea latte in late afternoon (VERY SATISFYING).

But now, the place is so disappointing that I don’t like to go back there. And it is disappointing not because every single awesome product changed to something bad, not at all (and it is not fair to say so). But now, I witness huge issues with quality service and some major products; so that me and other regulars do not like the place anymore. This place is not the Faubourg we knew.

First issue, croissants are not fresh anymore (especially the early morning ones). They bring croissants from far location (Rivershore) or sometimes I noticed they are old, dark, with lots of powder (to cover the dark spots). Then, I found out they are leftovers from the day before. Surprisingly, croissants are sold for the same price as fresh out of oven ones. It seems somehow, the management does not care about park royal customers anymore as this is not a problem with other 2 stores.

Second, it seems you can’t trust management with your orders. Me and collogues had a breakfast party while ago and I told them I will bring fresh croissants from Faubourg: From “Artisan of croissants” (MY EXACT WORDS). Since I knew the park Royal store do not have fresh croissants before noon, I put the order into Kerrisdale location for 50 croissants (30 pistachio and 20 almonds), I called management in advance to make sure I will receive fresh out of oven product and she promised to deliver best quality. Friday early morning, I went to pick up my order, things were ready in 2 big boxes (top pistachio, bottom almond). I checked the top ones; excellent fresh looking and assumes it’s the case with the other box as well. So happy and tipped the baker for 30 dollars and left to my company. And then bam, what a big disappointment? The Almond croissants were so old, dark and non- fresh to the point that my co- workers notice the difference in terms of freshness (between pistachio and almond I mean). But what could I do at that moment? Later on, I texted the picture of those obviously dark old almond croissants to the manager of Kerrisdale location. Her response: they look good to me, no they are fresh,…..
Instead of following on what happened and what was wrong, instead of appreciating the loyal customer (and she knows me very well), she reacted with very rude and disrespectful manner and also denied the fact that almonds are not as fresh as pistachios. To be clear, if she did not deny or reacted rudely; or if she just follow up on my concerns, I wouldn’t be as hurt and disappointed.

Third, the quality of product and service is very poor at Park Royal.; and I came to the conclusion that management really does not care for West Vancouver customers anymore. You should know what you receive depends on the location you are visiting (they have 3 stores) and who is on shift. You go to Hornby or Kerrisdale, things are usually consistent and good in general; and if you visit Park Royal store, you could be served with tasteless cold Latte. About Sandwiches, they are definitely very good and tasty in Kerrisdale or Hornby, but not in Park Royal (they taste and look different).

I mentioned the issues I am concerned with. To be fair and honest, I still think the rest of their product is still excellent. But what I am looking for is their old pattern: Consistent quality product and service. Yes bad things or poor quality of product or service may happen. It is natural, part of doing business, and part of receiving service on our side as customers as well. I never looked for absolute and 100 percent perfection all the time. This is not practical and I truly believe as a loyal/ practical customer, I also have a duty of ignoring minor issues or the so called “it happens sometime”. But when these problems become the norm, and when I witness different service and product in different locations, that’s a warning sign to me. In short, I find Faubourg management inconsistent, non- proffessional, and unreliable. What a disappointment!!.

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