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  • Food3.5
  • Service2.5
  • Value3.5
  • Ambiance3
  • Reviews7

Famoso Neopolitan Pizzeria

1380 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC V5L3X6
Tel: (604) 251-2292
Neighbourhood: Grandview-Woodland
  • Cuisine: Italian, Pizza
  • Price: $$ ($15 - $30)
  • Reservations: Accepted
  • Service: Takeout
  • Meals: Lunch, Dinner, Late night
  • Features: Patio
  • Hours: Mon - Fri: 11AM - 11PM, Sat - Sun: 11AM - 12AM
  • Famoso is a fast casual pizzeria serving authentic Neapolitan pizza in a warm and lively atmosphere, with multiple locations in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary.


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Good Pizza but not into the "self serve" idea
By BigAnthony of North Burnaby (106 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 6:26pm [Dine in]

Came here for lunch with my brother and father. It was a beautiful sunny day so we sat out on the patio. The nice waitress goes over a few things with us and then tells us that they are a casual place and we can go inside to the counter to order when we are ready. Hmm now that you have seated us and we are comfortable and the waitress has spoken with us we can now get up, go back inside and place our own order? She has to bring our food, clear our table, bill us at the end, why not just take our order? This is part of what we are going to tip you for! I would rather have paid her more money to place our order then to get up and do it myself, that is why I went to a restaurant and not a fast food joint.. My father even mentioned leaving because of this.. Ok I can go on forever about this, onto the food..

We ordered 3 pizzas and I tried some of each.
Cappricciosa - $14.50
Siciliana - $14.50
Margherita - $11.00
The pizza is good, thin, tasty, sauce is great but maybe slightly too much so it was a bit watery. The price is also great for these good pizzas. They also have some gelato there and cool desserts.
Overall, nice place, nice staff, good food and good prices. Only thing is.. if I am on commercial drive I can get good pizza from a few places and the others all fully serve me when I go there and spend my money so I'm not sure if I would choose to come here and serve myself when I can get the real restaurant service everywhere else.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Good Pizza, but needs service/ambiance need a little tweaking
By lindarose of Vancouver (172 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, September 1, 2012 - 6:10pm [Dine in]

Went out on a rare date with hubby and enjoyed an afternoon on the Drive.

Hubby wanted to do Italian and spotted this newish pizza place.

I'll start with the positives.

We just had pizza - and it was very good. The crust was thin, but really nice texture. The server advised that it is a special type of flour imported from Italy and that it was lower gluten, which did not cause a heavy feeling after eating (note the flour is NOT gluten free - celiacs beware) - it is just lower gluten than traditional flour.

The toppings were high quality and very tasty. I had a white sauce on my pizza with four cheeses. I added some uncooked, cured prosciuto (sp?). It was devine. My husband had a pizza with a tomato based sauce - it was very fresh tasting. Excellent. We each enjoyed a glass of wine with our pizza and found the suggested pairings from the menu right on the mark.

The prices for our items were appropropriately priced - no problem with the value.

As for the negatives - I will re-iterate what the previous reviewers pointed out - one of the reasons for dining out is for enjoying a full service experience. I found ordering from the counter a little off-putting. The counter person and the server who brought the food (and did quality checks) were both excellent. I rated "two stars" because this place would work better as a full service restaurant and I would have preferred just to let the server take my order.

The self ordering concept creeps into my rating of ambiance. If the server took my order at the table and the restaurant just had menus to order from rather than the order sheets at the table with a pencil to fill them in - the ambiance would have been better. Other than that - I found the restaurant clean (including the washrooms), but a little too sparse and streamlined. I would have liked a little more in terms of decor (plants, art, etc). It ended up feeling a little too sterile (high end - but not warm and inviting).

I would go again, but I would like it better with full service and a little more decor.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance

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Napoli style Pizza, Vancouver's "new" sushi?
By Italian-guy of Downtown&Burnaby (60 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, May 27, 2012 - 11:52am [Dine in]

A lot of Napoli style pizzerias have been popping up as of the last year or two..quite the craze actually. Could it be that "gasp" we are tiring of sushi here and need alternatives? maybe.
Four of us dined here last night on a recommendation, and first thing yes they take reservations.
This place is literally across the street from Marcello's pizzeria. The ambience is beautiful and interior attractive, comfortable and well done. Their menu is not as strictly authentic as my favourite pizza place (Bibos) or even marcellos. In fact the oven is NOT wood burning but a domed gas fired affair...hmmm. We ordered an appy, drinks and pizza and a salad. The pizza, I must admit, very good, a 11-12" pizza with the traditional toppings, some new style set choices as well choices to create your own. they have a good amount of pizza in bianco choices which is nice to see. The appy was 6 boccocini wrapped in prosciutto and served in a marinara sauce with a foccacia style bread (pricey at $18). All the dishes were good but not wow. Where this place shines is the value, but not enough to call it an outstanding value. Where other authentic places charge 18-22 dollars for a pie this place doesn't have hardly any over $14.50. There were glitches in the service style. They want you to fill out little cards and bring them up to a station to place your order then they bring it to you. NOT a big fan of this style (this isn't dim sum thanks), in fact it caused confusion on one pizza which was sent back and replaced, to their credit they comp'd it,well done. The beer and wine list is average in terms of choice and price. The also have a gelato and coffee bar so you can have dessert, oh they also have a dessert pizza with nutella..sinful! All in all i wouldn't avoid this place but i don't think it would be my go to place for a real pizza craving. Definitely good for larger groups as the price point savings really adds up for a large party.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Average pizza but salad was good.
By cyberspace of vancouver (89 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, December 22, 2013 - 6:40am [Dine in]

Went to Famoso for some pizza. Ordered the spicy thai pizza which was just ok. i did not mind the toppings but the dough tasted ok. They said they import this dough from Italy which hard to believe. Salad was good did not mind this at all. Coffee was also very good. Had the dessert and that was just ok. Nothing special. Felt it was from Save on Foods but they said they import from Italy. The place was busy which is good sign. Service was not bad although you have to order at the counter. I may try again once more if i am in the area.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Not quite right....
By WeLoveFood of North Vancouver (53 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, December 1, 2012 - 8:53pm [Dine in]

We stopped in to try this place for the first time and were really impressed with the very cool pizza oven, which is the heart of the whole operation. Here you have to get up and stand in line to place your order at the counter, then the rest is table service. They have giant tip jars at the counter where you go to place your order, stuffed with 5 dollar bills. What ???? They give half the service, but want the full tip, ha ha. I just don't understand this concept. Ok, whatever. We weren't famished so we ordered a mixed greens salad and a pizza with proscuitto and arugula. To drink we had 2 caesars followed by 2 glasses of sangiovese. We always order our caesars spicy and easy on the ice. They understood the spicy but the ice cubes were right to the brim. It is aggravating when people cannot do even a simple thing like that correctly. The salad came and it was a little soggy with too much dessing. No biggie, we've had worse. But my teenage son makes a better salad at home. The pizza came and it was good. Not great, just good. I've eaten pizza all over Italy and Europe, and it is probably excellent compared to what locals here are used to but just mediocre compared to what I've had in the past. Specifically, the white sauce was rather tasteless and the whole pizza was pretty dry. The crust was perfect though, and that's the most important, the rest can be tweaked. So, all in all, just ok... Could be so much better. Oh, and we did not stuff any 5 dollar bills into the giant tip jar on our way out.

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  • Ambiance
Excellent Pizza
By KeyWester of West End, Vancouver (31 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, September 2, 2012 - 3:02pm [Take-out]

I've only done takeout so I can't comment on dine in service. As far as takeout is concerned, I think they still have to get their act together. On one occasion after calling in my order I arrived at the restaurant and was told that the order had been screwed up and that they would have to start fom scratch and the second time the cashier admitted she had forgotten to even put in the order, but at least she was kind enough to offer me a cup of gelato gratis while I had to wait. Both times the people I dealt with couldn't be more pleasant. That being said, the pizza itself was both great and reasonably priced. A delicious thin crust with a hint of sour dough, a sauce obviously made from pure Italian tomatos, and an excellent fior di latte. Although not quite up to the level of Nicli Antica (which still weirdly refuses to do takeout) Famosa serves a high quality Neopolitan apizza which is better than 99% of the dreck that passes for pizza in Vancouver. A welcome addition to The Drive.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value

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Fantastic Meal!
By zastrid of N Bby (1 Review)
Submitted Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 11:00am [Dine in]

I came here on Friday night to treat a friend to Napoli style pizza, and we loved it! The food was fresh and light tasting; the pizza tasted closer to real Naples cuisine than anything else I've had in Van.
The ordering process was unusual, but we enjoyed the fun atmosphere.
The staff were all very pleasant and because we were moved to a different table to accomodate a larger group (which we didn't mind at all) they gave us INCREDIBLE desserts on the house. Very nice touch. Great service, really good food, and neat atmosphere.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance


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