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Deer Garden Signatures

6270 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC V5W3A1
Tel: (604) 322-6116
Neighbourhood: Sunset


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come for their noodle soup combos!
By Gorgelicious of Vancouver (52 Reviews)
Submitted Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 11:02pm [Dine in]

Deer Garden is one of the original restaurants that serve those noodle soup combinations where you get to pick a soup broth of your choice, noodles, toppings, and a drink all for a set price. The portions are fairly generous and the options provided are plentiful. Among the popular noodle soup, are your typical Hong Kong style cafe menu items such as your baked rice/noodle dishes, and your milk tea.

Noodle Soup Combo - $8.50 (7/7)
This combo comes with the above price, provided you don't add any add-on's such as getting your drink cold as opposed to hot ($1 extra), or add in a few extra toppings. Although it may not seem like a lot seeing as how they only allow you two toppings, the dish actually comes with a lot of various items such as cabbage and mushrooms! It's a great "trick" for first timers so they would spend an additional $1.25 for each item they add. The picture shows the Thai Tom Yum Goong Soup base () with rice noodles (), luncheon meat (), fish tofu (), and sliced beef (). The soup tasted "normal" (how it's supposed to taste), however, if you like spice, this probably wouldn't give you any "zing" at all. It's more sour than spicy. The Malay Laksa soup base would be your best bet.

Baked Porkchop on Rice with Honey Tomatoes Bacon Sauce - $9.25 (1/7)
Perhaps it is not the wisest decisions to come to a place known for their noodle soup and NOT get the noodle soup. We wanted to be adventurous and try something new for variety and decided to get the typical Baked Porkchop on Rice. This dish would be our go-to on deciding whether or not a restaurant is a good Hong Kong style cafe. Unfortunately, they somehow managed to butcher this dish. They skimped out on the sauce (just a thin layer spread across the top), and honey? What honey? Also, if by bacon they meant non-existent, then they certainly got that right. Their only saving grace was probably the porkchop, and even then, it's just mediocre. Perhaps a better name for this dish would be "Baked Porkchop on rice topped with loads of diced onions and mushrooms."

Baked Seafood on Rice with Bearnaise Sauce - $9.75 (2.75/7)
This one is slightly better than the Baked Porkchop, but only a bit better by a margin. They definitely weren't afraid to scoop the sauce on as it kind of felt like we were having some sort of creamy rice soup (as disgusting as that may sound, it was actually kind of delicious? In a weird taste-bud kind of way..). They did, however, forget that this was a seafood dish. Their definition of seafood is just two sticks of imitation crab meat. And mushrooms. And onions. Lots of it. Maybe there was a sale at the local grocery store on mushrooms and onions?

Beef Stomach in Spicy Sauce - $5.75 (6/7)
Ahh, comfort food. Tastes just like at dim sum. Beef stomach may not sound appetizing at all, but it is oh so delicious. It's marinated perfectly with just a slight hint of spice. Perfection at your fingertips for just $5.75. Give it a try, you won't regret it. But of course, this was also loaded with onions. ..

Pan Fried Boneless Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce - $1.75 (6/7)
You can only order this side item with any noodle soup combo, however, because it is a side order, it's fairly small. Though it may be a small item, we don't recommend ordering side item's with your noodle soup combo, as previously stated, the portions of the noodles are fairly generous. Do share this, or come starved. This was just okay. Typical. Nothing special. Perhaps just "meh." But definitely nothing bad about it.

Milk Tea + Coffee - $2.50 (cold) / $1.75 (hot)
One of the many "staple" drinks at a Hong Kong style cafe. It is a mixture/combination of, you guessed it - coffee and tea. They serve cold drinks in a take out/bubble tea-like cup, which isn't very environmentally friendly .. But that doesn't alter the taste of the drinks. Just a random side note.

Lemon Ribena - $2.75 (cold) / $1.75 (hot)
Another Hong Kong style cafe staple drink. Not quite sure as to what it exactly is, but it's pretty to look at! And it's fizzy. Can anyone inform us as to what this is? It seems to have a mixture of 7-UP/Sprite and maybe blackcurrent juice? Tasty, nevertheless.

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