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Cinema Public House

901 Granville St
Vancouver, BC V6Z1L3
Tel: (604) 694-0202
Neighbourhood: Central


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New Pub on Granville Street
By thecritic of Vancouver (376 Reviews)
Submitted Wednesday, April 14, 2010 - 10:59am [Dine in]

I am not sure if Vancouver really needs another Donnelly Group pub quite this soon but here it is anyways. This spot on the corner of Smithe and Granville has suffered somewhat with previous restaurants, but this new pub will probably do well.

The ambiance is pretty dark and completely renovated with a bar in the back. The servers all seem pretty similar and have the obligatory 1.5 inches of cleavage showing. I wonder if one of the higher ups in the Donnelly Group take a measurement before each shift.

We ordered hot wings and some dry ribs. The hot wings were decent and the dry ribs never came. I guess the server never heard us and we wanted to leave by the time the miscommunication was rectified, so they just dropped it off the bill. I am giving the benefit of the doubt that the food is decent but the limited sampling makes it difficult to give a proper rating. I might return for drinks if I am nearby and craving a beer but I will probably avoid for food as I am not a big fan of pub food.

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Wishful thinking....
By foodspeakstome of New Westminster, BC (16 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, November 1, 2010 - 9:59am [Dine in]

This place is part of the Green Table organization, which tries to use local, organic ingredients as much as possible. For simply that reason & the fact that it was close to the Orpheum that we tried this place. I will not be going back.

The ambiance in this place is pretty cool. It seems like a place one would like to hang out at with a bunch of friends. However, would suggest you not go to the washroom, especially if you're female. It was Thursday evening and it wasn't super busy. They had plenty of staff, so no reason for the washrooms to be overlooked. No TP in the ladies room, no soap in the dispenser, no latches to keep the bathroom stall doors closed (I had to hold the door closed with my hand/foot because it would spring open) and a very distinct "this washroom hasn't been cleaned in a while" smell.

It took forever to place our order as our waitress kept wandering by. To help who, I'm not really too sure, because it appeared that there was only one other table in her section. She just seemed to be wandering aimlessly.

We ordered our drinks. Hubby had their beer of the night. Pints of Granville Island Pale Ale on for $4.25. Pretty good deal for downtown. Except when he got it, it wasn't a pint and the glass was half foam. My $10 glass of wine came in a dirty wine glass.

As for the food, well, what can I say here......it was meh, at best. Hubby ordered the salmon entree. $16 for a piece of salmon barely big enough for a small child (which was overcooked) which came with veggies (overcooked broccolini) and a side salad (ok, but how do you screw up greens?). I ordered the salmon salad. Again, it was $16. It was basically the same as hubby had excpet is was all together in a big bowl. The dressing on the salad was supposed to be a dill something or other and all it tasted like was stale olive oil. My salmon was cooked well, but that was the only decent thing about it. I actually had a hard time choking my salad down, but just kept thinking, I paid $16 for this, I should eat it....

Our bill was almost $60 tip included (two entrees, one glass of wine and two beers). The only good thing I would say about this place as far as food and beverage goes is that you only had to ask for a glass of water once and they have no problem refilling it for you on a regular basis, which was good because I needed it to choke down my crappy salad.

Don't eat here. EVER.

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Worst service Ever
By dorsa_b of Vancouver (downtown) (1 Review)
Submitted Monday, December 6, 2010 - 11:04am [Dine in]

I went to Cinema with my friends from out of town and I have never received such terrible service! We got there pretty late and at last call the bar tender asked us to leave, which was fine, we told her we would finish our drinks and leave. She told us we had 30 seconds and stood there watching us. After about a minute she started yelling at my friend to get the F*** out and called a bouncer to kick us out. We were not being loud, annoying or rude by any means. We just wanted to finish our drinks and she wouldn't even give us two minutes! We ended up leaving and I would not return even if they offered me free drinks for the rest of my life!!!! The atmosphere was really weird too. They were playing an 80's porn/horror movie which was weird and their drinks were over priced, and their food sucked! Definitely not worth the money! DON'T GO!!!!!

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Great Place
By Jill1234 of vancouver (1 Review)
Submitted Sunday, November 14, 2010 - 10:03pm [Dine in]

Went in for dinner and drinks with my boyfriend, the server was very nice and polite i cant remember what her name was. Drinks were great i had a london calling which has earl grey tea in it! Very creative! I think its my new favorite drink. There was a mix up with the food we ordered, we recieved the wrong salad which would usually leave a bad taste in my mouth so to speak but the way in which it was handled by the manager, there was no way we couldnt leave with smiles on our faces, his name was Josh i believe. He came right over and appologized for the mix up and got the correct salad out to us before my boyfriend could even cut into his steak. He also took care of a round of drinks for us to make up for the misunderstanding. He was very nice about the whole situation. And made us feel as we were his priority #1 which always feels nice. The manager definatly turned a bad situation into a great one. We will definatly be going back very soon, ive been craving a london calling! ha Thanks Josh

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I dont have anything positive to say about the experience
By rooatlas of vancouver (11 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, July 8, 2010 - 11:28am [Dine in]

I was at Cinema for the first time yesterday.

We entered cinema and asked if we could be on the patio. the hostess responded with "are you planning to eat?" We were, and it seemed as if we had said no then she would have said no to being on the patio. weird.

We note on the menu in it says "all our vegetables and cheeses are locally souced and organic". Organic feta, really?

So when our server comes back we point this out. "ALL" of your cheeses and vegetables, really?!
Him: Yes.
Us: wow. that's great. where does the feta come from?
Him: I dont know, i'd have to ask the chef

We ask about the specials. I had been to their website prior to visiting; what he says is different from their website. Aka: halibut & chips for 11$ We order. I hold on to the drink menu in case i want something more than water.

It takes forever for our food to come.
It smells of urine from the ground. sidewalk needs a power washing.

food comes. There is no feta on the salad. the fries look and taste like McCain fries. limp, soggy, luke-warm. I ask for a dressing. Server looks confused. Me: "like, ketchup or whatever you serve with fries..." we ask for a menu and point out to her, our hostess, that feta comes with the salad. "Oh" she says "maybe they're out"
Is this a reasonable response?
Feta is brought in a bowl. She takes away the drink menu so fast i dont have time to ask for it back.

The server comes out. So, I hear there was a mix-up with your order?
Us "yeah, we didn't get the feta"
Him "yeah, it doesn't come with feta..."
Us "yes, it does, we confirmed it with the hostess, we looked at the menu again. So, where is the feta from?"
Him "Oh, the chef just got back. She says it comes from the distributor"

Hostess comes by. I have to ask her for more water. she takes my glass, holding it by the rim and walks away. great, if there wasn't a straw i'd be licking her 5 fingers....
She does not fill my partner's 1/3 filled glass.

The salad was fine, but harldy worth 14$
the outdoor plastic chairs are very uncomfortable
the glasses that our water came in were old and worn.
the albertan beef in sandwich was tasty for the first few bites, but since there were no other flavours it got old, quick. Also not worth 14$

I fill out a form provided in the bill holder. So this shouldn't be a surprise when Donnelly gets the CC

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