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Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood Pub

3728 Clark Drive
Vancouver, BC V5V4Y6
Tel: (604) 876-1411
Neighbourhood: East Side


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Great Pub!
By epicurious of Burnaby, BC (507 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, October 23, 2008 - 1:20pm [Dine in]

A farewell party was held here for girlfriend L and I'm not sure if it was because the Canucks game was on big screen or if it's busy like that at all times, but the place was packed! We had 3 tables up front reserved for our party and I think everyone was pleasantly surprised that such a great pub was located here.

The actual pub is underground in the basement and on ground floor is the beer and wine sales. Mid-level housed a nice and unexpected little patio.

The food, I thought, was very good and great value. My glass of Guwerztraminer was very nice. I sampled a bit of most things on the menu. The nachos, half-size $9, was ample in size. The pizza, $10, was probably the best pub-pizza I've had. The best deal, I think, were the ballpark wings for only $5/lb. Though scary-looking since it was literally a huge ball of chicken, they were tasty and the meatiest drums I've had ever. Yam fries were also nice.

Overall, a very nice pub and a great place to hang out with friends.

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  • Ambiance
Such a great venue,such horrible service and sub-par food
By shutupandeat of Vancouver (14 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, July 28, 2017 - 9:23am [Dine in]

Sports teams and leagues, if you're looking for a post-game watering hole... The Cedar Cottage is not the pub.
Our small league of Thursday night ball players experienced the go-around all season (14 weeks) from Cedar Cottage Pub (CCP).

From promised team specials and food discounts that did not happen. This entire season and experience was just frustrating for the customer. Week after week we had our post game drinks and dinner and week after week we had to remind the server that our ball team (we have uniforms) were to get food discounts as promised by their manager. "Sorry, but your group is too small for a discount" to "Sorry, but your group is too big for a discount tonight". What a joke.
We gave the CCP 1 week's notice that our League Wrap-up would be happening and if they could reserve tables for 50 people and provide us dinner specials. We followed up the day before and was promised they were ready for us.
We arrived Thursday night (our usual night) and 1) they did not have our reservation or our table ready; 2) they did not have menu specials for us; 3) our group was too large for a discount; 4) they were short-staffed and were not able to serve us in a timely manner.

If you have a fun night planned and are looking for a place to go with friends. Give CCP a pass. This is not your friendly neighbourhood pub.

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Potential great neighbourhood pub, but get a good seat
By Bonka of Vancouver (464 Reviews)
Submitted Tuesday, May 12, 2009 - 3:19am [Dine in]

Our small group headed here for what eventually became the Canucks' last game of the season. It looked every bit like a local pub you would see on tv. We stood for a couple of minutes until we figured that you don't need to wait to be seated, so find your own space. Unfortunately we came late and all the good seats were gone, and what was left had a great view of the projector screen but was a high traffic area - pretty much everyone inside wore a path to the washroom by the time we left and we must've had our chairs bumped a couple dozen times easy. The best seats are at the back on the upper portion of the room, where it's less cramped anyway.

I had mixed feelings with our food. The wings were impressive in size, they're all drumsticks! Flavours were not so great, a bit dry, the jerk tasting unfamiliar while the honey garlic had a strange, plastic-like taste. The poutine was decent though the fries were soggy, while my friend's bangers and hash was best described as decent. Portions are very ample and prices are cheap so it's darn great value. Our drinks were mildly watered down, and they don't freeze the beer glasses, another miss.

Though understandable that is was game night and the servers would be taxed, I felt it to be on the slow side, and she missed a few items including flatware for our food. We had to flag her down a couple of times but I suppose a pub could get away with this.

Great atmosphere and what a local pub would look like. Lots of tvs and at good viewing angles, I peeked around and noticed a patio area for those sunny days, and there were at least a couple of private rooms for bigger groups. Plenty of barflies here. I noticed some second hand smoke lingering on and off at the beginning but that would be my only quibble other than the somewhat cramped lower seating areas.

They definitely have something going for them here. If the food and drinks could be a notch better it'd be the place to be. Absolutely warrants another visit at least.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Won't Return
By missbehaviour of Vancouver (12 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, December 4, 2011 - 1:33am [Dine in]

Have to take back my earlier - and quite positive - review, after the disaster this evening.

Joined a group of about 10 people for a birthday party, and told the waitress it would be easiest to bill each person separately; as some were dining, some drinking, and some were just there...

Upon my arrival, I met our group there, and realized I had an acquaintance there already - he was there with a small group of people from his work. A little later, that acquaintance joined our group when his group left.

Food was decent.

Normally I would think service was adequate, but we were nearly the only group in there - and service was slow. Perhaps the waitress was new?

Ambiance was pub like, prices were typical - dinner for two plus drinks and tip was less than $100

It was after our group had paid the individual bills that the problems started. The waitress first told us that about $100 was unaccounted for. We all reviewed amongst ourselves, we all ordered really different things, and realized that we were all squared up.

Then the waitress claimed one drink and one jug had not been paid for. She could not tell who had ordered the jug, even though we had all ordered different brands, and paid our bills. The manager then came and told us this was a dine and dash and police were to be called. One gentleman paid for the $30, even though it was not his to pay.

We don't know if the waitress billed a patron twice, or if the bill was from one of the people that had left the other table when our party came in.The gentleman that paid it, just paid without question to stop the fuss - even though it was not his to pay.

Given the fact that the waitress could not say whose bill that portion belonged to, along with the fact that our group paid our own bills no problem, we all felt quite disrespected.

Although it's a decent pub, I'll not return, and neither will the other dozen or so people that formed our group - Cedar Cottage just doesn't have it's sh+t together., We're all really turned off.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Worst experience of my life.
By vancitygirl11 of Vancouver (east) (1 Review)
Submitted Monday, April 11, 2011 - 5:04pm [Dine in]

Walked in with a couple friends on a mellow weeknight and thought I had died and gone to heaven: pool tables, TV's galore, and a great pub menu - right in my own neighboorhood! We grabbed a spot near the poor tables and waited for a server to come. There were only a few other people in the place, and they were all sitting at the bar chit chatting with the bartender/owner. Since they didn't seem to have a server on, we grabbed a menu that was laying around and walked up to the bar to place my order. Unfortunately, the beefcake working there didn't want to inturrupt his conversation with his friends to serve us. After a few minutes of standing around feeling stupid, I finally asked if it would be possible to get a drink. I was told to move (literally 2') to the side if I wanted to order. My drink was then passed to me and my money taken without so much as a word. 45 minutes before close, the guy came and turned off the light over the pool table, shut off the TV we were watching, and pretty much glared at us until we left, even though we had paid cash for all drinks at the bar and tipped well all night.

It's so unfortunate, because the food was really good, location was very convenient, and the place would make a great after-work gathering hole to shoot some pool and have some mellow drinks and pub food. However, the guy behind the bar CLEARLY did not want our business and made us feel more uncomfortable than I ever thought possible in such a nice little neighboorhood pub. I will NEVER EVER go near that place again.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Excellent East Vancouver Pub
By sushiman989 of East Vancouver (36 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, April 9, 2010 - 1:20pm [Dine in]

There aren't too many pubs in this neighbourhood which makes Cedar Cottage the local watering hole. The beer selection is OK, they have many on tap but it's kind of lacking in microbrews, sticking to Keiths, Molson, Guinness, Stella etc. It's quite spacious with several couches and a fireplace and a tonne of screens to watch the game which makes this a prime sports bar.

The food is the highlight of this restaurant. The Cottage burger is one of the best pub burgers in Vancouver and everyone I've taken their enjoys it. They do hand pack their patties contrary to what other posters say and the burgers are always moist and awesome. The rest of the menu is pretty solid including gigantic ballpark wings, bangers and mash that actually tastes home made and also a variety of daily specials. Great value too as many of the items come in at under 10 dollars and rarely above 15 unless you order the prime rib on the weekend.

So if you want to watch the game and check out a hidden East Van gem, check out Cedar Cottage. They have an outdoor patio in the summer too which is shaded by vines and away from the street noise. Thumbs up to this place.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance

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Horrible burgers
By julienne of Vancouver (11 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, March 29, 2010 - 7:36pm [Dine in]

This pub is just ok if you want a brew or to watch a game, but very poor food. Burger I ordered came burnt, and you can tell they're buying the cheapest frozen burger patty they can find. Servers have that bored and can't be bothered look. A little effort guys....

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance


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