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  • Service3
  • Value3.5
  • Ambiance3
  • Reviews6

Anna's Cake House

606 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5T1X6
Tel: (604) 876-6532
Fax: (604) 876-2662
Neighbourhood: Mount Pleasant
  • Cuisine: Bakery, Dessert, Ice cream
  • Price: $ ($15 or less)
  • Service: Takeout
  • Hours: Mon - Sun: 9:30AM - 6PM
  • Anna's is a full-line bakery specializing in Eurasian Baked goods. Most of their recipes are derivatives of European baking but they have added an Asian flare to the products by introducing different techniques. The results are amazingly light and flavorful cakes, pastries, breads and buns.


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Hit and miss
By Bonka of Vancouver (464 Reviews)
Submitted Tuesday, May 26, 2009 - 5:26am [Dine in]

Anna's has always been known for their fruit cakes, though a recent encounter with one of their signature slices has cemented my opinion that their cakes are slightly overrated.

I come to this location exclusively and I've always loved their fresh mango, fresh fruit and the mousse varieties though the sponge portion tends to be on the dry side (that left out, day old quality). I can't exactly say that they do this by design since there were two instances where I've had the cake and it turned out to be quite the moist surprise, though both times it was the chestnut filling, which I disliked. I rarely ever grab their baked goods though I will admit their egg tarts are delicious.

The staff on hand has been quite helpful even accommodating though considering the clientele they attract they could not survive with anything less.

Great space to showcase their cakes and pastries albeit in a rundown part of East Broadway. Still, I've had many fruit cakes in my short lifetime and Anna's has yet to prove it's hype. It's good but it's not the best I've had.

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  • Service
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Tasty Cakes!
By chasiubow of North Van (675 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, July 1, 2006 - 9:08pm [Dine in]

I was surprised to see a review of Anna's Cambie location on this site, so I am putting in my opinion for the ‘big store’. This location specializes in wedding cakes and catering orders, but you can get all your favourites there too. In addition, the service is always great and the place is always spotlessly clean.

Anna’s cakes are consistently high quality, and they keep coming up with new varieties to salve the bored palette. I have enjoyed all their cheesecakes. They have a lot of choices. Most places use the same cheesecake base and put different toppings on top. Anna’s makes each flavour different from the graham crust up, and you can see/taste the difference. The chocolate cheesecake will bring tears to your eyes. I prefer a more robust cheesecake like Maxim’s makes, but if you want light and creamy, Anna’s is for you. They also make HK-Chinese cakes like fruit cream cakes with chestnut filling, or cakes covered entirely with wafers of mango, and other delights. Don’t get me started about the fabulous mousse cakes! And of course the coconut cake is fantastic. The difference is the quality of the ingredients. If you want European style cakes like Black Forest, they have that too.

I find their buns to be about average, but I have never been disappointed either. Their tarts are truly outstanding and I can recommend either the coconut or the egg variety.

Personally, I like cakes from different places depending on what my cravings tell me, so I wouldn’t go here exclusively. That said, Anna’s is a bakery that won’t let you down.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance

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Great cakes.
By mem of east vancouver (18 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, April 2, 2007 - 10:50pm [Dine in]

They made my wedidng cake and the cake was fabulous!
This was the only place (they let you take cake samples home) that my husband actually liked the cake flavors (he ate all the samples). He's a pie guy.
Our guests loved the cake, I had 3 layers, and 3 different flavors.
Ron was very friendly and accomodating. I changed my mind about 2 times before finally making a final decision on flavors.
The price was reasonable, compared to others who wanted to charge me $200 more.

Since they did a great job on my wedding cake, I've purchased my children's bday cakes from them since.

The store ambience is simple, but who cares? You're buying pastries/cakes.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Have enjoyed their cakes, but had a few disappointing experiences
By Junior98 of vancouver (14 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, September 2, 2006 - 2:46am [Dine in]

I often get birthday cakes from Anna's and have usually enjoyed them, but the last time I was there I bought some buns and a few individual servings of cake. Not only were they not fresh, they didn't taste good. In fact, ended up chucking some of the buns as well as not finishing the cake. Felt pretty badly since I served it to guests. One of the buns I had contained a piece of thick plastic in it. Even the cakes and buns at T&T taste better as well as better priced.

I will probably continue to buy cakes from them as long as they are whole cakes since they sell out of the whole cakes everyday so the freshness is more guaranteed.

  • Food
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  • Ambiance
orignal chinese birthday cakes
By delissted of Vancouver (1 Review)
Submitted Monday, November 30, 2009 - 6:11pm [Dine in]

Ocassionally i come here to get my birthday cakes, which i love it's tasty not too heavy on the creme, nor too sweet.
The service is Fast probably takes a day to order, then we'll get it the next day, which i like cause i know it's fresh.
The price of the cake are cheaper than most other bakeries, it depends what you order, i always get the strawberry napoleon which is yummy.
The ambiance is big at the head office store, they always have new small chocolate cakes, coffee cakes for a decent price.

i reccomend this place to all the new people in town who's looking for a good cake.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Tasty Cakes
By BBQHOTWINGS of Vancouver (5 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, February 1, 2007 - 2:15pm [Dine in]

One of the Best cakes in town! i usually order 2 to 3 sets of each every of one cakes they have their. Anything that has creme on top. Yum! such as the coffee cake, Cappuccino cake, Napoleon cakes, fruit tarts, egg tarts and their mouse. I love to order holiday cakes for my family or friends. it's decent pricing and tasty!

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  • Service
  • Ambiance


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