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Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill

1255 The Queensway
Toronto, ON M8Z1S1
Tel: (416) 251-4100


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Swiss Chalet - not a great value, errors galore and lack of good customer service
By elash99 of Toronto ON, Canada (1 Review)
Submitted Friday, August 5, 2011 - 9:58am [Take-out]

First of all, this review is really about Swiss Chalet's head office and their lack of caring for their customers. It does involve their food prices and errors too. To summarize recent events:

1. Anyone who answered their on-line survey AND then continued for their "supposed" contest. This contest was bogus. It actually ended in May. I did the survey over a month later. I caught them in their deception and let them know I would report them. They had no choice but to change the ending date to Dec.

2. Head office has ignored my e-mails and they've had so much turnover at the head, it's hard to know who's in and who is out. Those I KNOW are there, have not acknowledged my e-mails. The district manager has ignored me completely regarding my recent situation and the president of the company never replied either.

3. Phone ordering ahead - be careful. I called ahead one day, due to time constraints and was told by the agent on the phone that they no longer had 6 ribs combos with chicken. I was shocked. She got me to order a combo with 4 ribs for only slightly cheaper. Imagine my surprise when I arrived at the location and they were PROMOTING their 1/2 rib (6 ribs) and chicken dinner.

4. Price keeps going up and up and up. I buy Swiss Chalet only because I love chicken and can't keep eating it the same way. I buy it for $11.99 for a whole chicken elsewhere. Swiss Chalet USED to be competitive. Then it went to $13.99 and then $15.99 and now it's up to $16.99. The other place I bought chicken for $11.99 is STILL $11.99 in that same period. That is why I STILL buy more chicken from them, compared to Swiss Chalet.

5. Errors - I bought chicken at my nearest location (not the one on Yonge St) and they made so many errors, as usual. I wrote them and they ignored me too. They gave a dark meat of chicken, even though I paid extra for a breast with my combo. The rolls were hard, which was the first time that happened. Also, the chicken was small. I got cole slaw, which was unusual since they usually mess that up too.

Bottom line: Swiss Chalet should be bought if you are a chicken lover that needs variety. It is a more expensive alternative and head office really doesn't care about their customers.

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