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1800 East Sheppard Avenue
Toronto, ON M2J5A7
Tel: (416) 498-4976
Neighbourhood: The Peanut


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Mediocre quality
By Go someplace else of Toronto (1 Review)
Submitted Thursday, August 7, 2014 - 10:03pm [Take-out]

I was always under the impression that no matter the location, KFC would always taste the same. It's generally what you expect when you go to a fast food place, you know what your are getting. However, I have found that is not the case with this particular location. In fact, I would argue it is one of the worst KFC's I've been to. And it has been like this for a long time. I always think maybe this time will be different if I ever pick it up from this location, but this has been the case for a long time.

Food - The quality is consistently poor. The chicken is typically very dry, to the point where you can just lift the skin off. It makes me wonder if they cook the chickens in the morning and just leave them under the lamp to keep them warm. Not once have I ever thought the chicken was fresh. The chickens also seem fatty, with very little meat on them. Other orders, such as popcorn chicken, or chicken strips, are mediocre to adequate.

Now for a while, I just assumed KFC had gone down hill. Sometimes, a fast food chain will change up their menu in a way you don't like, or their standards begin to drop. I thought that was until I picked up a bucket and another location. The difference was night and day. This other location tasted fresh, moist, and actually had meat on it. The difference was so great, that I came to the conclusion that quality is not necessarily a guarantee. Why was there such a difference between the two locations? I'm guessing the poor location has poor standards, and is cutting costs by giving a mediocre product. That, or the employees don't know what KFC chicken is supposed to taste like. I can't imagine anyone who works as a quality tester for the company would give this place a passing grade.

Service - Now here is why I actually continue to go here. It's not that the service is fantastic. This is still a fast food counter located in a mall. No, the reason I go is because there is almost never a line, sometimes never even a person standing at the counter. And I usually don't have to wait for more than two or three minutes for my order. But this goes back to the quality. I think the reason it draws such weak business (I'm generally there at a weekend) is because people know of its poor quality. That, and I don't think they are taking their time to make fresh orders. Again, there's is always the feeling that it has been placed under a lamp and is just waiting for you to buy it. The staff are perfectly nice, I've never had a problem with my order, just know that there is probably a reason why you got your order so quickly.

Value - As I've said, the food is lousy. At the end of the day, even if it is fast food, quality must come first. For the same price I could go to another chicken franchise, and get fresh chicken, and a biscuit, for the same price. I like KFC, and it's because I like it that I hope people steer clear and try another location if they're in the mood for it.

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