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Forget Me Not Cafe

883 Wilson Avenue
Toronto, ON M3K1E6
Tel: (647) 627-0883
Neighbourhood: Downsview


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What a change!!!!GREAT FIND.
By ldinh of Toronto (3 Reviews)
Submitted Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - 6:10pm [Dine in]

My friend suggested we stop by this fairly new Vietnamese restaurant located near Yorkdale called Forget Me Not Cafe. I took my family there on Saturday was pleasantly surprised.

The restaurant is very mellow in decor, very cozy and warm and extremely clean. We were told to order the springrolls because it was really good. So we did and yes they were really crunchy on the outside but really soft and delicious filling. Really authentic as well.

We ordered an array of dishes from Pho, vermicelli soup and the crispy seafood noodle and they were all excellent. The Pho was really tasty and the portion was great. The soup remained hot until the end.

The grilled pork and shrimp on sugar was simply amazing, you can really taste the shrimp and not fillers.

My family loved the crispy noodle because we have never tasted a better one at any other restaurant.

We will be back next time we visit Yorkdale.

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Spectacular food/Good eats
By tkliu of toronto (1 Review)
Submitted Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 1:05pm [Dine in]

It's hard to find a great Vietnamese restaurant that offers good food and great dining experiencce since there are so many around.

In North York, there are so many Viet restaurant that offers cheap eats..Having said that, often the food and service is of course inconsistent. The cleanliness of the place is also inconsistent.

I stumbled on this restaurant through an online review service, at first i was not convinced because it is called Forget Me Not Cafe, catchy name but is it a cafe or restaurant? I decided to try and boy was i surprised. It is a nice looking restaurant, the decor is simply relaxing, the service was great. Did not rush me to order, food came out in reasonable time and bill came when we asked for it, not like some places where we are rushed out.

Let's talk about the food..Oh my..I am a huge fan of Bun Bo Hue but could never find any place that make it right..I am now a fan, the Bun Bo Hue was greattttttttttttttt...the spiciness of it was just right, just as it should be, you can tell that they make it as it should be and not to change the taste to suit those who can't handle spicy food. I was greatly satisfied after my bowl.

I had to bring my parents and they loved it. They told me, this is what it should be like, you can't even find it this good back home (Vietnam of course).

We also had PHO and springroll and the fresh rolls and we are blown away by the aunthenicity of the flavours.

I am determined to come back and try all of their dishes but their main staples have fulfilled my love for Viet food.

I almost forgot to mention, their washrooms are clean and smells good too. Says alot about the people that runs the place.

I hope they continue to make this food, for i have a new Viet place to go.

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crabmeat udon yummy
By dncons of toronto (1 Review)
Submitted Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 5:56pm [Dine in]

You've gotta try this place. It's fairly new, only few months..Place is clean, nice looking but the best is the food. I ordered the crabmeat udon and i have got to say, by far this is the best i have ever had. The udon came out hot and tasted delicious. I have had this dish at many Vietnamese joints but never this good.

The place wasn't busy but i think, i should say, it will be busy. The food is soooooooooo gooooood.

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Exceptional meal
By ddang2012 of Toronto (3 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, July 27, 2012 - 5:21am [Dine in]

My dinner was exceptional. Unlike other cramped and always rushed viet restaurant, forget me not cafe has great ambience, exceptional food and made us feel like our hour there was welcomed. The PHO was really good and the specialty items was also a great experience. service by far is better than any other Asian restaurant we have been to. Definitely would return. The prices are very reasonable as well.

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Superb Dining Experience
By mayt1983 of toronto (2 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, September 10, 2012 - 4:26pm [Dine in]

I came here with a group of friends and dined for over 1 hour. The food was superb, the mango salad with chicken and shrimp was simply amazing. We had a variety of dishes and they were all above our expectations for a Viet restaurant.

The atmostphere is completely different from other Viet restaurants I have ever been to. The service is also quite different.

Might I add, the facilities spotlessly clean, which is a plus. My new hang out. We have been back several times since and the food and people..still great..

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