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Siam Thai Cuisine

1990 152nd Street, #2
Surrey, BC V4A4N6
Tel: (604) 538-2211
Fax: (604) 538-2219
  • Cuisine: Thai
  • Price: $$ ($15 - $30)
  • Reservations: Accepted
  • Service: Takeout, Delivery
  • Meals: Lunch, Dinner
  • Siam Thai serves up Thai cuisine using authentic ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. Delivery available Thursday - Sunday.


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Great Value, Tasy Lunch Specials
By whiterockeater of White Rock, BC (1 Review)
Submitted Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - 10:15pm [Dine in]

Great lunch specials, quick service and friendly staff. Excellent value and well worth trying out! The fried rice special (M6) in particular provides great portions and a surprisingly tasty meal for the price. Meals arrive fast at lunch time and the staff are very friendly. It is an unlikely location for a great restaurant, as many have tried and failed here ... perhaps its the poor signage or limited parking, but it would be a shame for this one to go. I have never been there for dinner, so I don't know if the same value for money holds in the evening.

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Bon Sushi is now Siam Thai
By frenchie75 of White Rock (37 Reviews)
Submitted Wednesday, June 2, 2010 - 7:11pm [Dine in]

Rejoice fellow South Surreyites and White Rockers! There's a new restaurant in town .... and it's Thai! In an area that is in desperate need of some more diverse dining options, a bright star has appeared. In the location that has seen a high turn-over of restaurants in the last few years, this restaurant will prevail I believe.
Firstly, the couple who run it have run a restaurant near the harbour in Victoria for many years. They have decided to come over here to start a restaurant since their son is going to school here in the lower mainland. It was their son who greeted us as we first entered. He is an exceptionally well spoken and very personable young man whom is working for his parents while attending university. He explained the menu items to us even though I do a lot of Thai cooking, it was nice to be able to converse about different ingredients, cooking techniques, etc. Today was their opening day, so there were a few small glitches.... but otherwise lunch was phenomenal. They have redecorated this restaurant very tastefully and it has a beautiful aura about it now. The menu items seem very reasonably priced and are fairly diverse. My husband and I ordered the Tom Yum Goong soup and the lunch special #2 with red curry, Thai vegetables, rice and a starter soup. Everything we ordered was very good. Nothing was that spicy since we requested mild spicing. The owners son brought out a condiment tray that contained four various forms of spices so that we could spice the dishes as we liked. I really liked this since it allowed us to experiment a bit was various flavours (which was explained to us).
Since it was their first day, there was a lot of inquires into how we were enjoying the food and a genuine interest in our reply.
They are still waiting for an outside sign..... so difficult to know they are open unless you are looking. Despite this there was quite a bit of passer-bys whom stopped to pick up a menu or came in to see what new restaurant had opened up.
I am so happy that a good Thai restaurant has opened up.... good service, good food, good location (free parking).
I should mention that we ordered a fried banana with honey and vanilla ice cream for dessert...... oh my...... I really didn't think I'd like this since I'm not fond of deep fried anything.... but this is one I really, really liked...... maybe too much.......

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Terrible Service, Good Food
By Tasty34 of Surrey (12 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, October 26, 2013 - 11:09pm [Dine in]

The short version is the food is well seasoned, and you will pay for it. They have a pretty good take out business which tells me that regular customers prefer to take out versus eat in.

The long version:

Had a cold and wanted to have something spicy to help burn it off. We made a special trip to come here and arrived an hour before they opened. Killed some time and came back when the open sign was on. Of course the front door was locked which took a few minutes to get someone to open the door.

Our server who took our order seemed very disinterested in us being the only customer at the time. We ordered an appetizer platter, a ginger pork stir fry and the house special fried rice. He didn't ask about the spiciness so I made a point of saying we wanted it spicy.

Washing my hands before dinner looks like the bathroom floor hasn't been washed in over a week. Made me nervous about the food.

Food came quite quickly and our server disappeared and two waitresses took over. The flavours of the food was quite nice. The appetizers were not very spicy so we were thinking that may be in the other two dishes. Nope. None of it was spicy at all. Perhaps the waiter misunderstood. When I said spicy maybe he heard not spicy as what would you expect in White Rock. On mentioning this to one of the girls she brought out different hot sauces that were quite nice. It would have been better if the dishes would have been cooked that way but it was done.

The restaurant was getting busy with pick up orders and the waitresses didn't seem to be able to prioritize or keep anything organized. We waited a while for them to pack our order and bring the bill. I paid with an Amex which seemed to cause some confusion on there end which they couldn't explain. I was told just a moment while we waited 10 minutes before I went up to the counter. They told me they didn't take Amex, which they could have told me 10 minutes ago. They had run my card and gotten it approved yet they didn't take it? Our original server came back carrying groceries from the store. Surprise surprise the guy who was disinterested in us and screwed up the heat of the order is the manager. He berated the girl in front of me for taking the card because she had be told many times not to. Nothing said to me in the way of apology.

So for screwing up the heat of the order, lack of organization and customer service the restaurant earned the very rare 0 tip. It shouldn't take 15 minutes after stopping eating a messed up meal to get the hell out. The flavours are decent but a bit on the high end price wise. To have to have the 3 dishes was $47.

I'd try another restaurant in the future as I wouldn't want to test a restaurant with so many problems. Too bad though I think the cook is excellent.

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Our Favorite Thai Place
By djf1 of south Surrey B.C. Canada (1 Review)
Submitted Thursday, June 28, 2012 - 4:56pm [Take-out]

We are hooked on this restaurant. Although it ends up costing us a pretty penny everytime we order, the food is truly outstanding. We looked for a long time to find a great Thai restaurant and this is it.
Our current favorites:
Spring Rolls,
Red Curry
Classic Pad Thai
The Gai Yang, which is a chicken that literally falls off the bone
The pad Eggplant

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Uneven experiences
By Claibourne of white rock (2 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, June 7, 2012 - 6:51pm [Dine in]

We went there twice. The first time it was spectacular - like some amazing restaurant in Chiang Mai. We were so excited to find great Thai food in White Rock that we went back a few days later but it was awful - totally different food and pathetically cooked. The only reason we could think of for the difference is that they have a good cook and a bad cook. We were too shocked to say anything about the difference. I'd like to hear if anyone has had recent experiences or if they know which nights the good cook is working!?

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Another Disappointment for S.Surrey. White Rock
By The Evaluator of WHITE ROCK BC (1 Review)
Submitted Sunday, June 20, 2010 - 2:40pm [Dine in]

My friend and I have been searching the past 5 years for a decent Thai restaurant in our White Rock/S. Surrey area (since moving from Toronto). In reading the first review, we had high hopes that *finally* a decent Thai place was in our area. Our past experience speaks to eating Thai food from around world, and actually having Thai in our family. So far, the best Cdn/USA-Thai food we have found have been in Toronto (the Friendly Thai), Seattle (Thai Angel), and New Westminster (Go Thai).

Siam Thai has a wonderful decor and attentive staff. After that- the food is disappointing. My husband had the Green Curry and without going into intimate details- it lacked flavor- the meat being very bland. The jasmine rice (we had to confirm with the server that it was jasmine rice)- had no flavor or aroma (i.e. Jasmine rice) and was received as a sticky mush. When i inquired about it being plain white glutenous rice, the server took it back, inquired with the back of the house and came back to tell us that it was indeed "rice". I asked him if it was jasmine rice (since that is what we ordered vs. ordering white rice- which was the other option on the menu) and he said he wasnt sure- which my reply, this is a thai restaurant and you are not sure you have jasmine rice??? He replaced the bowl with another bowl of mushy rice and asked if i meant i wanted "wet" rice. I replied no...(the rice was mushy and wet enough). For me, being a cooker of rice for 20+ years, the rice was like it was never rinsed properly before it was put in the rice cooker, and that the rice to water ratio was off.

Moving on to the appetizer, which i cannot understand (and never experienced with my Thai family) why so much ground chicken has to be added to a "spring" roll. Made them hockey puck heavy.

For my main meal of Prik King with Beef- the beef was thick slices, to which did not have time to absorb the flavor of the cooking. The beans were a tad over cooked but edible. This dish + rice made a nice soupy porridge. Needless to say, i did not finish my meal and we asked for our cheque. I did take my leftovers home but when arrived home, the container was not properly closed and all the juices (1/2 cup) fell into the bag. I ended up throwing the whole thing out (hoping that with my own properly cooked jasmine rice, i could have a decent lunch the next day).

So i advise all to pass on this place. If you cannot cook jasmine rice properly- you cannot cook Thai food.

I would recommend the trip out to Go Thai in New West. yes, the place is a bit of a dive (true mom &pop style) but the chef there is actually a chef from Thailand who became a chef in Thailand vs. someone who is ethnically Thai/chinese opening up a restaurant. Leela thai (another white rock /south surrey place) is decent but too over priced for the quality and the quantity of food that you get.

The final bill?

Spring Rolls (4 of them)
2 Cokes
1 Medium Rice (they took the cost off the bill)
Beef Prik King
Green Curry
------- 39$ + 15% tip-----

We were still hungry afterwards and went for pizza.

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