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Panago Pizza

8556 120th St, #102
Surrey, BC V3W3N5
Tel: (604) 310-0001
Neighbourhood: Newton


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MICROWAVED chicken wings!
By sweethot of lower mainland (162 Reviews)
Submitted Tuesday, June 16, 2009 - 11:12pm [Dine in]

Panago I was seduced by your ad's. This one-pizza stand has ended though, I refuse to order from you again!

While this is a negative review, I do have to say that I love Panago's marketing, innovation and packaging, they were the leader's in having indivdual shakers and dips before other's started. Too bad they don't actually focus on producing a good quality product. For their price points they are a rip-off. I used to be a big fan of Panago before they changed their pricing from two for one to individual pizza prices. While prices have gone up, the quality has not improved, if anything it's declined.

Firstly the call center staff are not trained properly. I had to go online and walk them through finding my closest location. The girl on the other line said oh I'm from Abbotsford I don't know your area. Umm... yeah way to go Panago, too cheap to train your staff.

Currently Panago is having a decent promotion, so we decided to try it just to see if things have improved.

The major problem I have with Panago is that their pizza's NEVER ever look like what is delivered to you, I know a lot of place's do this, but Panago goes to the extreme with this. They are quite stingy.

I tried the new chipotle chicken pizza AKA as the corn pizza, there was at least an entire can of corn on the pizza. I don't even like corn that much. Japanese people will love this pizza... but I didn't care for the corn overload. While they overloaded on the corn there were mere scraps of red and green pepper, there were even some slices without some red peppers. I'm not sure why they decided to be generous with the corn, they are never ever generous with any toppings. If you do order this to make it edible just ask for no corn.

The ceaser salad was decent, I liked the shaved slices of cheese on top.

I like their cinnamon sticks, and they are a good value.

Now onto the wings, they microwave their chicken wings! The texture was horrible. Their menu doesn't even say that they bake their wings, for all I know this is a chain-wide thing though I suspect it's more a case of this particular location just deciding to microwave them. I'd rather have deep-fried wings, then horrible microwaved chicken wings. Avoid the wings here.

There are some good points to this chain, I like the shrimp they use as topping, and I like their multi-grain crust. The food is fairly healthy for something not home-cooked, and the pizza's aren't greasy. I just wish that they were more generous with their toppings, as they charge plenty.

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