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Hong Mi Korean Restaurant

15155 101 Avenue, #100
Surrey, BC V3R7Z1
Tel: (778) 395-7030
Fax: (778) 395-7033
Neighbourhood: Guildford


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A Decent Place.
By Food4Real of Surrey (23 Reviews)
Submitted Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - 4:10pm [Dine in]

This was my first visit here. I have only tried a few Korean BBQ places so I don't have a huge background in this type of dinning. I'll be brief. The price of the food here is reasonable. You get a good amount for the price. At one of the other BBQ's I went to the price was clearly a rip off. The interior is nice, but the washrooms were dirty. (If you want to know how clean a kitchen is, you can judge by the cleanliness of the washrooms, always!) The service was like another person said, not very good. The one server we had was a really nice Korean woman who helped us a lot at the beginning, since we are not Korean, she showed us how to do everything. But she disappeared after. Nobody came back to see how we were doing or refill our tea. We didn't even get the bill. We were virtually walking out before they ran to the til. I suspect the place is understaffed. (I'm noticing this a lot with Korean restaurants in Vancouver.)

One bad thing, is they force you to order 2 items from the menu rather than 1. I have no idea why. Pretty stupid.

All in all the food was good and the portion size was good all for the price, so if you can overlook the other problems, you can have a good time. I would go back and probably will since there are not many options in Surrey for Korean BBQ.

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Great food!
By ahjay of Surrey , B.C. (12 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, October 9, 2011 - 7:53pm [Dine in]

The gf and I decided to eat Korean tonight and decided on Hong Mi because it's nearby. The food was incredible. The meat was marinated so well it melted in my mouth. Our server was extremely nice and even told us we get one free sides refill (don't quote us YMMV). Food arrived quick and the server helped set everything down for us. We got the Smile combo which came with chicken, pork and beef bbq. It is quite pricey but you really get what you pay for. I saw a couple sit down only to leave a few minutes later probably because of the price. We will be coming back soon.

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its Good but Not mine favorite in Surrey
By crystalsurrey of Surrey , B.C. (8 Reviews)
Submitted Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 8:38am [Dine in]

We went there late, there service was great to the end, becuz they know we need more tea, and they just leave it for us to help ourselves instead of waiting for him to come checking on us again n again. I didn't feel the pressure to ordering more for two of us. so that's not bad too.

The reason I gave 2* for ambiance may seams not so accurate for most people, however, its not the dinning area i'm commenting on, its the lady's washroom!!! another, Maybe! its the end of the day, so they didn't get a chance to clean up a bit, or the last person made a hug mess, a washroom area was very wet on side of the toilet, unless is water leaking? I don't wanna know. urrg...If i go to a restaurant, I'll see the washroom n I can kind of assume the ambiance of overall places INSIDE the kitchen. But this is just my assumption!! plz don't take it too serious on this part.

About the Value, I compare to all the Asian Food Restaurant, Korean food especially this one, tend to be on the hight pricing side for what you get. Since around $13 for the small- med size of soup n rice dish, for one, with no doubt, not enough for man, thats why i go to chinese restauant so often with friends or by myself.
I would still go visit next time and see hows the washroom again (lol), but not sure how often.

The food was not bad for what I have ordered. however comparing to other Korean places, this is not that outstanding for what i have ordered. the seafood pancake is very light on the salt, my mom would love that, cuz most restaurants like to make it saltier than home cook, however, according to most non Asian customer *might* feel not salty enough and would like to put more of there sauce for pancake. The soup, is very salty !!! way to salty in comparrison. anyhow, once in a while is not bad. cuz its hard for them to accomodate all customer needs eh?! By the way I didn't order the BBQ cuz its too late for the night, I might go again n try the BBQ next time!

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Great BBQ Restaurant.
By jjeong of Vancouver (1 Review)
Submitted Wednesday, September 21, 2011 - 10:40am [Dine in]

I have been a customer at this restaurant for over one year now, the restaurant is still very new and unknown to many people who live in Surrey. I would def suggest that you visit once if you love having a grilled BBQ.
The food at the restaurant is great for the amount of money that you pay. This is a place for BBQ. There is a grill in every seat in the restaurant and servers bring out raw meat and you cook it yourself :) (I found this very interesting and servers are very nice and helpful) I loved their Pork BBQ the most, the price is so cheap for the amount of food that you receive.
Unlike the other reviews, I actually find the service to be very decent. I have been to many restaurants in Surrey and other parts of Vancouver, however, don't notice any difference in this restaurant when compared to the other ones. I notice that the servers are actually very hard working, you have to understand I guess, how hard it is to use grills in a restaurant. They would always come by and ask me if I needed anything and also, they helped me grill my meat.
This is a great restaurant for meat lovers :) YeAH ! and also if you want something Korean and soupy I think this place has what it takes you to at least visit once.
Try it yourself and see if you like the restaurant. I love it :)

There are other reviews on the below about poor services, however, I think that was a while ago, I just talk to one of the servers and she told me that the owner has changed and new rules are enforced. I found them fairly nice and helpful. Try visiting and tell me what you guys think :)

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employees writing bogus reviews?
By wraithman of vancouver (2 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, June 10, 2011 - 4:20pm [Dine in]

they have to be writing bogus reviews about the service. i cant see how this place would get several top star service ratings????

i have been to this restaurant 3 times. the food is pretty good. they have a very reasonable korean barbeque special for 9.99 and the serving of meat was surprisingly substantial. what was also surprising was the fact that you had to order rice and the korean side dishes separately-first time to see that although i have heard of certain places charging for refills. anyways, since the pork itself was 9.99, no biggie. our table also ordered a couple other kinds of bbq (both beef, one marinated and the other plain with side spicy sauce). beef dishes were pricey with the plain one coming in a $25 an order-can't remember how much the other one was. h bnthe marinated one was good but the plain one was kinda game-y. overall, the food was pretty good.

next, the service... to be honest, out of the 3 times i have been there, there was once where the service wasn't that bad. since there are buzzers on the tables to call the servers, it was easy to let them know when we were in need of something. but the other 2 times, buzzer or no buzzer, no one would come. every single stella served to us wasn't uncapped and no bottle opener was provided. it wasn't busy, it just seems understaffed for the amount of work that is expected of the staff. there is no order because servers are not stationed to certain tables-tho this seems to be the norm in asian restaurants. and the owner (i'm guessing this is the owner btw because it was the only person working in regular clothing) was yelling at our hostess in their language right in front of us which was a total mood kill!

as for atmosphere, this place looks really good. large, very clean, spacious, modern with smaller tables, larger booths and what looks to be a large party type room all with those "grill-your-own" meat things. all of the table have their own vents which you can hear are functioning but do absolutely nothing about sucking up any of the smoke coming off the grills. maybe they need new filters or something so forget going somewhere else because you will be reaking like a bbq pit

would i go back? yes. yea, the service is horrible but the food is not bad and it is basically the only place in the area where you can eat korean barbeque with tabletop grills. just tip according to service!

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Good Value, Good Food
By MamaMia2010 of Surrey , BC (4 Reviews)
Submitted Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - 1:03pm [Dine in]

I noticed several months ago that a new Korean restaurant had opened up in the Guildford area. So we finally made it out there over the weekend.

We were there for an early dinner, around 5:30. There were not busy with only 3 or 4 other tables being served. The Korean ladies were surprisingly friendly (I've had terrible experiences in the past at other Korean restaurants). We ordered the Smile Combo for 2-3 people. It came out fairly quickly and everything was brought out all at once on a serving cart. The combo consisted of beef, chicken, and pork bulgoki, tempura, two bowls of rice, Korean miso soup, and salad. As well we got the usual communal dishes of kimchi, sprouts, and other goodies. The bulgoki is cooked at the table on the hot plates like most korean restaurants. The waitress was very nice and placed the meat on the hot plate and was also taking care of cooking the meat. Now I tend to be overly cautious about how food is handled/cooked so when I noticed that (1) the she used the same tongs to place the raw meat on the hot plate and to turn the cooked meat over, and (2) she was using scissors at the dinner table to cut the raw chicken and beef into smaller strips. That didn't sit well with me so I told the waitress that I would tend to the meat. She reluctantly left. I wish they would just do that before they brought it out. Doesn't it make more sense to cut the meat before it's brought out? I don't like the possibility that something, be it the cutlery, plates, or food could get contaminated at the table.

Other than that, the food was pretty good. The service was good. My 9 year old particularly loves the calling bells at the table. He always wants to press the button for service!! But it is really a nice feature as when the restaurant service picked up after 6:00, we used the service button to get another round of drinks. No waiting. It's great.

I suspect that the food is much more traditional than some of the other Korean restaurants as I saw a steady stream of Korean patrons. I will have to try it for myself to be sure though.

I would recommend.

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