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Anastasia Seafood & Steak House

13486 72nd Ave
Surrey, BC V3W2N8
Tel: (604) 594-2322


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Skip It and Eat Across the Street
By Tasty34 of Surrey (12 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, April 6, 2012 - 12:28am [Dine in]

Have seen this place for a while and just never went in. Did some work outside and was starving so wanted something with some substance close and quick.

When we entered the place looked fancier than we were dressed for. We actually talked about leaving. We were quickly seated by a young fellow who tried to balance the menus and a pitcher of water at the same time. I order the $19 medallion steak which came with soup/salad and baked potato/rice. I picked the soup with the limited choice of French onion or clam chowder. I don't enjoy seafood so French onion soup linked with the baked potato. I asked for the steak to be medium well and to get the soup right away as I was hungry.

As we were waiting I started noticing the little things. The glasses on our table were not cleaned and the same with the cutlery. Actual pieces of food on two forks and slime on a glass at our table. No paper towel in the women's bathroom and non working dispenser in the men's. I think the restaurant is kept intentionally dark to hide the age of the place.

The soup that was supposed to be quick took close to 20 minutes. Apparently it was in the oven. When it arrived it was a pretty much a gooey mess. The steak took another 20 plus minutes to arrive. It was barely cooked medium. The bacon bits were artificial and the pre-cut green onions were kept in the freezer.

I get that a restaurant is trying to reduce waste. But what is the food cost on 2 green onions? A $19.95 dish and you send out old frozen onions that you can't see well because the place is so dark. The service person was friendly yet slow which followed the trend of the food.

When we got our bill we noticed an extra charge for something. We asked what this was for and our waiter had to check. Apparently according to the billing person, I had requested the French onion soup to be baked in the oven with cheese and that is what the $3.95 was for. Hmm...you offer a soup option of French onion or chowder, there is no discussion of how it comes or that there is an extra charge for this. Pretty poor. Now the entree is basically $24. My girlfriend is starting to get frisky and I just waive it away. You can tell from the billing person's attitude that she doesn't care and this is just going to turn into an argument.

We pay the bill and leave the very rare $0 tip. If we have to pay for soup because the waiter didn't give us an option...bye bye tip. If you hold yourself out as a restaurant that serves $20 entrees you need to deliver. Don't provide substandard cleanliness, substandard ingredients, slow service and learn how to cook a steak.. I think you could get a better pub steak up the street that would cost you less.

I don't like to complain when I eat. I share my experience and just don't go back . If you want to have a better meal for about the same go across the street to the Old Surrey House. I could see there set special sign from my seat and for a few more dollars I would have been happier and had dessert.

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Not Bad, Not Good
By sinbad of Delta (14 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, March 6, 2010 - 10:51am [Dine in]

Anastasia's has been around for years I remember when it was called Dennio's sp?
I also remember the food being better,I mean the pasta was all right, not super but alright. service wasn't very good but why should it be.looking at the menu I noticed gratuities included in the price,don't any of these Manager/Owner types know that TIPS means (To Insure Prompt Service) it's way of expressing gratitude for service and should dealt out accordingly if you get bad service the tip should reflect that.It's not a way for cheap people making you pay their staff higher wages. I could understand it for large groups. but not for two people.I won't go back.

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OK for Prime Rib, but service could be better
By tamster888 of surrey (13 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, January 2, 2010 - 10:59pm [Dine in]

We've been to this place many times with large parties, usually for birthdays. I think we usually end up coming here because it is cheaper than the Keg, and they can usually accomodate all of us.
But every time I remember being here, the service has always never been that great. The food is usually so-so, depending on what you order. If you're going for the prime rib, it's usually pretty good. But other items can be hit and miss.
Price wise it's average, maybe a little bit over priced for the quality and service, and also the tables always seem to be very crowded together, making it a little bit uncomfortable.
It is dark inside and I think that could be hiding some uncleanliness. It just feels a little divey inside.
Overall, an average steak/pasta joint, nothing fancy, a little over-priced, but ok if you want a mediocre night out. Don't expect great service though.

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What a meal!!!
By Yolanda of Surrey , B.C. (1 Review)
Submitted Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 8:25pm [Dine in]

We went on the weekend after quite a while to be honest, we live far from Surrey but since the road took us there it was no question where we would eat. Anastasia's!

I ordered my favorite seafood linguine and hubby had his usual Prime Rib! The pasta was amazing (got some for the next day also since it was so much!) and hubbies prime rib was excellent! He got soup with his meal so we had a french onion and a clam chowder to start, the french onion was a m a z i n g! Bold, with lots of cheese exactly how a french onion should be, and all that for 4.50$, it was cheap and great! The Clam Chowder was creamy with lots of clams in it, it was rich!

Hubbies prime rib was excellent, he asked for a bone and he got it, it was huge, and it was melting in the mouth! I had prime Rib in the KEG before and it was disappointment! This was unbelievable! I loved it! (Hubby wasn't very happy since i ate half of it ;) )

Over all I would say "Keep it up Anastasia's! "

Sometimes I read reviews for this restaurant and I thought that we would be disappointed, I'm glad that we went anyway!

Also they did some renos there, it looks not bad without the plants and pretty good now days :)

Great food, Great service!

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One of the Best
By Ace Irwin of Surrey,BC (1 Review)
Submitted Monday, December 20, 2010 - 5:33pm [Dine in]

Our company, staff, friends, and others have enjoyed the food and services with Anastassia's for over two years now. The staff are always welcoming, polite, and have provided excellent service. The food is one of the best in the city, as well as they have provided and accommodated us with birthday parties, private functions, and company outings.
Just recently we had our company Christmas party and everyone enjoyed the staff, the food, and everyone had alot of fun.
Thumbs up to Mama, Papa, the girls, and the kitchen staff!
Great time had by all.

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Think twice
By grillgourmet of Surrey , BC (4 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, August 9, 2010 - 11:17am [Dine in]

We had a very poor experience at Anastasia. To start, there is insufficient parking in the tiny lot outside the restaurant which is shared with a number of other businesses in the area. Our experience with service was poor as we were part of a group of nearly thirty people celebrating a friends birthday in the restaurant. Unfortunately her choice of restaurant had been based on experience in better times. The table was split into two halves, and the server for each half would not serve the other side, even when it was apparent after forty minutes after being seated that they had still not even had a drinks order taken. One of the table waited over two hours after arrival for a pizza order that never appeared, and of the items that did appear (after a ninety minute wait) a number of orders were incorrect, or had ingredients substituted without approval. Greek food was not good and bread was stale and apparently heated in the oven and drenched with butter to make it more appealing. Restaurant had been given two months notice on the booking but the night was handled as though we had dropped in unexpectedly. Unpleasant dining experience, will not be back.

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