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190 Pelham Road
St. Catharines, ON L2S1W7
Tel: (905) 682-6992
Neighbourhood: Riverdale

Other Locations

1.Pen Central Mall (2.4 km)
2.Hartzell Road (3.7 km)
3.Ontario (4.7 km)
4.Linwell Plaza (7.9 km)
5.Portage Road (12.7 km)
6.Lundy's Lane (13.2 km)
7.Niagara (14.1 km)
8.Laterrace Food Court (15.6 km)
9.Rose City Plaza (17.8 km)
10.Grimsby (21.4 km)

Nearby Restaurants

1.Pizza Company, The (144 m)
2.Frying Fisherman, A (164 m)
3.Big Marco's (176 m)
4.PJ's Cafe (180 m)
5.Dairy Queen (195 m)
6.Pizza House (749 m)