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3055 South Clarence Avenue, Unit 120
Saskatoon, SK S7T1A4
Tel: (306) 665-5578
Neighbourhood: The Willows

Other Locations

1.East Grasswood Road (2.4 km)
2.Ruth (6.2 km)
3.Taylor (7.5 km)
4.Betts (7.6 km)
5.West 22nd Street (9.1 km)
6.South 1st Avenue (9.1 km)
7.W 22nd (9.2 km)
8.East 8th Street & Preston (9.3 km)
9.East 22nd (9.3 km)
10.Herold Road (9.8 km)

Nearby Restaurants

1.A & W (583 m)
2.McDonald's (793 m)