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Sushi Ten

3804 Moncton Street
Richmond, BC V7E3A6
Tel: (604) 275-1011
Neighbourhood: Steveston Village
  • Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
  • Price: $$ ($15 - $30)
  • Service: Takeout
  • Meals: Lunch, Dinner
  • Hours: Mon: Closed, Tue - Sun: 11AM - 8PM
  • Sushi Ten is an intimate Japanese restaurant serving sushi and other Japanese fare such as chicken teriyaki, udon soup and donburi bowls.


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Definitely my favourite place to eat
By EB88 of Richmond (1 Review)
Submitted Thursday, December 11, 2008 - 11:20pm [Dine in]

When my friends ask me if I want to go for all you can eat because it's cheap, I say I'd rather go to Sushi Ten and pay a little more for a really satisfying meal. It's run by this adorable little Japanese man, but he always has a Help Wanted sign up because he does everything himself so the service is sometimes a little slow.
He makes the sushi perfectly moist and warm, it's a real mouthful, so sweet and the rice is tightly packed and never falls apart (unless you're inexperienced with chop sticks). He's a little stingy with the ingredients but that's because he uses the good stuff and doesn't waste. I’m never desperately thirsty after eating there, and I think I saw a little paper that said he doesn’t use MSG. My ABSOLUTE favourite, and what others have reviewed here as well, is the Box Combos. They're the best value for a meal under $10 and they're so damn delicious (chicken/beef on rice, salad and 3 pieces of California Roll). I use to always get chicken teriyaki combos but then I got addicted to the Unagi Don (oh man he'll know who this is if he reads this hahaha!) and I always have to get a big honking roll instead of just those 3 pieces. Something about the rice and the sauce together, it’s just so creamy and sweet, and the chicken/unagi is pleasantly tender. I haven’t tried everything on the menu, because I definitely have my favourite items, but then again I have observed his other customers and they have their favourites too so they must be good. I guess it depends on your taste. In terms of food: it’s definitely my favourite place to eat and I always stop by there when I go to the bank ;) and then I have to go to the bank again afterwards :P
Like I said before, their service is a bit bumpy because he's always short of help and English is not his and his employee’s first language so give them a bit of a break (pointing at the menu helps!). The ambiance is a bit drab and could use a boost with updated decor, maybe a bigger TV and move it closer to the customers ;) Some maintenance in the washroom couldn’t hurt either.

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Great food
By omar of richmond (20 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, April 6, 2008 - 1:03am [Dine in]

Our favourite place for Teriyaki combos.
You can find yourself enjoying a good combo for less then 10$.
For sushi you might want to head for some other locations. but if you are interested in something else then sushi. that might be a very good place to start with.

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My favorite Japanese restaurant
By sola of richmond (1 Review)
Submitted Saturday, October 15, 2011 - 10:54am [Dine in]

I go to Sushi Ten quite often, and I really like the sushi here; My favourites are the dragon roll and the mango california roll. They are fresh and tasty. Plus, their service is friendly, and the food comes fast. Excellent place if you want a simply and satisfied meal, this place is absolutely worth trying!

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Not a favorite
By imprezame of Burnaby (4 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, April 12, 2009 - 5:21pm [Dine in]

I went with my gal to Sushi Ten a few weeks ago.
Not the best experience.
Two people working this small location - the chef and a waitress.
I ordered a miso soup, sunomono salad, and the salmon and tuna sashimi and a roll(banzai I think it was called). My better half ordered the miso soup, sunomono salad and the assorted sushi.
The sunomono salads came out of the refrigerator right behind us. No presentation value, and the noodles were quite chewy.
The miso soup came out - which was good, but nothing special.
The assorted sushi came out and so did my roll. The roll was tasty and the rice was well done.
The assorted sushi looked good, but fish pieces looked small.
I needed to wait for 5 to 10 minutes before my sashimi came out, and I was disappointed, The tuna was partially frozen still, and I found a bone still in one piece. The salmon was good, but knife work on the fish was poor and the fish was falling apart.
I gave a "two" for food rating as at least my gal's meal was ok.
We may have just hit this place at a bad time (end of the day on a Saturday) after a bright and sunny (busy) day.
The place is fairly small and seems more geared to take out.
Looks like there was a lot of take out business going on, so I hope that they had a better meal than my meal.
Even had the meal been good, I don't see the value for the food - small portions and unappealing presentation.
I won't go back.
If you do try this place, I wish you more luck than I had.

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MMm..california rolls
By cindyliu of richmond (5 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, July 10, 2008 - 12:09am [Dine in]

I love the sushi and teriyaki here! This little small place only has 6 tables and counter seats but the food here is great. The sushi chef is japanese and many of the recipes are his own. He makes his own teriyaki sauce, curry sauce and salad dressing which are all delicious. The teriyaki chicken are on the sweet side and i really enjoyed it. All the rolls such as the california, dynamite, dragon, chicken teriyaki rolls are all very scrumptious. Tempura is just soso but the bento combo are very good deals. The crab salad rice bowl is also worth a try!

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