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  • Service4
  • Value2.5
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7100 Elmbridge Way
Richmond, BC V6X1B7
Tel: (604) 241-1700
Neighbourhood: Brighouse
  • Cuisine: Japanese
  • Price: $ ($15 or less)
  • Reservations: Not accepted
  • Service: No table service, Takeout
  • Meals: Lunch, Dinner
  • Hours: Mon: Closed, Tue - Thu: 11AM - 8PM, Fri - Sat: 11AM - 9PM, Sun: 11AM - 8PM
  • Shoryumen serves authentic Japanese stand and eat ramen, in a walk-in trailer. There are 4 soup base to chose from, Kuro (shoyu, soy sauce), En (Shio, sea salt), Aka (miso), Ton (tonkotsu, rich pork stock). A $.50 discount is offered if you bring your own bowl to help conserve waste.


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Smallest bowl of ramen you will ever find
By lovingfood of Kerrisdale (90 Reviews)
Submitted Wednesday, February 3, 2010 - 2:07am [Dine in]

This is by far the smallest bowl of ramen you will ever find. The bowl is very small. There is no seat. You stand there next to a bar table and finish your ramen. It's just ridiculous.

Service is friendly.

They are $5.75 to $6.75. Each ramen comes with the basic topping of seaweed, veggies and green onions. $5.75 ramen is just a tiny bowl of veggie noodles that only has seaweed, green onion, and veggies. No meat. You pay $1 for each extra toppings. $6.75 is Ton ramen with pork (pork bone soup base) but it's not available until Feb 9th.

If you think about it. It's very expensive. The noodle dish is really just child size. If you add extra toppings like egg, bamboo shoot, corn (these are what you can find as basic toppings already come with your ramen at Gmen and/or Kitaro, no extra charge) that will make your ramen $10. You can spend LESS amount of money in a ramen restaurant that gives you seats, service and bigger bowl of noodles. Remind you Shoryumen gives you a very small bowl, half of the size that G-men or Kintaro offers. It's $8.50 at Gmen, it's $7.50 at Kintaro. If you want the as many toppings as Gmen's ramen or Kintaro's ramen, you will spend $10 for street food without seating.

How about the taste? So so. The noodles taste like packaged noodles from supermarket. I don't believe they make their own noodles like Kintaro. It's NOT the al dente ramen noodles ramen fans are looking for. Seriously. Soup base tastes like soup mix from as well. I think the supermarket ramen pack tastes better than this. You can do yourself a favor, take a trip to Yaoham and buy Japanese ramen pack, the fresh kind at the fridge section not the instant kind.

Ambiance is horrible. There is no seat for you to eat your ramen. It's abusive and cheap. You either stand next to the counter eating noodles or go to the very small hut next to the food trailer. You can eat noodles in that empty hut with no seats, that really makes customers look like refugees. Very uncivilized. We are in Richmond, not super crowded and expensive Tokyo, why is there a problem to give customers seats and make them comfortable??? Richmond is a suburb for God's sake.

The way I see it is that this is a novelty food vendor. It won't last. I really don't appreciate their business practice. I find it greedy and disrespectful.

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Fresh noodles yum!
By eViLpand4 of Richmond , BC (2 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, January 29, 2010 - 4:36pm [Dine in]

This place just open up about a week ago and it's already seeing alot of people, partially due to the fact that they are in the same proximety as Tenku. Shoryumen gives you some choices of soup base I took the Ton which comes with japanese pork as a topping and my girlfriend took the En which was the sea salt based. The noodles are freshly cooked inside the walk-in trailer as it's ordered. Value can be debated because once you take up 4 extra toppings it can get near 10$. They come in small plastic bowls which makes it easier to hold and eat, since it's a stand in. However the small bowl does not do justics to the amount of food in it. As a suggestion bring your own bowls which would do better justics to the noodles, and they'll take 50 cents off and rinse it for you to take home. I really like the wood interior and the fact that it's a walk-in. Thumbs up for this place!

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Authentic feel and different style of Ramen
By fungtional of Richmond (12 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, April 9, 2010 - 3:15pm [Dine in]

This place is an amazing little stand.
The owner is a food lover and you can clearly tell his enthusiasm for food by the product he puts out and the great details he puts into creating that authentic experience.

First of all the soup stock he uses is not the same as the other one's in Vancouver so when the previous poster mentions that it was bland, it's just not true. The stock is not the same pork marrow stock that you see everywhere else, instead he uses a fish stock which gives it a cleaner and less heavy taste. Yes the stock is not as rich and heavy in flavor but this doesn't make it any less better. In fact, I was able to drink the entire bowl of stock with no problem whereas I wouldn't begin to attempt this at any other Ramen place. The great variety of items you are able to choose from to add on to your bowl is a great little bonus.

You can complain all you want about the space in the trailer but that's exactly what makes this place so great. In the end Ramen is not meant to be a cheche experience. The utilitarian yet homey feel of the trailer makes this a great Ramen experience. The best part is the Chef's willingness to express his great joy for food to customers.

Hands down people should come check this place out when they have a chance, if not for the food, then for the experience. Not everyone will like it but people will definitely talk about it.

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