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This restaurant is permanently closed.
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Peachtree Pantry

10760 Shellbridge Way, #170
Richmond, BC V6X3H1
Tel: (604) 276-2656


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By ndizzle of Richmond B.C (1 Review)
Submitted Monday, March 5, 2012 - 2:48pm [Dine in]

I have worked in the area for some time, commuting in from Vancouver and the Peach Tree is located very close to my office so it was the natural place for me to grab lunch if I neglected to bring it. After all, it's either the Peach Tree or a 15 minute walk to the closest gathering of fast food chains. And for a time the food was serviceable if not slightly over priced. However, recent months have seen a plummeting decline in both quality of food, higher prices and customer service. The new staff there do not speak English well, this is not racism this is a simply fact. They will mess up your order over and over so best just take every meal as is, don't you dare ask for 'no mayo' or mustard on 'one side' because they will likely fail. Oh, they are apologetic but who cares? They might even offer you a stale day old cookie as recompense! Huzzah!

Their pricing structure is insane. If you want their Thursday special which is passable Lasagna it costs, get this, over a dollar extra for a flimsy often stale piece of garlic "toast"!

Once I asked for a bagel toasted with plain cream cheese. They put the bagel in the microwave. When I returned my soggy bagel asking why they didn't toast it the reply was "sorry sir, we were very busy and we thought you'd want it sooner". No...I just wanted it toasted.

The staff are friendly, but their poor facility in the English language coupled with high food prices and mediocre quality of food makes this a spot to avoid. That half hour round trip to get less healthy food doesn't seem so daunting anymore, at least I can walk off the calories and be secure with the fact that at least the people at Quiznos know what "no mayo" means.

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