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Kisha Poppo Japanese Restaurant

11660 Steveston Highway, #1060
Richmond, BC V7A1N6
Tel: (604) 271-6556
Fax: (604) 271-6557


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Not Bad
By iamreallyhungry of Richmod (9 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, April 30, 2009 - 11:28am [Dine in]

I actually liked the food, with the exception of the motoyaki (is motoyaki supposed to be spicy?). The staff was friendly, but you can tell they are overworked and understaffed. The only time they aren't busy is during happy hour on the week days, you can get almost any 3 items plus iced tea for 6$..not bad. I've been here numerous times and never had to wait long for my food, I'd come back again

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Hopelessly dreadful
By Worldtraveller_ubc of Richmond, BC (1 Review)
Submitted Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - 9:19am [Dine in]

I must say i felt better after reading all the reviews posted here... as i realize i am not alone in my dining frustration and out-right anger with this particular AYCE suishi restaurant. I agree totally with the review "ilikerice" had written way back in May 19, 2007 as they were bang-on in there criticisms .. i only wish i knew about this review site before hand and saved my self this most unpleasant dining experience! I have expanded my sushi eating experience to many other local establishments so i feel qualified to render what i believe to b an accurate criticism.

I cannot emphasize enough the negative impression i gained from my repeated dining experience there. Yes.. I was naive enough to think the previous bad experiences i had with them were an anomaly and was willing to give them a second , third and even forth chance! Mostly do to its close relation to where i live and work.. However convienence of location/competitive pricing alone cannot justify the incredibly poor quality all-round of this restaurant..

the amazingly poor food quality at this reastaurant was only matched by its laughably poor service and attitude.. they r obviously in the wrong line of work.. as they have no bizness being in the food/service industry. Dont get me wrong.. i am not a picky eater.. and i am very forgiving patron.. but this place tested my patience on both fronts beyond endurance.

I now go out of my way to avoid this particular place.. even if u r someone who is not bothered by rude, and abrasive service, and simply want a "Mc Suishi" quick fix... u would do better to look elsewhere... as just about any other sushi joint is a step up.

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The bacon rolls that saved the day
By ono of Richmond (6 Reviews)
Submitted Tuesday, February 19, 2008 - 2:17pm [Dine in]

I've been to this place twice. The first time was when they first opened, and it was quite good. Especially their scallop/bacon rolls. Quite delicious. Those particular items, I would give a 4/5 on the food rating. In fact, my first visit to this place I would have given most of the food a 4/5.

The second time...

Our experience was bad enough to be funny, actually.

Their bbq salmon pieces were a 3/5 (I've read the other reviews, and I didn't experience the fin-thing. They were good when I went)

The service, however... I think that they were TRYING to be bad. There's no way it could be accidental.

We ordered once, (a large order) and about 4 items showed up. We waited, and asked if we could get what we ordered, they looked surprised like we had. We were missing about 80% of our order.

We laughed, and said fine, and ordered again. No big deal.

Then they gave us both. The apparently found the original, and decided to combine the two together. So instead of 8 orders of california rolls, we got 16. etc. (Although the math wasn't quite so predictable, some were multiplied by three, others never showed, or were replaced with other items)

The height of the evening, however, was when I ordered a glass of water, and, after a long period of time, when nothing happened, I reminded the waitress of the water order, and, after some time, she finally brought back... a container of soya sauce.

(oh, I almost forgot, she dropped the soya sauce container like it was a rotten fish and sneered)

At this point, we were curious, so someone else at the table ordered a glass of water, at which point, the waitress said "another one?", and brought three.

All and all, counting was not their strong suit.

Most of the food was fatty, bad, stale, and improperly (if at all) delivered.

Oh, and they were out of the bacon rolls.

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There's a reason this place is always empty.
By Lexamark of Richmond (6 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, July 19, 2007 - 11:18pm [Dine in]

The food is way below average, even for AYCE. The service is incredibly slow, and the servers are rude. The building is nice and big, very clean, but it doesn't seem to see much use.

They have really pretty-looking menus. If that's enough for you, you might want to try it in if you're in the area, and starving. There are so many other (read:better) options for food at Ironwood that I'm surprised this place hasn't shut down.

They need some new management, fast.

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Teriyaki Chicken
By BCGuy of Near Ironwood Richmond (1 Review)
Submitted Saturday, August 11, 2007 - 10:40pm [Dine in]

I've been eating this restaurants food for years however I've only truly eaten the teriyaki chicken which I love !! Over the years there have been different cooks some better than others but I've only been disappointed once with the chicken dish as I'm not much of a sushi fan so I can't comment on that. In any case it's yummy chicken , oh by the way I have also made the food I order "TO GO" because I don't like wait too long for food ya see and when I order it to go, it's usually ready in 10-15 minutes tops. The other persons comment that they served thighs for the teriyaki chicken must have been a very bad day for the restaurant for I've never ever had a chicken thigh there only chicken breasts and nothing but chicken breasts and their sauce is usually very yummy as well.....As I have said it really depends on who is cooking that particular night but overall the chicken ROCKS!!! I don't know much about the other food!!!! lol ENJOY!

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