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Cora's Breakfast & Lunch

11380 Steveston, Unit 170
Richmond, BC V7A5J5
Tel: (604) 270-2672


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A notch above most breakfast joints but still needs improvement
By imonaplain of Richmond (39 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, May 20, 2012 - 10:06pm [Dine in]

Went to Cora's on the weekend after hearing so much hype about the place opening up. As a breakfast/lunch restaurant there isn't much real competition in the category (IHOPS, Denny's) but I can still appreciate how Cora's is really unique on its own with the fresh fruit concept and it's branding and decorations (feels like I'm in elementary school all over again). A great place for the family and the restaurant itself is quite spacious.

The boyfriend and I arrived around 3pm and the place was at about 40% capacity but were still asked to wait for around 5 minutes. The owner then escorted us to the tiniest 2-top in placed awkwardly in the middle of the room, which I can understand if the restaurant is busy with a wait, but since there were so many open tables by the window and booths, did he really anticipate a rush of 4-tops around 3pm? Anyway, I had the Cora's special (big breakfast with 2eggs, bacon, ham, crepe, potatoes, toast and I added mushrooms too :D). The meat was of much better quality than most diners and I actually enjoyed the crepe even though some other reviewers on other sites found it quite tough. My bf had strawberry waffles which he enjoyed, but I thought it was a bit too sweet with the English cream. We also had their strawberry banana smoothie too which was NOT a smoothie at all, in fact it tasted EXACTLY like that Yop yogurt drink you get at the stores, right down to the colour, taste, and consistency. I don't know how they could call it fresh, it was watery as could be and obviously not blended with ice. Our server explained that "they must have ran out of the smoothie mix and are cheating" which is an interesting thing to say...I was not impressed needless to say but they did end up replacing it with their "100% fruit cocktail" which was much more like a smoothie though not that great either.

Service overall was definitely on the poor side. The lady actually dropped my toast on the floor cause it was clear having two plates in one hand was a struggle for her (if you are going to work in a restaurant you should really know how to carry more than one plate at a time!). The staff really like to take their time with things. I can tell you now that they need to hire some more experienced or harder working servers as I noticed food sitting up on the line for minutes at a time, and it took around 2-3 servers and 3-4 trips to clean up one freaking table! It was rather painful to watch them go back and forth carrying only one plate with a free hand.

I think the quality of the food and the ambiance (I like the open kitchen and decor) justifies the higher price points at Cora's (breakfast for 2 was $36 with tax and tip). I would probably go back as I love breakfast, just hoping that by then they will have their service together!

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Maybe a summertime place?
By AKInc of Richmond B.C (28 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, January 5, 2013 - 12:31pm [Dine in]

I just got back from Cora's this morning. I have to admit, like pretty much everyone, I bought the story about being a "Canadian company done good" (a single, hardworking woman who made something great) and we decided to try it for the first time. I had not read the reviews on here before now, yet my experience was not much different.

We got there at 9am and there was a force a staff there, while it appeared there was a single host (who also handled the cash) and only three servers (who also seated people.) I'm no expert, yet I would argue the division of labour there was a huge opportunity for them. Needless to say, this made it take a while to get our order, which is probably good because the menu is enormous, although it's full of similar items that are slightly changed.

I got the Cora's special, two eggs, ham, a sausage, potatoes, 4 slices of bacon and (what they call) a crepe. there was a nice fruit garnish, that was tasty too, and a side of toast. the highlight was the toast and the fruit. I asked for scrambled eggs and I got over-easy. I'm not picky about that, I just rolled with it. I mean, this is the biggest plate of breakfast I have faced in recent memory. The ham was, well, ham steak, the eggs were eggs and the single sausage was "meh." the potatoes were salty and the bacon was good. As above, the toast (rye) was good. Now the crepe.....well, the big slab of undercooked dough with no flavour and far too heavy for a crepe.

Sadly, my wife got a whole plate of crepes and because of hunger, she ate one whole one and I (the human garbage can) could only stomach the single bite of on that I had.

I had "order envy" of the fruit selections on the first page. They are right next door to Kin's, so I would guess that fruit would be their forte. The problem being, as another review here says, I can go to Tapenade for a similar price (also, I can walk there). Likely, not a redo and I doubt this place will be here at the end of the year.

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Lots of Hype
By fougeorge of Richmond , BC (6 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, June 3, 2012 - 9:57pm [Dine in]

Was excited to try as I heard that this new place, which is a franchise starting in Montreal, served good fresh food.

Went on a Sunday around noon and there was a lineup to get in. We were told about 10 minutes and in fact it was about that long to get seated. Our server was attentive and helpful. I ordered one of the specials - 2 eggs, bacon, hash browns, blueberry crepes. My son ordered off of the kids menu and had the french toast with fruit. Food came and was completely disappointed.

The crepes were odd. They were much thicker then a "normal" crepe, something between a crepe and a pancake. However they did not looked cooked at all. I took a piece to try and it was rubbery, bland and "doughy". I asked the server if this looked OK to her and she said that they looked undercooked and ordered another couple crepes from the kitchen. I proceeded to eat the rest of my breakfast - the eggs were (OK) - hard to screw that up I suppose, the bacon was paper thin, and the hash browns were fine. The thing I noticed was that they were not hot at all. Luke warm to cold. I tried my sons french toast and it was the same thing - cold. When the server brought the new crepes they were exactly like the first batch. They were awful and I left them on the plate. When the server came she obviously saw them there. I suggested that perhaps this is the way they are cooked always?? And she said that she thinks so, that next time it would be best to ask for pancakes instead. I really don't know how anyone could like these crepes. They were awful, rubbery and bland. And the thing is that the crepe is supposed to be a specialty there. They have them in most of the meals!!

My breakfast was around $12. For $12.00 I will go to Tapenade and have a fantastic breakfast/lunch with fresh food, great service and a much better atmosphere. That is money much better spent in my books.

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