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Beard Papa's

6551 No. 3 Road, #1514
Richmond, BC V6Y2B6
Tel: (778) 297-7339
Neighbourhood: Minoru


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More expensive than buying from other locations
By lovingfood of Kerrisdale (90 Reviews)
Submitted Tuesday, November 17, 2009 - 9:50pm [Dine in]

Just to let you know that it's more expensive to buy in the mall than other Beard Papa's locations AS IF it's not overpriced enough.

The cream puffs basically tastes the same as the ones from Aberdeen Centre but the service is really bad here. They are kind of impolite. They look like they are irritated, bored, and tired of doing their jobs. Basically, they look like annoyed stepmothers. The staffers at Richmond Centre Beard Papa's are not as polite as the ones working at Aberdeen food court, not even close.

They even go cheap on giving people take out bags. They just give you each cream puff with tissue wrapped around it. They are like forcing you to eat right there. What kind of service is that? They don't even give you an option to take it somewhere else. They charge you couple of dimes more for a cream puff than other locations but they can't give you a bag? You can't walk around in the mall with cream puffs on hand, can you? The store location is not in the food court, so you have to take the cream puff and walk all the way to the food court to find a seat. How stupid does that look? Who enjoys eating cream puff while walking or standing around? You will get cream all over the place. Can't they at least give people a bag so they can carry the puff around to find a seat and go buy a drink to eat with the puff. That's common sense, for God's sake! Business is supposed to sell customers convenience.

Beard Papa's staffers at Abderdeen Centre always package your cream puff in a paper bag. You don't need to ask for it. They don't care if you just buy one or two. They put the cream puff in a bag. That's called being professional.

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By imonaplain of Richmond (39 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, December 14, 2009 - 1:51am [Dine in]

Interesting not because the creampuffs are particularly interesting in itself but of the huge contrast between the previous posts. Well, I for one can say that I've been to both Aberdeen and RC locations, and unfortunately the Richmond Centre one just doesn't measure up.

This is a franchise first of all, so standards are always going to be tweaked according to the owner's decisions. I didn't notice a significant price increase but I did notice that the cheesecake was tiny slivers or "sticks" as opposed to the sizeable circular cheesecakes at Aberdeen. The giant picture also depicts the cheesecake with crust which is misleading because Beard Papa's cheesecakes never have crusts. I usually get a regular creampuff but the way they dump batches and batches of creampuffs piled on top of each other at the RC location just seems so unappetizing - unlike the individually organized creampuffs at Aberdeen. Something needs to be done about this because it gives the impression that it's not fresh. One good thing about this RC location is that there's never a huge line or disappointment because of sell-outs, but then again that could be viewed as a bad thing for their business.

Now about the take-out issue, yes I totally agree that they are skimpy as hell. I had asked for a box because I was planning to put a bunch of other goodies in there to take over to my bf's place but they said that I would have to purchase 6 cream puffs or pay a small fee for the box. Really? Come on now, for the sake of saving a few cents on take-out expenses you're going to turn-off customers at a time when you should really be attracting them with promotions and discounts? There goes your potential repeat customer! So, sadly my two cheesecake sticks were shoved into a tissue and wrapped around a plastic bag (which was the most they could do for me, err thanks). They were smooshed by the time I got home but at least they still tasted good. Lucky.

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Excellent service and up to its name.
By Winnie86 of RIchmond (1 Review)
Submitted Saturday, November 21, 2009 - 10:55pm [Dine in]

I took the previous review into account and went to the Richmond Centre location, but I found their service friendly and up to its name. They patiently described their menu and took the time to explain their flavours to indecisive customers like myself.

Two benefits that the Richmond Centre location has over the others are that they have more selection in their special flavours and parking is considerably easier. They also have the green tea flavour everyday as well as their classic vanilla, so fans like me can taste both flavours at once.

Personally, I didn’t encounter any bag problem because one of the staff asked me if I wanted to eat it there or to go and I told them I wanted the puffs to go and they gave me a bag.

I first tasted the cream puffs in the Aberdeen location and their puffs were great. However, after the Richmond Centre Beard Papa’s grand opening, I bought it at the Richmond Centre location. The staff welcomed me with a friendly smile and a sincere greeting, and I found it equally excellent as the Aberdeen’s service.

All in all, I prefer this location over the others for its convenient parking and the same polite service of its staff.

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