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Review Guide

Please read this guide before submitting a review. Failure to read the information provided could lead to your review being removed and/or your user account being suspended. You may also want to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Submission Rules

Please make sure you follow these rules when submitting a review:

  • Make sure the review is well written with proper grammar, capitalization and punctuation. This is not a chat room or a forum so we expect properly written reviews in English. Make sure the review title or review body is not in all capital letters and do not use excessive "..." in your review.
  • Stay on topic and keep your comments focused to your restaurant experience.
  • Be objective and truthful. Make sure you discuss what you liked and disliked about your restaurant experience and why. If you submit a rating of either 1 or 5 stars, you must discuss that rating in your review text.
  • Do not discuss other reviews or mention other users especially in a negative fashion. If you have a problem with a review, please contact us instead.
  • Do not post personal information of yourself or others such as contact information including email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Do not post reviews that mention health code violations such as undesired objects found in the food, servers not washing their hands or rodent infestations. These issues should be reported to Vancouver Coastal Health.
  • Keep your review to your own experience and avoid making comments about other diners' experiences especially at other tables.
  • Avoid mentioning specific servers, managers or owners by name in a negative fashion.
  • Do not submit reviews that contain racial discrimination or slanderous comments.
  • If you work at a restaurant or did in the past (or are affiliated with a restaurant in any way including management, ownership or other partnership), do not submit reviews for this restaurant or solicit reviews from friends.
  • If you haven't eaten at the restaurant, do not submit a review about it. We do not accept reviews where you left because you waited too long or couldn't get seated.
  • Do not post links or other HTML code in reviews. Reviews are for text only comments.
  • Do not post feedback for Dine Here in a review (such as if a restaurant is closed). Please contact us instead.
  • Avoid mentioning other restaurants in your review as this can make your review look biased.
  • Make sure you accurately rate ambiance. If you received poor service, this should not affect the ambiance rating. Ambiance is the decor, music, restaurant "vibe", staff appearance and overall feel of the restaurant and is not related to the service you received.
  • Only one account is allowed per person. If you register more than one account, all accounts will be disabled.
  • Do not post comments in the restaurant description when submitting a new restaurant. Restaurant descriptions should be a concise and succinct description of the restaurant.

Things to Think About

Here are some things to think about when writing a review:

  • Did you enjoy your experience?
  • Would you return and/or recommend this restaurant to others?
  • What specifically did you like/dislike about the food, service and ambiance? Make sure you justify your ratings in the review text.
  • Was it worth the money? Make sure you justify the value rating in the review text.

Review Ratings

When submitting a review for a restaurant, there are four review criteria that must be rated:

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance

The overall rating is an average of these four ratings. For each rating, you can select a one through five star value:

  • One Star [Poor] - This is the lowest rating that can be submitted. You must discuss this rating in your review text when submitting a poor rating.
  • Two Stars [Mediocre, Average]
  • Three Stars [Solid, Good]
  • Four Stars [Outstanding] - This rating should be used when the restaurant is better than most for this particular rating.
  • Five Stars [Incredible] - The highest rating that can be submitted. When using this rating, you must discuss this aspect in your review text or the review will be removed.

All reviews must be at least 300 characters up to a maximum of 4000 characters.

Review Removal

Dine Here reserves the right to remove reviews that do not comply with our review submission policies. We will not edit or alter your review in any way (unless directed to do so by you). If there is a problem with a review, we will simply remove it.