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zacharackVancouverSince August 3, 20062 Reviews
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On Lok Restaurant2010 E Hastings, Vancouver
On Lok's doors should be "Lok"ed up for good
Submitted Sunday, December 26, 2010 - 3:23pm [Dine in]

Oh, for the good ol' days when the On Lok had tables filled with people having a great time and a line up out the door waiting for take out. This wasn't the case on my last visit, and it should've been a sign that things have changed for the worse.

The Food: Bland, tasteless and barely warm. Any dish we got, from soups, to meats, noodles, rice and vegetables, all my favourites were beyond disappointing.

The Service: It took way too long for some dishes to come out and took an extraordinarily long time to order a few drinks.

The Ambiance: I don't care about the look of a place because what I find more important is the food on the plate. However, I do mind when there's a putrid (not grease) smell that eminates throughout the restaurant that is quite offputting.

The Value: Non-existent. For what our party bought and paid for, we did not get anything close in return for value.

There are better restaurants out there that not only produce better food, you get better value for money. The food is what will bring people back in the door and while it was good once, it isn't now. Perhaps one day, the food will be good again. Until then, it's time to look elsewhere.

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Joey1424 West Broadway, Vancouver
Joey's Failure
Submitted Thursday, August 3, 2006 - 12:06am [Dine in]

I had such high hopes for this place! After dining at Joey Tomato's in Coquitlam many times, I figured that this restaurant would be good, if not better than the one in Coquitlam. How wrong I was!

The ambience was alright, it is actually a good looking building and the inside is typical of Joey's Coquitlam, and the men's washrooms had something very different inside it, which makes it memorable.

The food: I decided to order a dish that I have ordered at Joey's in Coquitlam before, the Maple Glazed Salmon. First of all, the presentation looked bad as it was placed in front of me. It took away from the meal a bit, but I thought that would be fine, as long as the food was good. The food wasn't good. The salmon was overcooked, not at all moist, the pasta was okay, and the seasonal vegetables, in this case, carrots, were almost raw. For $20, I expect my vegetables to be completely cooked, my pasta to be better than just okay, and my salmon to be properly cooked and moist with a nice presentation. I didn't think that's too much to ask! No problems like that at Joey’s Coquitlam.

The service: I'll admit the service seemed to be okay at the beginning, because we were taking forever on what to order. However, after ordering a round of waters and I having a Coke, we were never asked once if we wanted a refill. At Joey's Coquitlam, we never had to ask, it was just there!

Overall: I would give the overall rating a 2; however, I don't think this dining experience was at all "Decent". The 1 rating, and the "Poor" attachment, more reflects my disappointment, to what I thought was going to be another great meal, by a great restaurant. I will certainly be making the drive to Coquitlam to have a good Joey's meal and I hope Joey's Coquitlam can restore my confidence in their fine brand! If you want culinary excellence, make the trip to Joey’s Coquitlam, for Joey's Broadway, is a culinary disappointment and failure.

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