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yum20VancouverSince March 16, 20102 Reviews
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La Grotta Del Formaggio1791 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
So much value
Submitted Tuesday, March 16, 2010 - 4:55pm [Dine in]

This place is great. At first I was skeptical to paying about $15 for a sandwich but I soon learned that it's a small price to pay for quality. I even mentioned that "I could get the same thing at Subway for much less." Boy was I wrong. The girls that work there are pretty funny. They overheard me talking to my boyfriend saying that and it's VERY frowned upon to even mention Subway to them before they're offended. Anyway at first it seems very difficult to order a sandwich, there's so many options but not really any direction. The girls walk you through it completely.
The first thing you need to do is select what bread you want- (We got a whole foccacia, perfect for two starving adults.) Then they ask you every single question: They start with condiments, then cheese, (They have endless selections- we chose the Dill Havarti, which is soft and creamy and they also had other Havarti options such as Regular and Garlic! YUM!) The girl also said they have other Havarti options available but they only have a certain variety available for sandwiches each day-usually 5 options on a normal day. Then you get to choose your veggies which are very expensive if you were to buy them separately at any other store. You can choose as many veggies as you like and even ask for extra of your favorite for no extra charge! They are so generous with toppings that I wouldn't suggest asking for more even if it is your favorite. Then the last thing they put on is your meat and very lastly they ask you if you want it grilled. YES YES and YES! "If you're going to eat it within 30minutes get that baby grilled! It tastes amazing! It melts the cheese and heats up the meat to create the ultimate panini" (Quoted from the young lady that helped us)

While your sandwich is on the grill you can walk around and they either yell out your name or the sandwich that you ordered so you can run up and grab it from them. (They also cut every sandwich into appropriate pieces)The back of the store has a wide array of Italian drinks and regular Americanized drinks including Brio, and Boylans. And a wall dedicated to olive oils.

The second I unwrapped the sandwich my mouth filled with saliva.
As I ate the sandwich the flavors danced on my pallet and sang harmoniously! I couldn't believe how good it tasted and the girl that helped us was completely right grilling it gave it the perfect touch! My boyfriend and I were so satisfied and happy with this experience we even went back and gave her a tip!

The store itself is very narrow and on a beautiful day it is PACKED! The ladies try to work very quickly when it's that packed to maintain flow so don't think they're trying to be rude when they ask you questions at a quick pace. So be patient because this place is especially popular on a sunny day when people want sandwiches for a picnic, on the beach, and even a quick snack while taking in the beauty of The Drive.

Fantastic place, great people, and remarkably amazing sandwiches.
Go judge for yourself and when you walk in take a look at the funky ceiling, which kids find "COOL!"

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Avenue Grill, The2114 W 41st Avenue, Vancouver
Submitted Tuesday, March 16, 2010 - 4:16pm [Dine in]

This place was great. The service was so fast and courteous and the food was hot hot hot! I went for breakfast on Thursday morning with three acquaintances and although it was pretty busy we got seats right away. It wasn't too noisy considering the coziness and amount of people in the restaurant. We ordered what I thought to be a regular breakfast. (I had sunny side up eggs, toast, bacon, and hash-browns) To my surprise it didn't turn out to be a regular breakfast. The food was so good, especially the well-cooked hashbrowns! So much flavor and presentation is very nice as well. The cozy restaurant was renovated about a year and half ago. Great hardwood floors and very high ceilings. The artwork displays are very vivid and available to buy from local artists upon request. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to contemplate purchasing one because our food came so quickly! I was shocked because the tables were full, and we had only been waiting about 8 minutes! Great food, Great service, Great atmosphere. The only thing close to mediocre was my lack of picking out a decent outfit!
Thank goodness the restaurants appeal took away from my lack of fashion sense! ;)
Going back for dinner next week... Can't wait!

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