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yoshi18VancouverSince February 28, 20093 Reviews
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Kingsway Sushi3665 Kingsway, #110, Vancouver
Becareful what you eat!
Submitted Saturday, March 7, 2009 - 2:38pm [Dine in]

Many people on here do enjoy eating at Kingsway Sushi. I used to like it too the very first time I went there because of the variety of all different sashimis, rolls, robata, etc. Except on my second visit there, I was with my friend. We were about to eat raw oysters. Just about when he was about to put the oyster into his mouth i saw a really thin PINK WORM crawling around on the shell.
We told the waitress and she ran away to tell her manager, he then came over to take the plate away and asked if we wanted another plate. We obviously didnt take it as we were disgusted. Throughout the rest of our dinner we were inspecting all of our food.
My friend went back another time because his friends wanted to go there, AGAIN, they saw the pink worms crawling around. We will never go back.
I guess if you are eating the cooked foods it will be fine...but around $30 to just eat the cooked foods? In my opinion is not worth it.
Just a heads up to those who go for the raw foods, double check if theres any bugs/eggs stuck on to your food!

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Keg Steakhouse & Bar, The4510 Still Creek Avenue, Burnaby
Submitted Saturday, February 28, 2009 - 2:00am [Dine in]

This keg location is my all time favourite. Everyone is friendly and attentive. The food is excellent, and if there is anything you are not pleased about with your meal they will fix it promptly for you. The manager even brings it out himself or comes out right away to apologize.
The restaurant can become very busy and packed so make sure to arrive early if you don't want to wait

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  • Ambiance
Guu Otokomae375 Water Street, #105, Vancouver
Rude service
Submitted Saturday, February 28, 2009 - 1:39am [Dine in]

They have a very strict reservation policy, where you can only make reservations between 2pm-5pm . I called in over a week and a half ahead to make reservations for a larger group. It was 430 I was put on hold for a few minutes, and told to call back in 10 minutes. I tried calling back, the line was busy the whole time. The next day called in at 5:15 literally, they refused to take my reservation, too lazy to even record my name... It took me another day until I finally got my reservation.

As for the food, I prefer either the original guu or guu with garlic, seems to fit my flavour more and seems like more variety? Beef tataki I had was a bit too salty, and sashimi salad, was more like a sashimi daikon salad, for my other dishes they were O.K...They have a specialty drink menu, it is interesting to have coloured ice balls in your drink, but not if they take up 75% of your drink.

Since it was a larger group there was a 2 hour limit we could stay, they were rushing is like crazy. It also took us awhile to flag someone down to take a second round of orders. They were basically trying to kick us out while they completely forgot some of the desserts my friends had ordered. How do they expect us to leave when we havent gotten all of our orders?

I've been to other the guus numerous times and to this location very few, I dont think I'll be returning again based on this poor customer service rating. The other guus are much friendlier and have better selections of food to fit my taste.

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