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YeungYeungRichmondSince August 5, 20082 Reviews
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Empire Chinese Cuisine8251 Alexandra Road, Richmond
Been Cheated!!!
Submitted Tuesday, August 5, 2008 - 11:17am [Dine in]

After we had good meal on sunday, we decided to try some more chinese restaurant, we did some search on the newspaper, and found this restaurant coz they had lobster ($11.80) and crab ($8.80) on special.
We went there on 6:05 for 6 of us, well decor. after we took some time to discuss our meal tonight, we decided to order, lobster with cream sauce, steam crab, fish maw soup /w crab meat, baby bak choy /w mushroom, salted chicken in half, sweet & sour pork. 6 dishes. the manager show us the crab (3.25lb) & lobster (3.5lb), a bit look smaller than that, but never mind, it's special price. the soup came first, it was too SALTY... and we didn't find any crab meat.... we didn't do any complain on that, coz only a bowl of soup, just drink more tea. the main course (Lobster) came, not bad, just felt it's smaller than 3.5lb. after we finished the lobster, the crab just came, oh.... steam with garlic?? did we just order steam crab??? but the garlic taste good to me.. not my mom... everything not bad beside the soup. desert time, RED BEAN SOUP again :(
We NEVER come to this restaurant again after i see the bill.. $8X.XX for the lobster, $4X.XX for the crab??? isn't it on special?? we asked the manager, and he said we DO NOT have discount on LONG WEEK END.... lobster is $2X.XX, Crab is $13.XX TODAY....Wawawawa.... I have to pay double price on it..... I think i'm really stupid to choose this restaurant. I 'M BEING CHEATED!!!!!!!!

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Vivacity Restaurant8351 Alexandra Road, #110, Richmond
Peking Duck Show /w AGM
Submitted Tuesday, August 5, 2008 - 10:42am [Dine in]

I was there on Sunday night with my family there was quite busy, and we arrived at 6:45 for 10 people, and we reserved the $368 meal, the meal included cold starter (smoke salmon, Japanese eel, jelly fish, etc), steamed melon with scallop, shrimp & chicken /w bean, pea tips, shark fin soup (this one is really good, i never have that much shark fin in one bowl), two lobster, etc.... while we having the scallop, we saw the young server (i think he 's the manager) slicing the peking duck in front of the other table, really got technique, and looks tasty, so we decided to get one while we had this meal. after about 15 mins, our duck came, the same guy shows us the duck and started to do his job, WOW....... ONLY 55 sec (we count that), he's done, it's FAST! 17+ duck pieces on our table, meat /w skin /w little fat, OH! TASTEFUL! it's only $32.80 for 2 courses of peking duck (/w slicing duck show) good price!! and the guy told us they have the Peking Duck meal for 10 too, only $248.
so we decided to go there next week to try the Duck Meal and watch that SHOW agagin.
Really good service, food good, well decor
We felt surprise after finished the meal, the young manager gave us his business card, OH! He is the A.General Manager at this restaurant, he is so young (i think he is only 22 something) SURPRISE!

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