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xy9inevancouverSince April 16, 20082 Reviews
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Le Marrakech52 Alexander Street, Vancouver
Dissapointed again...
Submitted Wednesday, May 7, 2008 - 9:27pm [Dine in]

I've been looking for a good Moroccan restaurant for years - even before going to Morocco 3 years ago... and the only one I've found is in Calgary of all places.

I thought this place would compete, but alas, I was disappointed again!

This restaurant seems to be confused about it's place in the world. They're making a half-hearted attempt at some sort of Moroccan fusion cuisine (note: this is NOT traditional Moroccan food) but then they make attempts at emulating traditional Morocco... so I'm not sure which ruler to judge them with.

There are meager attempts at weaving the Moroccan experience into the place, particularly with the hand washing ritual, but they fail because of their failure to communicate with their clientele. People who haven't been to Morocco, and haven't eaten at loads of Moroccan restaurants (ie: most of Vancouver) won't have a clue what to do if you just walk up to them with a silver urn and basin, with no preamble, and suggest "wash hands"!

The menu was confusing... there were mezzas (pre-appetizers) and appetizers, however our mezza dishes were bigger than our appies...and way too big for what they were intended to be. Their mezza salads were really disappointing (one was just those standard salad greens with 2 cherry tomatoes - oh, this was the tomato salad!) especially since I thought the salads were one of the best things about Morocco. And the beet salad appy was more a typical beet salad than anything Morocco has ever seen (although it was reasonably tasty).

Dessert was absolutely terrible, and our waitress actually asked if the one we had was any better than the 2 she had tried and thought were really odd!

The atmosphere is the one saving grace of this restaurant. I think with a large group, and fewer expectations about the food, this could be a good venue for a night out with friends... but not a good venue for a romantic dinner.

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Alibi Room157 Alexander St, Vancouver
Go to this restaurant!
Submitted Monday, April 21, 2008 - 4:06pm [Dine in]

I'm a fan of industrial spaces, and Alibi has always been a place I wanted to love, but never really delivered in terms of food & drink - until the current owners took over. I'm a beer snob, and have found local selections typically lacking; Nigel is doing his part to change that. He's got a fantastic range of locals on tap (several of which are sadly under-represented in town), as well as a diverse range of bottles. Lots of great brew that's not found at your local liquor store (and some especially nice 'big' brews in the mix). Apart from the Belgians (which are well-represented elsewhere in town), I'd be hard pressed to want for much else than what's offered here. It's my new favorite watering hole.

Though my primary attraction to this place had been the beer selection, the food has been a pleasant surprise. The menu is a bit unique in my experience; I'd characterize it as upscale English pub fusion - Vancouver style. Tasty & satisfying, but not too heavy. Really satisfying stuff.

Service has always been good & Nigel is the consummate barkeep - great guy. It's a bit of a hidden jem, and seems to attract a low-key crowd. The space has a great ambience; not too loud, casual & unpretentious, yet funky. Nice place to chill with quality brew & good friends. Highly recommended.

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