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wraithmanvancouverSince August 22, 20102 Reviews
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3 (2.9)
  • Food3.5 (3.5)
  • Service1.5 (1.5)
  • Value2.5 (2.5)
  • Ambiance4 (4)


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Nahm Thai Bistro13650 102 Ave, Surrey
Pretty much in agreement with the other reviewer...
Submitted Friday, July 8, 2011 - 5:15pm [Dine in]

came to this new thai restaurant on the recommendation of my client, who actually works at another thai restaurant.. we won't name names haha! what he told me was, "the food is pretty good but the prices are high for the portion size and location (whalley)".

the food. we enjoyed all but one dish that was served to us, which is usually my favorite, pad thai. it was sweet, bland and too dry, in my opinion... which was a shame because that's what i came for. satays were delicious, tender, and well seasoned. veggie spring rolls were tasty as well but just like any other spring roll you could find anywhere else. we had fried rice which was very good!! have to compliment the chef with that one... btw, like the other reviewer said, rice is not included which is too bad but give the fried rice a try... a nice blend of seasoning and not at all oily. also had another dish that i can't recall the name of that had sauteed veggies, choice of meat, and cashews... sooo good!!! plus a curry that was really good too but the size of a large cup of soup (yes large cup not bowl!) overall, taste of the food was great but portions small. you will NOT get full from ordering just one entree.

the drinks... cocktails were strong and reasonably priced. also recommended.

the service... the servers are almost always visible and ready to help you but what happened to service with a smile? service is polite but most definitely not friendly. also noticed that our server really didn't know much about the menu and had to refer back to the menu whenever we asked something.

ambience... is very modern & cool... refreshing yet sterile... but i still liked it. did not appreciate the state the of the single unisex bathroom tho. wouldn't have cared if it was just the unfinished floor but on top of the unfinished section of the floor, there was 2 pieces of random hardware lying on it.

friendlier service and adjusting the entree sizes would keep me coming back. but yes, i will give it another try in the next couple months.

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Hong Mi Korean Restaurant15155 101 Avenue, #100, Surrey
employees writing bogus reviews?
Submitted Friday, June 10, 2011 - 4:20pm [Dine in]

they have to be writing bogus reviews about the service. i cant see how this place would get several top star service ratings????

i have been to this restaurant 3 times. the food is pretty good. they have a very reasonable korean barbeque special for 9.99 and the serving of meat was surprisingly substantial. what was also surprising was the fact that you had to order rice and the korean side dishes separately-first time to see that although i have heard of certain places charging for refills. anyways, since the pork itself was 9.99, no biggie. our table also ordered a couple other kinds of bbq (both beef, one marinated and the other plain with side spicy sauce). beef dishes were pricey with the plain one coming in a $25 an order-can't remember how much the other one was. h bnthe marinated one was good but the plain one was kinda game-y. overall, the food was pretty good.

next, the service... to be honest, out of the 3 times i have been there, there was once where the service wasn't that bad. since there are buzzers on the tables to call the servers, it was easy to let them know when we were in need of something. but the other 2 times, buzzer or no buzzer, no one would come. every single stella served to us wasn't uncapped and no bottle opener was provided. it wasn't busy, it just seems understaffed for the amount of work that is expected of the staff. there is no order because servers are not stationed to certain tables-tho this seems to be the norm in asian restaurants. and the owner (i'm guessing this is the owner btw because it was the only person working in regular clothing) was yelling at our hostess in their language right in front of us which was a total mood kill!

as for atmosphere, this place looks really good. large, very clean, spacious, modern with smaller tables, larger booths and what looks to be a large party type room all with those "grill-your-own" meat things. all of the table have their own vents which you can hear are functioning but do absolutely nothing about sucking up any of the smoke coming off the grills. maybe they need new filters or something so forget going somewhere else because you will be reaking like a bbq pit

would i go back? yes. yea, the service is horrible but the food is not bad and it is basically the only place in the area where you can eat korean barbeque with tabletop grills. just tip according to service!

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