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vinnicoyoteVancouverSince April 7, 20082 Reviews
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2.5 (2.5)
  • Food2.5 (2.5)
  • Service2.5 (2.5)
  • Value2 (2)
  • Ambiance3.5 (3.5)


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Kingyo871 Denman Street, Vancouver
Another Japanese restaurant
Submitted Saturday, January 9, 2010 - 8:52pm [Dine in]

Decided to finally try an Izakaya and break away from sushi... Kingyo seemed like a good bet based on reviews. Everything was generally good... no complaints... but, nothing spectacular either. Just another slightly overpriced, trendy restaurant in Vancouver. I'll give the Izakaya 'experience' one more go elsewhere, and then possibly abandon it.

General perception of the food that we chose is that while the ingredients were all very good and fresh, and the cooking was skillfull, the assemblage generally didn't bring me any closer to heaven, or give me anything relating to an orgasmic experience.

My date and I shared the Tako-Wasabi, raw octupus with wasabi sauce... fresh wasabi sauce, but overpowering, dectracting from enjoying the octopus. Maybe serve the sauce on the side? Ate half of it...

Yellow Tuna carpaccio (special)... definitely get one of the carpaccios... Great mixture of flavours, colours, and textures, but again... skillfully planned dish, but for the price, makes it average.

Kobe Beef... beef was excellent, cooked to personal taste on the hot stone, searing the outside, rare inside. Mmmm! Good sauces too. We both had fun cooking it. $19... but very filling and worth it over the tongue.

Ebi 'new style' special... (vs. the ebi-mayo) 3 Deep-fried breaded ebi-cream sauce balls with 3 dipping sauces... very tasty and filling, good value at about $9

Mackerel Sushi... simple roll of rice and wonderfully thick slab of oily mackerel on top. Pretty basic roll, but filling and we enjoyed it.

We shared a medium size house sake carafe for $8 which was a great value for liquor that lasted the meal. 2.5 small glasses of crisp cold sake each mmm!

For dessert, a nice green tea and tiramisu, a sweetbread soaked in sake... a bit boring... go up to the Luxy for the best tiramisu in the city.

Tot. bill include tip $83 We made a reservation for 8:30 friday, tables stayed full, nobody seemed to have to wait long for the communal table. Our reservation gave us a great small, quiet table in the corner.

Service was average... food came quickly, waitering was great, and not under or overly attentive. Agree that the prices are slightly inflated for food value. Ambiance and decor was very relaxing, trendy, and the music and noise level was pleasant with the occasional colour as guests left and arrived.

If you want to spend a few bills for decent izakaya, I'd reccomend it... but not over any other izakaya. cheers!

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Habit Lounge2610 Main Street, Vancouver
Worth a try
Submitted Sunday, April 6, 2008 - 5:43pm [Dine in]

We ordered wine with the two-way hummous and bread, the Red Coconut Curry, and grilled Pemberton flank steak.

The hummous was okay, the olive and sesame a tad flavourless, the red pepper a tad too flavourful. Mainly we were disappointed that one of the two breads was plain white bread. Plain. White. Fluffy. White Bread.

The Curry is advertised as "with bok choy, red peppers, tofu, noodles", and my partner was wanting some vegetables, unfortunately the Red Coconut curry should be described as with noodles... and a bit of tofu with red pepper and bok choy garnish". Mmmm... noodles and sauce a la Lipton Red Curry.

The Pemberton flank steak was perfectly cooked med-rare, and the mushrooms and potatoes were amazing... I loved how the three sauces combined as well in this earthy, brown, dish. Unfortunately the steak was incredibly chewy, even though it was pefectly cooked.

For desert we each had a glass of desert wine and shared the pear cranberry crisp. The wine was nice, and the crisp was as I would expect... except for the cranberries, which were very tangy, sprinkled on top and tasted like they had been taken out of a bulk bin. For a menu that promised many local ingredients and for the price of the dessert I was expecting local cranberries from the fall nicely baked into the crisp. Nope.

The service was okay... as I would expect for a family restaurant, but a bit harried and below what I would expect for here. The ambiance was interesting and we had a comfy booth table. The wine list was small, but decent. The menu was interesting and varied, and the plates were perfectly cooked... however getting plain white bread, chewy steak, bulk bin dried cranberries, and one leaf of bok choy, gave me the impression that this restaurant saves its money on ingredients. So the overall value for the food was a bit less than the solid experience I was expecting when we walked in. $100 incl. a $10 tip.

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