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VICEVictoriaSince December 17, 20092 Reviews
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RC Grillhouse n' Lounge9800 McDonald Park Road, 202, Sidney
A good time was had by all at RC's!
Submitted Monday, February 1, 2010 - 9:38pm [Dine in]

I had planned to take the VICE group (and the ladies that tolerate us) to the Taste of Tokyo at 6 PM for the Saturday buffet but they were unexpectedly closed for a staff holiday. I discovered this upon calling for a reservation at 4:30 PM so was in a bit of panic about where to take the group! Happily, RC's came to mind. This hidden jewel is located on the second floor (handicap accessible) of a newish but undistinguished building located across the street from the Nicholson logging equipment factory in the industrial area to the East of Victoria airport. Don't be fooled: Within this building a wonderful dining experience awaits you!

My call for a reservation was promptly answered and the reservation efficiently taken. Upon arrival our group of 10 people was immediately seated at a table that had obviously been prepared for us beforehand. The seating areas are arranged around the Western perimeter of the building giving a panoramic view of airport operations if you are there before dark. The ambience is wonderful with good quality tables, chairs, tableware and tasteful fixtures. This being a Saturday, there was live music consisting of a solo guitarist/singer who played wonderful dinner music at a level that was just perfect. Loud enough to hear against the otherwise very quiet background, but soft enough for our table to engage in conversation.

The menu is fairly broad with interesting items and upon looking at it you immediately get the impression the management and kitchen staff care greatly about the quality of the food they are preparing. Our server was knowledgeable, friendly, and engaged well with the group. This is important to us as one of our number suffers from celiac disease and must be very careful to avoid foods containing gluten. Our orders were taken promptly and accurately with one minor exception which was more my fault than RC's. When pointed out, the error was immediately and cheerfully rectified. The appetizers and food were delivered promptly and the quality was to rave about! The ingredients were fresh, perfectly prepared, and presented with style. Our entire group was very impressed with the overall dining experience and it should be pointed out that two of our number are or have been professional chefs. The cost for my wife and I (2 appys and 2 entrees) was about $50.00. Not inexpensive, but outstanding value if you are looking for an upscale dining experience.

To sum it up: The management and staff at RC's are clearly aware of all the details, both large and small, that go into the making of a wonderful dining experience and they succeed in taking care of all those details in a relaxed and efficient manner. We will return...

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Tino's Restaurant771 Vernon Ave., Victoria
Two Thumbs Down
Submitted Wednesday, December 16, 2009 - 9:53pm [Dine in]

A group of friends and I decided to have lunch at Tino's 15 December 2009. We arrived at noon and ordered an appetizer (flatbread and humus) which arrived at about 12:15. We ordered our main dishes at about 12:25. Unfortunately we ran out of time at 1:30 and had to go back to work, our main dishes still unserved. While we waited over an hour I observed that there were 2 wait staff, the restaurant was not large, and it was not busy. The waitress blamed the long wait on the kitchen. I am not sure this is entirly true as I asked for a glass of water when the main dishes were ordered and I was still waiting for it when we left. In my opinion, it should not take over an hour to prepare and serve a glass of water. Overall it was a very unsatisfactory and low calorie experience.

The menu has some interesting looking items on it, but the food we were served (the appetizer and a coke) was very ordinary. I can't comment on the main dishes as they were never served.

The service was poor in the extreme. It was difficult to get the attention of the waitress and when we did get her attention, she left us with the impression that she would have been happier if we weren't there. Not rude, just completely disinterested in us. There was absolutely no "engagement" between the waitress and our party which might have made us feel welcome. My friends and I have quirky senses of humour and since this event we have all been trying to figure out how the place stays in business treating its customers as we were treated. Best guesses so far are that it is a money laundering operation or run to generate a tax loss. It is certainly not in business to provide a fine dining experience for the people of Victoria!

The judgement of "Value" is very subjective. Monetarily the prices on the menu seemed a bit on the high side (Beef stir fry and French onion soup for about $20.00), but if they purchased you a good dining experience they would not be too far out of line. The real issue is that if you value your time, this is not the place to go.

We had lots of time to evaluate the ambience and it was pretty ordinary. A room full of tables and chairs. Clean enough, but not sparkling. It being the Christmas season a few Christmas themed decoration had been hung, but no great effort was expended.

The bottom line question is "Will I go back". The answer is no, no second chances for Tino's. I am a pretty patient person and have experienced poor service before but never to this degree. This is the first time I have ever abandoned a restaurant due to excessive wait time. This is my first review for Dine Here and I regret not discovering this site and reading the previous reviews on Tino's before going there. It might have saved my group from an unfortunate experience.

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