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Mezbaan3499 Kingsway, Vancouver
A solid restaurant.
Submitted Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 11:52am [Dine in]

I've dined here twice, both for the dinner buffets.

Once was the regular dinner priced - I think 14.99 - and the other was their Tuesday all day buffet special price of 7.99.

This place isn't big and for the regular price, I probably wouldn't come here that often when compared to other indian buffet joints around the GVRD because of the small selection (Around 7 main dishes + 2-3 salad dishes).

But at 7.99 Tuesday special, it's a bargain if you're craving for some fast, filling indian food. However, Tuesday selection I do have to say you get what you pay for. The salad bar and some of the mains are nearly empty and refilled very slowly.

Taste-wise, it's on the lighter side. Not too oily, not too salty but at times, lacking in spices too. The raita and coconut rice dessert are very watered down though during the Tuesday buffet last time I had ate it.

This place has freshly prepared naan brought right to your table if you'd like.

Utensils and plates are all very clean. Bathroom is clean.

The best mains were the fish and patak paneers. Butter chicken and tandoori chicken have very little flavor. Although this place advertises goat curry, I have not seen any in all of my visits in the buffet.

I would return, but only for the Tuesday specials.

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Brioche401 West Cordova Street, Vancouver
Great Italian Restaurant at a AWESOME price!
Submitted Sunday, April 9, 2017 - 12:44am [Dine in]

This is probably one of the best bang for your buck italian restaurants in all of the greater vancouver regional district.

It's location is great - gas town.

It's price is very good when you factor in the freshness of the ingredients, taste and huge portions.

We came here tonight, party of 2.

The place is set up like a small, cozy brick cafe with a huge kitchen in the back due to the place also catering.

I assume because they cater, that allows them to provide fresh ingredients. Cheaper to buy in quantity.

This does not mean taste was sacrificed.

Everything is made IN HOUSE.

We ordered Gnocchi with Rustica Sauce, 3-kinds Ravioli (Mushroom, Spinach and Chicken) with Carbonara Sauce, Mixed Salad and Bean Vegetable Soup and ended the night with a chocolate brownie cake and tiramisu.

Gnocchi was chewie, great texture and fresh. The Rustica sauce was very flavorful, seasoned very well.

3-Kinds Ravioli was also very good, nothing much to say except very fresh and tasty.

The mixed salad was a delight. Most times, when you order mixed salads, it's just a few sad looking pieces of mixed leafy greens. This place tops it with cheese, long beans, cherry tomatos, roma tomatoes, asparagus - it's a party on a plate.

The bean soup was nice and thick - more like a hearty stew.

All this for only 67.00 and we had to pack up some stuff because we couldn't finish it all.

The waitresses are also super friendly and cute :)

Will be returning.

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  • Value
  • Ambiance
LaCigale French Bistro1961 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Valentines Night, unlucky maybe?
Submitted Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 11:15pm [Dine in]

This is our second time here, and the experience was worse than the first time. First time was actually alright.

I am trying to give La Cigale the benefit of a doubt, maybe even persuade myself that it's Valentines and everyone's just hectic and busy - especially French restaurants.

But tonight at La Cigale, it seemed everything was just off the track.

At 37.00 per head for the Valentines prix fixe menu, I won't complain about the value. It's not pricey and good for people who want an overall solidly designed and set up French bistro gastrique experience.

Most of my reviews below are due to one critical flaw tonight. NOT ENOUGH SERVERS.


1. Reservation.

We made a reservation around 2 weeks before Valentines (Today). I would have expected better seat placements or at least give some time to clear one of the now vacated tables so those with reservation could at least feel it was worth giving their time to reserve in the first place.

We stepped into the restaurant and waited at the door for nearly 10 minutes before being greeted and than were told to pick one of the empty seats. There were 3 empty tables. 1 by the door (Literally by the door), 1 by the call out kitchen order window and one somewhere in between. The seats by the call out order window were too narrow for a regular guy to fit in (Girls "Should" be fine if you are thin and petite).

We asked the server if they could clear the now vacated table beside the restaurant window. It's a great table after all and should take no more than 5 minutes to clear.

The server said sure. We waited another 5 minutes before being told it's going to be awhile and we should just pick one of the empty tables.

Now there were only 2 tables left. By the door or by the order window. Guess we were forced to sit by the door.

I am lenient, to an extent so I was trying to think of better moments later tonight.


2. Sit Down

Upon sitting down, it was nearly another 10 minutes before a server came by and gave us tonight's menu. Another 10 minutes before we got our water.


3. Service

Now, I understand fatigue, business but I do think the main culprit tonight were simply lack of servers. I don't really blame the servers, they are doing their best. I blame the management, who could not foresee the importance of today for many patrons.

On one note, servers did confuse many people's table's orders and had - for our duration stay of nearly 2 hours, uncertainly ask the tables if this was their order or our order before realizing the dishes were for another table.


4. Food

Food was ok, and I am reviewing this aspect in relations to the amount paid. I don't expect 5 star cooking paying only 37.00 a head. what sort of surprised me was at the golden hour of tonight's service - between 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM - the kitchen ran out of their most in demand meat - duck. There were really only 4 entrees to choose from - 2 pastas, 1 beef, 1 duck. Duck was out during the most busiest time. A let down indeed.

We ended up ordering the mushroom and seafood pasta. Both were solid, but not wow.

Appetizers were 1 tart, onion soup and salad. We got the soup and salad. Salad was quite a let down. It's a salad and at least it could have been made with more texture, flare and variety.

The onion soup was very good and was the star of tonight's menu. The desserts - creme brulee, lava cake and blue berry crumble. We got the lava cake and blue berry crumble.

Both desserts were a let down. no texture variation. Lava cake had no outer layer, just tasted like a very heavy and melted puddle of chocolate jam. The crumble was slightly better but still, a bit more texture variance would have been better. Too sweet as well the desserts.



At the end of our bill, the servers did kindly surprise us with a 10% discount on our total.

We felt this was the only little redeeming quality tonight but not enough to save the poor experience we encountered. We still left a friendly tip amount as we understand restaurant industry is hard work.

For this place to improve, it's not the amount they charge as even if they charged 50.00 or 100.00 per head, if they do not up their game in terms of service and cuisine design, it will be very hard to attain loyal patrons in Vancouver's cut throat restaurant market.

We will not be returning any time soon.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Oriental Buffet15140 101 Ave, Surrey
Good Value Buffet
Submitted Monday, July 25, 2016 - 4:33pm [Dine in]

For 11.99 lunch and I think either 14.99 or 15.99 for dinner, i am not going to complain.

i came for the lunch and all these reviews here keep saying how bad this place is. well you're paying 12 bucks. it's either here or mcd and here is 100 times better than mcd.

for 12 bucks, this is what you can expect.


- 50-60 items to choose from, 75% of them were, surprisingly, quite good.
- utensils, plates, tables were all clean.
- pork, chicken, seafood - read again - SEAFOOD. seafood is shrimp, squid and fish. fried squid is awesome.
- not overly greasy, as what many are saying. food is slightly better than food court chinese food.
- the fish and seafood are best tasting. although frozen, they do what they can to make the seafood tasty.
- dessert is not bad - ice cream, cookies and cakes. ice cream is not half melted but at perfect temperature.
- the honey garlic ribs and sweet and sour porks are good tasting.
- great service.


- pork is not the freshest, not as in going bad, but using yesterday's leftovers.
- sushi is not cold enough but fresh ingredients used nonetheless. a maintaining issue.
- pork hock could use a little more flavor and longer cooking time.
- fried chicken drums sticks were dry but good flavors and crunchy.

again, the pros far outweigh the cons and for 12 bucks lunch, it beats out uncle willy's by a long shot despite uncle willing having a far superior location.

one recommendation to the owners is to clean up the outside building walls. a fresh coat of paint would do wonders for this restaurant's external look as, initially if you drive by, you would think this building was getting prepped for demo or razing.

i would return whenever possible if i am in surrey. it's really good value and decent quality.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Dinesty1719 Robson Street, Vancouver
A solid, authentic everyday chinese eatery
Submitted Sunday, February 15, 2015 - 3:14am [Dine in]

When i eat chinese food, i split my judgment and reviews into 2 categories.

cateogry 1 is authentic chinese food.

category 2 is westernized chinese food.

i enjoy both categories, but when it comes to judgment, it's only fair to be specific. for dinesty, i judged it based on its authenticity because it's a restaurant that is reliant on such backgrounds and cookery. when you go to a westernized chinese restaurant, it is very apparent because you will get dishes that are mostly alien or uncommon in authentic chinese places.

anyways, to keep things "short", this place's cooking is solid and some of its dishes were quite good, especially it's small dim-sum style dishes.

for entrees, we were a bit disappointed in them because of lack of flavor and blandness.

we ordered a total of 7 things for lunch, with the bill coming to 60.00 total with tax and tip included. this to me was very reasonably priced. at 2 people for lunch, we ordered many items and had to pack at least 30% of them left over.

as for the dishes, we ordered the following:

- hot, sweet soy milk in a bowl
- chinese donut and pan fried shao bing
- crab flavored tofu
- rice cake with jie chai
- a triplet of shanghai style spring roll
- a peanut sauce, cucumber glass noodle with shredded chicken dish
- a basket of xiao long bao - soup dumplings with shrimp and vegetable stuffing

the soy milk was good and i wasn't too sure if they'd made it in-house or ordered in from central place.

my favorite was the shao-bing. it was just delicious. shao bing is kind of like puff pasty that's pan fried. you dip this in soy milk and it is absolutely scrumptious and heavenly.

crab flavored tofu used to be better during it's earlier debut days in richmond.

rice cake was bland. no flavor, not enough seasoning.

spring rolls were very tasty and well seasoned.

the peanut sauce glass noodle dish was also bland despite the freshness of the ingredients.

xiao long bao was a disappointment. there were no soup consomme in the dumplings, which is what gives the dish its name in the first place. the dumplings were just dry inside - shriveled up poor little things.

overall, i'd eat here as a daily eatery, but to compare this place in terms of taste or mastery of chinese cuisine, it's not the best or one of the best in vancouver. however, when it comes to chinese food, there are only a few places i would consider top and also reasonably priced. however, having said that, this place's value is very strong. you get many choices, well cooked meals at good prices and portions. plus it's a very clean, modern and well serviced restaurant.

when dinesty first opened in richmond, i was one of their earliest patrons (gone there on their first day!) and their food had more taste.

now it's going towards the bland side, but on a positive note - at least that to me is healthy. it never hurts to eat less salt and seasoning but some dishes do require such so i will leave this part to the individual eaters.

my final taste and value verdict is this. it's a place that is solidly flavored in some dishes, fresh in most dishes, light on the salt in most dishes and well valued in all dishes.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Tibisti Foods & Grill6990 Victoria Drive, Vancouver
Great little Lebenese buffet gem.
Submitted Tuesday, February 10, 2015 - 6:07pm [Dine in]

First time came here today for their lunch buffet.

This was also the first time i've encountered a middle eastern style buffet.

I was not disappointed with the cooking, but i did hope for just a bit more choice.

the buffet was 11.95 pp for lunch which is a very fair price. i have to say the owner, kerry, was just a sweet and very hospitable owner who made me feel super cozy and welcomed.

dishes that were available included chicken sharwma, lamb mirygu (i don't remember the exact spelling) - which looked to be a kind of lamb sausage with some very tasty spices involved.

greek style lemon potatoes, spiced fragrant Lebanon rice.

you put some of that delicious lamb mirgyu sauce on your rice and that in itself could have been considered a meal.

the appies included homemade hummus, garlic sauce, tzaziki, lebanon salad, greek salad and pita bread.

there were no desserts at the buffet table but kerry did bring me a complimentary Lebanon style dessert tart made of pistachio, rose water and it was absolutely scrumptious. it was made by his wife, which i could feel he adores of her very much. a lovely couple!

for what this place lacked in choice, it more than made up for it in quality of ingredients, cooking mastery and service. but sometimes, a buffet is also about choice so this was the only downside for me. the choices were just a bit too minimal.

i would pay an extra $4-5 on top of the 11.95 for the lunch buffet if kerry would just bring out another extra dish or 2. i'm hungry to try out his other cooking recipes!

come here, give them a try, it's well worth your time.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Balkan House7530 Edmonds Street, Burnaby
A sweet, romantic place of Serbian heritage
Submitted Sunday, February 8, 2015 - 4:30pm [Dine in]

This was my first time eating serbian food and sitting inside an eastern european styled restaurant.

i've read about eastern european cuisine, tasted a couple things here and there at european festivals and food fairs, but it was mostly never a complete picture for me.

today, i took the liberty of visiting balkan house for lunch. having heard wonderful things about their buffet, i decided to give it a try.

first thought was, the buffet isn't big. this isn't necessarily a bad thing. @ 19.00 including tip for lunch (16.95 + tax and tip = 19.00 for me), i'd come here to eat again, but i do have a few suggestions and, at minimal, wishes.

i think adding in just 2 more dish, would make the value feel better. maybe even 1 more entree and 1 more dessert choice. the reason is everything just feels minimal - despite the great quality and cookery of the foods, a buffet also needs choice.

the buffet included dishes such as buttered mashed potatoes, serbian style rice, a baked potato hash or sorts, steamed veggies, a kind of veal roulade (The star of this buffet), serbian cevapi, rotisserie chicken, a meat creamy sauce / stew and another sauce stew of a tomato nature for the schnitzels.

the mashed potatoes were well seasoned, creamy and hearty.

rice was nothing to rave about.

the baked potato hash was also well seasoned and the browning of parts of the hash added more flavors.

steamed veggies...well what can i say? it's steamed veggies - eat your vegetables!

also on the veggies side, you have your choice of greek salad or coleslaw. now, the greek salad was average but the coleslaw was great. healthy, not creamy and full of vinegar kick. a great salad that is healthy and cuts through the fattiness of the entrees.

the veal roulade, the star of the buffet, was cooked to perfection. i felt, at first if this dish would actually make them lose money because of the time needed to bake this plus the ingredient itself (Veal isn't cheap). in the end, coming to the buffet just for the veal and the dessert (I will get to it later), will be well worth it.

the cevapi was also well seasoned and grilled although a little bit dry, along with the schnitzel, maybe because the meat they used were on the leaner side and does not sit well under a heated buffet lamp.

the creamy stew with meat was excellent but the meat chucks inside the stew were a little bit dry. i can not vouch whether this is due to authenticity or because of the nature of buffets always sucking the moisture out of foods, but this was a stew so...at least for me, i could eat a whole bowl of it smothered over rice.

the tomato sauce stew was also quite good, not overly salty and went well with the meats, especially the schnitzel.

serbian cuisine to me, because i am new to it, gives me a feeling of richness, heartiness and simplicity. whenever i eat a new cuisine, i do not judge it culinary or objectively, but rather from a cultural, historical and humane perspective. some people maybe call serbian cuisine bland, but it does have its charms and tenacity.

especially in its dessert and fruit punch. i'd love it if they could push out one more dessert but, that's just me.

for the dessert, the homemade serbian style cheesecake, was a first time for me of this style. it was absolutely delicious. not sweet. soft and airy, light and foamy like, it was like eating a piece of heavenly clouds. i'd imagine eastern european cheesecakes to be similar in nature such as this, when compared to the more heavier, more dense style of new york that many people around here are more accustomed to.

the fruit punch was just a darling to drink, but they really need to put more on the buffet table. it went empty fast, along with the cheesecake :).

service was also very good. the waitress was just sweet and lovely and very helpful. the chef, who came out often to load up on more foods and also to check the foods, was very helpful, informative and proud of his creations. overall, the staff was very nice.

i'd return again, but this isn't a place i can eat at often due to health reasons since the cuisine is in itself quite high in fat. but this is eastern europe after all, so while there, i enjoyed the experience and food.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Chutney Villa Fine South Indian Cuisine147 East Broadway, Vancouver
A solid indian restaurant that is a little different.
Submitted Friday, February 6, 2015 - 3:22am [Dine in]

I came here with my girlfriend for my birthday dinner and we dined on their Vancouver Dine out set menu.

It was a first time for me ever to have southern style indian cuisine and, being a lover of indian food, i was quite pleasantly surprised and enjoyed my meal immensely. the taste was very good, less buttery and oily but a little more salty than northern indian cuisine.

I do not remember the exact names for the dishes, but we both basically had a dosa and fish hash of some sort for appy. for mains we had the fish curry and vegetable curry. for dessert, it was a mango ice cream and sweet rice.

my only complaint are the portions and pricing.

this place, for what it makes, is on the pricier end even though i felt the restaurant should not have commanded such high pricing due to it's projected customer base.

at $18-25 a dish in its main menu, that is near 2.5 to 3 star pricing and on par with some of the higher end restaurants in downtown and we were just sitting on main and broadway intersection.

i've eaten indian food that is half that price with double the portions and executed with the same skill and taste.

of course, that was if we didn't dine on the set menu and good thing was, the only thing available was the set menu.

the set menu was 18.00 pp. we also ordered a glass of wine and side roti and this brought our total to just over 50.00.

we came with a half full stomach and left full, but if we came with an empty stomach, we would have left half hungry still and 50.00 short.

i just feel, in conclusion, but what this restaurant is trying to be, it needs to keep in perspective it's pricing potential and structure.

i would return again, not because i find them too pricey, but because southern indian cuisine is not too common in vancouver - hence maybe why they can charge a higher price.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Temper Chocolate and Pastry2409 Marine Dr West Vancouver, BC, West Vancouver
A new top-line Patisserie gem is in town!
Submitted Thursday, February 5, 2015 - 1:07pm [Dine in]

Opened just a year ago, I came here on my birthday with my girlfriend a couple days ago to try them out.

We both absolutely love patisserie shops and their style of desserts so we had high expectations to begin with. Needless to say, this place did not disappoint.

Steve, the owner and chef, was very hospitable, generous, kind and welcoming. His little toddler of a daughter was also just the sweetest thing. He himself was always ready to talk about his creations and thoughts as this is a man with deep passion for what he does and you can feel it everywhere - the aura.

First, when we walked into his place, my initial thoughts were the cleanliness, luxuriousness and yet modest / minimalist design. It reminded me of Thomas Haa's shop because I visit his store often. I than learned from Steve that he had worked under the master tutelage of Thomas for 5 years and now has finally struck out on his own just a year ago.

The shop is tucked away in a more quiet section of marine drive in west van. The picturesque settings mix well with the sumptuous creations that is Steve - yet reasonable priced. I am always price conscious, who isn't? And when you enter the luxurious end of the spectrum, it's not a question anymore but a principle. However I will get to this part later to help wrap things up.

We had a Bailey's inspired dessert, a mango milk chocolate dessert, a ham and cheese croissant, some chocolates and a large cup of latte to share.

Having had Thomas's desserts many times, I couldn't help but compare them both during my own internal verdict, but I will tell you what makes Steve stand out and is making him a strong contender for top spot patisserie store in Vancouver, or even one of the top spots in Canada.

I do not need to describe the taste, because their technicalities are all superb. What I will describe is, what I presume to be, the chef's concept and belief direction.

His desserts are at least 30% less sweet than Haa's but their flavor profile is absolutely amazing and on par with Haas. Decadent, yet not dense. Airy yet with varying layers of texture and not linear. The desserts hit you not with flavor or the masking of sweetness that is pretentious only at the tip of your tongue, but with much depth as its aromas fill you everywhere from mouth, to throat, back to nose and finally gone until your next bite.

You're paying for an experience here.

A stand out, I do have to point, is his croissants. I also eat at Beaucoups quite often for croissants and they're rated #1 in Vancouver. Well, croissant wise, Steve's is up there with them. Extremely well layered, light and airy, it's just a beautifully made croissant.

His Habanero and Honey chocolate was something I think the Asian community such as myself would enjoy immensely. The kick comes a little later and than the honey helps bring out the spicy habanero even more, finally with the chocolate washing over and complimenting all of the combined flavors. It was like a reverse play.

This may sound a bit cheesy, but I can't help but imagine Steve, sitting there with much patience and fortitude, tempering a great piece of katana (In this case, his desserts) like the master Japanese sword smiths of old.

Where every temper is an - almost religious - process and movement that inches ever higher in creating a masterpiece for you to enjoy in the end.

This place's value is beyond and is worth every penny. Go there, sit down, take your time and enjoy the afternoon as you realize for yourself the mastery behind Temper.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Kebob House, The2865 Shaughnessy Street, Port Coquitlam
A great little persian restaurant
Submitted Sunday, January 11, 2015 - 11:46pm [Dine in]

I've eaten here twice and both times have been good experiences.

This is a small, simple restaurant with a minimal menu.

The ingredients are fresh, home-made and the price is very good.

The portions are also very generous - like many middle eastern restaurants i've grown fond of.

i usually come here by myself because the restaurant is a place where i can truly enjoy a meal by myself, almost in a spiritual fashion, without all the expectations of feeling that i am actually eating out. it's a special kind of feeling.

with persian food, i am not very knowledgeable of the spices or cooking techniques but i know fresh when i eat it. and who can complain with the prices? you get a huge plate of meat, rice and tomato for 7 bucks. the only places that you can find value like this are at asian places, like crystal mall or richmond public market.

this is one of those restaurants where you can eat like a regular and not break your wallet and while eating, enjoy some great, down to earth persian cooking - which is rare in our part of the world.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Bridges1696 Duranleau Street, Vancouver
A solid place - but could use a kick in creativity
Submitted Monday, December 22, 2014 - 6:52pm [Dine in]

I came here today for lunch with my family. This was my first time - personally. We were a party of 4 and paid 170.00. We had about 50% of it packed up later because we ordered more than we could eat.

Overall, first impression is this place is clean and quite a few bucks was spent in its minimalist, west coast style interior design.

I was quite impressed with the washroom to be honest - i am weird sometimes.

We ordered 2 sharing plates, a soup, 4 entrees and 2 teas.

Overall, the menu was nothing to rave about - the owner seems to be playing it safe and simple although that is not necessarily bad.

The downside for me, which i will begin on in terms of safe playing is of course, value. Value was solid but i wish they would have taken it up just that one notch. that missing 10-15% in the end of menu design, cuisine design - that flare.

why? because the price is on par with milestone and earls - and in some areas 10-15% higher.

i can't be totally bias in my criticism because the restaurant's expenses are, to my guess, mostly due to location.

this restaurant's view is AAA, right on the cusp of granville island facing english bay and the burrard bridge.

real estate is probably taking a huge chunk out of the owner's profit margin so i can be fair in heart.

but i also need to be objective on the food part. the owner can keep the same, fresh ingredients, but maybe up the technique and taste without sacrificing kitchen efficiency.

for example, if you're going to do tacos, don't just do fresh tacos, but do tacos that are unforgettable - or at the very least make me want to come back for a second try to quill my doubts. i ordered tacos today and i just eat and forget about it.

i do not believe the mantra of because my ingredients are fresh so i do not need to do much to them since i want them to speak for themselves. wrong.

i think a chef needs to enhance a fresh ingredient's natural taste - however you do it.

because, at the end of the day, with vancouver's incredibly cut throat restaurant and foodie industry, it's about the food and in this sort of depression, economically speaking, the dollar value trumps all no matter how safe you try to play. people's mouths do not lie.

i suspect this restaurant's greatest kitchen skill is consistency. why? because this kitchen was on the lighter side of seasoning and so i can respect the chef's bravery is showing to its clients, "i use fresh ingredients and i am not afraid of showing it without masking it with heavy flavor".

i respect that, but even your side sauces lacked flavors at time.

the tartar sauce, chipotle (i think?) and another dipping sauce just tasted like mayo. no offense.

the service was solid, waitresses were attentive.

my final thoughts of this place is the view, the atmosphere and the fresh ingredients. price-wise, i would say it is fair but that is because of the freshness of the ingredients, cooking technique and portions, not because of actual menu design.

perhaps i am asking too much, but i think paying around 45.00 pp for lunch is reasonable enough of an excuse to ask for that extra 10-15% flare in cuisine design.

overall, i'd return and try this place again, but only on very special occasions and not as a regular.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Peninsula Seafood Restaurant650 West 41st Ave, Unit 140, Vancouver
Catered to the Nouveau Riche of China
Submitted Monday, December 15, 2014 - 12:43pm [Dine in]

I eat lots of dim sum. High end, low end, family oriented, fast food, buffet, you name it, I've ate it.

The one thing that is absolutely important with dim sum, and like most other cuisines, is technique plus value in the end.

Do you think you got your money's worth?

No I do not. From food to service to bill, the only thing this place had going for them were utilities, utensils and decor.

Peninsula is a 1 year old restaurant, opened up in Oakridge mall to cater to the wealthy young chinese of vancouver. They have VIP rooms with minimum spending and all of their menu items are 30% higher than Kirin (Very well known and respected same category restaurant in Vancouver)

What is ironic is, the design of this restaurant is heading for modern, high end luxurious dining and yet, they put a huge 9 feet wall LED TV right in the center back of the restaurant. It kills the mood and the ambiance.

Now onto the service. All waiters are young and novice in training. You do not use novice, inexperienced waiters in a restaurant with such pricing caliber - it's an insult to the patrons.

You order something, they forget it - even something as simple as ice water.

The menu had sushi and they weren't even high end - they were sushi you can get in a food court. This should raise alarm bells for you. A sushi menu in a restaurant that is trying representing authentic cantonese / guangdong dim sum etc? I say trying because they even failed at that in terms of their predecessor.

Now onto menu and food. The names of the dishes were not very traditional but you could tell what they were. For good or worse, this wasn't the worst part.

The worst part was the skills execution. We ordered alot and we paid alot. at over 700.00, we ordered a total of 3 dishes (king crab, pork ribs, oysters in shells) and around 10 smaller dim sums.

This sort of ordering would cost only 400.00 or so at Kirin and made much better.

- king crab: was flat in flavor, a big disappointment. it felt like they killed the crab awhile ago than served it when ingredients like this need to be cooked asap the moment they are killed alive.

- pork ribs: was 80% FAT. they should call it fat ribs.

- taro / radish cakes x 2: nothing special, just taro hash and radish combined in 2 halves

- chicken feet x 2: small, flavorless

- tendons: hard, not soft or melting in your mouth

- shrimp dumpling: this was one the only thing decent

- siu mai: small, mediocre

- pork buns: on a sizzling plate with greasy onion beddings? you'd be smart and imagine the buns would soak up all that grease instead of the reverse

- oysters: mediocre and too much black bean sauce on top

- scallop chung fen: NO SAUCE. can you believe they had no sauce for it? you had to ASK.

final verdict is this. if you are young, inexperienced and flushed with daddy's cash, come to this place. it was made for you and your money.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Kingyo871 Denman Street, Vancouver
Above Average Place
Submitted Tuesday, November 4, 2014 - 2:47am [Dine in]

This place was the first time for me tonight. It was my gf's bday so wanted to treat her to something special.

The overall experience was good.

The thing that stood out for me, in particular, was the interior design - very rustic and japanese. The food was also decent, but it felt like a hit and miss on some of the dishes.

We had ordered 6 dishes plus a drink. total came to about 70.00 including tip so it was quite reasonably valued in the end and portions were fair.

- grilled pork cheek
- shrimp salad
- crab rice
- calamari
- dan dan noodle
- agedashi style tofu

overall, i'd say the cooking was solid, although the only ones that stood out in particular was the crab rice and agedashi style tofu.

the ones at the bottom of the barrel were the dan dan noodles and calamari.

calamari was soggy and soaked with grease. we at first thought it was the salsa that had caused the calamari to lose its fried crunch but than eating the ones not in contact with the salsa was still soggy. advice for the chef would be to have the salsa in a separate container.

however, after telling the waitress this, she was kind enough to offer us a replacement dish or to deduct the calamari cost off our tab but we declined because overall it was a good experience and we just wanted to let the chef know.

having eaten so many cuisines, sometimes i second guess myself on what the standards are at a certain place but this calamari was definitely a fail. i hope it was just a consistency error and next time it will come out perfect.

next, the dan dan noodles were not particular memorable or tasty. the overall cooking felt flat and i wasn't sure if it was some fast food dish i was eating or something they had not put heart into. it just felt a bit superficial and something i could get at a food court. banal, mediocre and bland.

the shrimp salad was reasonable, although a little over salty but well seasoned i think.

the pork cheek, i enjoyed greatly but i wished it would have had just maybe that extra 5-15% grill taste to it. it felt overly tenderized and even just below medium done. it was juicy, well seasoned, but texture wise, just uniform - no variety. this may be a personal preference but it's what i think for this dish.

the star of tonight was the crab rice on special in november of this month. full of crab flabor and tiny parcels of real crab meat, seafood and some sort of, i think, very aromatic japanese gratin cheese baked into the rice. it had depth of flavor and the rice was cooked just right.

the crab rice came in a stone bowl, pipping hot.

the cocktail, kingyo cocktail, lacked alcohol taste but flavor was not bad.

our waitress was great, very caring and attentive.

i'd return again, but it would not be a place i'd go often in terms of similarly priced range of izakaya.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
La Quercia3689 W 4th Ave., Vancouver
Slightly overpriced Italian fare
Submitted Sunday, November 3, 2013 - 2:10am [Dine in]

I came here with my girlfriend for dinner.

We ordered the 70.00 tasting menu. 70.00 / person. we spent another additional 60 on entrees and remainder on wine. bill came to close to around 320 with tip for sat night dinner.

This menu is not set as it usually depends on the chef's inspirations of the day plus available ingredients.

Now, I've eaten at quite a bit of italian restaurants all around north america, including my city of vancouver. this place is solid, but by no means is it excellent overall.

i will give you the pros and cons now.

pros = good quality ingredients, solid attentive service, above average cooking technique

cons = very small portions, expensive, price does not justify the overall cuisine in the end

now, this place aims to impress, but it falls short of its impression when you factor in the prices they charge you.

it does get pretentious at times because if you're going to spend over 300.00 on a meal or more, you better be well fed and also get great dishes.

their appetizer was great but what really fell short for us were the - surprise - pastas and main entrees.

unfortunately, the pastas here are quite boring. taste is good, but overall, nothing creative nor is there a lasting wow factor that makes you think they deserve to charge you such pricing for - at best when compared to some other great italian restaurants - mediocre entrees and pastas.

after the tasting 11 course order, we had to order additional items because we were still hungry.

all the food combined, for 2 adults, i'd say doesn't even add up to 2 pounds and the ingredients used were not even expensive ingredients, but common ingredients.

this is why i felt slightly ripped off despite them showing solid, classic cooking techniques.

i understand maybe where it's located, it can be expensive to set up shop, but unfortunately, if they plan to go high end, they better go all out, and not half baked or else real high end customers and patrons who have actually eaten at michelin star restaurants or so forth, will feel empty in the end.

of course, in the end, this place deserves a second chance. maybe it was just the random, unknown choices from the tasting menu selected by the chef that just simply did not match our overall expectations or i don't know.

for what i got and the bill, i felt the pricing would have been more in perspective if it was 25-30% lower.

i plan to come back to them in the future of course. they're a great place to eat. i just hope they will keep up with their own pricing when it comes to presentation, cuisine skill and overall value.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Tapenade Bistro3711 Bayview Street, Richmond
It's a tasty place, albeit a little high priced for its value given.
Submitted Sunday, August 18, 2013 - 1:20am [Dine in]

This place has a couple things going for it.

1. location
2. staff

the location is great, right in the heart of stevenston and also in front of the water view. also, the staff is very warm and friendly.

tonight, i took my girlfriend here for dinner. it was our first time. i will split my review down into 4 sections - food, price, service, value.

we ordered 6 dishes. 2 appies, 2 salads and 2 entrees. the bill was 140.00 and that includes a 20.00 tip.

for what we got, in terms of quality and taste, it was not extraordinary, but well made food with excellent quality ingredients.

the price at this place, in terms of what you get - portion, elevation level of cuisine, and sophistication - definitely does not match up to its pricing. you have restaurants in downtown with similar pricing structures but who serve much better food. this is one of this place's major downfalls is it takes itself way too seriously in pricing without being able to back it up. i've had amazing pheasants or chicken dishes for 30-40% less than what this place charges, right in downtown vancouver. dishes that cost only $16-$20 for chicken and yet this place charges nearly $30 - and with less portion. if you're going to charge nearly $30, it better be a great dish, especially when you're not at the ultra, michelin star leveled restaurants that people no longer care about pricing - they just want what others can never have - even if it's ice cream made of dirt - but i don't think this restaurant has achieved or is trying to achieve such a talented foolhardy status yet.

service was good. not extraordinary but attentive. we had our waters refilled when empty and servers would ask us if we wanted more bread. however, we weren't asked how our food tasted. we actually had to tell them ourselves in the end. of course,facts are facts, not something i will be picky about here.

and finally value. in terms of value, i feel it was a 3.5/5. this is a place for you to go to enjoy the view and hopefully the surrounding environment will let you forgive all flaws of this restaurant - especially it being located in a top notch spot.

would i return? probably not because there isn't anything of a wow / unique factor on their menu that i can't find elsewhere for 50% less or more. and when i say 50% less, there are MANY restaurants in vancouver that can make dishes like tapenade at 50% less.

this place's food, in terms of food and pricing that goes with it, is pretentious and i hope they will be more honest and wholesome in their dish design, portioning and pricing - especially with what was presented.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Uncle Willy's Restaurant6411 Nelson Ave, #100, Burnaby
a solid, nostalgic, quality buffet
Submitted Friday, May 17, 2013 - 11:17pm [Dine in]

ok, first, my review is based from nostalgia and also value.

this place is not expensive and so my expectations for their quality, variety and food style will also be in line with the price you pay which is only $11 for lunch and $15 for dinner.

this is a hearty buffet, with down to earth, non-pretentious cooking.

dont expect five star, fancy gourmet. the foods they push out are very basic, but they do it very well.

fried chickens, fries, king a la cart, etc - your basic comfort foods.

the quality is good, fresh but because of the ingredients sitting on the hot plates, it doesn't matter how fresh they start, eventually the heat will take its toll.

you go to uncle willy for the atmosphere and old-fashioned canadian / american cooking, you know the kind you see in family magazines back in the 80's - corn bread, pasta, stuff that's on the fresh prince and the cosby's.

roast beef, cakes, ice cream, salads, your usual food court fares, but just slightly better.

good place to try, but definitely not for the picky eaters.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Elizabeth's Hungarian Bakery1303 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Diamond in the Rough
Submitted Friday, June 22, 2012 - 9:49pm [Take-out]

Absolutely excellent little bakery.

Not fancy or pretentious, just good valued, fresh and very skilled baking.

Price is VERY reasonable and affordable. You can get entire loaves of bread for around $2-3 and also many other baked goods such as rolls, pasties and they also have a good selection of sandwiches.

I discovered this place 3 weeks ago and have revisited them for at least 4 times since i work near them.

they will be here for a long time, i know it.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
La Taqueria2549 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Nice Tacos, Nice place.
Submitted Friday, September 30, 2011 - 1:34am [Take-out]

I am a poor measure of judgement in terms of Mexican food, because i've rarely tried authentic mexican foods since it's such a rarity to find any in vancouver, if any was available.

having said that, i felt and it tasted like authentic mexican tacos and were quite good.
however i felt the portions were a bit small and for 9.50, i would expect just a bit more - maybe a drink would have made it nice or even a side of some sort.

girlfriend and i threw $30 at this place for dinner and we were still hungry afterwards since for $30, i would say the portion is about the same as 3 big macs. these tacos are not big i mind you - tiny, 1 bite tacos. we basically ordered 12 tacos in total.

overall, i would visit or recommend this place again if:

1. i don't have a big appetite - and for a 6'3 guy that's kind of hard.
2. you're a girl who doesn't have a big appetite
3. seeking authentic mexican food
4. don't mind spending more for good quality fast food, albeit small portions.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
King Buffet4600 No. 3 Road, Richmond
A Mediocre Experience
Submitted Wednesday, June 1, 2011 - 5:05pm [Dine in]

Went here for lunch today. The place had a couple of tables.

First thing that went through my mind was that they really should not have opened a buffet right in the heart of Richmond.

The food is geared more towards Westerners. I won't complain since I grew up here and having travelled back and forth to Asia and also eaten at some of the top-notch Chinese restaurants in Vancouver, I know what good Chinese food is.

For $10.99 (Lunch), the value is not bad. However quality is not exactly great, on the same level with Uncle Willie. It's is passable place, hit or miss on some dishes. If you simply want to stuff your face and get some 'fast food chinese style' King Buffet is a good choice to go.

I can't help but keep getting this feeling that if only they down-sized a bit of their restaurant, they could transfer some of that money into the food. The place is just too big.

For such a big place, the item choices were not too big - entrée remained around 12 - 15 core dishes.

One confusing aspect about them is they're trying to gear towards a Chinese Canadian crowd but sometimes they're just not getting it right. Not enough Chinese Canadians (Talking about those that have lived in Canada for decades) here in Richmond that will make you a profit. Either you go full blown Western style, or Fresh Off The Boat style (New Immigrants).

From what I mentioned before regarding quality of food, it's hit and miss for each dish. Some of the dishes seem like they've been sitting around for hours and haven't been touched, while others seem fresh. some vegetables like mushrooms had sand inside. I'm no picky eater but at least clean your food before you cook it.

Dessert was not good. Fruits were not sweet. Quality of vegetable seem to be lower end. The meat seemed to be a bit old and chewy. However, I'm not a picky eater and like I said for $10.99, I won't give them a hard time but facts are facts.

One upside, their food is not salty or over oily.

I would return not because of the quality of the food, but because of the nostalgia and taste of the food - old school North American Chinese Cuisine with a slight modern twist. Quality-wise, I would say Uncle Willie's is better even if they serve sausages.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Kawawa Japanese Restaurant4700 Kingsway, #E15, Burnaby
Not the best or the worst...
Submitted Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - 8:28pm [Dine in]

I think this place is owned by aji taro, the restaurant in richmond. anyways i'll split the review into two sections - normal and all you can eat menu

the normal menu items look like your average japanese restaurant variety - made by non-japanese chefs

overall, the normal menu items felt like they were made fresh, with nice big portions. the freshness of the ingredients are about 80%.

nothing much can be said about the normal menu, except that taste-wise, it was mediocre nothing incredible.

for the normal menu, we ordered the kimchi teriyaki beef roll, soft-shell crab, seaweed salad, teriyaki chicken don and spicy agedashi tofu for lunch.


now onto the ayce stuff...

#1 - not fresh

most of the stuff are pre-made and heated by microwaves or ovens.

the cold foods such as the sunomonos are taken out of the refrigerators so therefore they are also pre-made...which makes the vermicelli hard and brittle.

#2 - poor quality of cooking

the salmon head was burnt and the chicken teriyaki full of fatty skin. the sushi's fall apart and the raw tuna and salmon are not fresh

one upside to the cooking is that this place is not as salty as most of the other ayce places. the sauces are not salty or smothering. thumbs up for this part.

#3 - for $12 lunch ayce, i thought the only thing that was worthwhile was the fresh fruit as they were the freshest of them all - freshly cut oranges.

this ayce is not something i wouldn't return to...i would come again perhaps for a late night meal with friends after a movie or something where i am not in my very critical state of commenting and observing.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance