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usernameloginoneVancouverSince November 22, 20084 Reviews
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2.5 (2.6)
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Grand Buffet6401 Kingsway, #110, Burnaby
Kitchen Nightmares
Submitted Sunday, June 6, 2010 - 10:28pm [Dine in]

When my family decided to come here on a (2010) Sunday for dinner, we were kinda scared of the empty tables that welcomed us. The waitress took us to our table, filled our glasses with water, and left us to wander around and discover the shocking amounts of oil and grease that was not only on the food, but also on the floor (which made it slippery).

There were three long tables with basically Chinese food take out menu. The other table was for sushi and sashimi that looked very questionable. The sashimi available were only tuna and salmon. The salmon was looking really old so I had to wait almost ten minutes to find a waitress in this deserted restaurant and asked her if they were going to bring out a new batch of fresh sashimi, as the salmon was looking brownish/yellow. To my surprise, she said that those were just the salmon (or different salmon) they had. I was shocked to find out they were all salmon, as almost half of them was truly brown and looked like tuna sashimi--only worse.

All of the food selection were basically Chinese food that you can get from a take out menu. Everything was covered in grease, even supposedly healthy vegetables did not escape the hands of the cook who seemed very enthusiastic with loading everything with unhealthy oil and grease. All of the food were old, the fish dish in one tray was all just fish bone, until my mom asked the waitress (who seemed to hate her job and did not care) if they were gonna bring a new one.

They had a fridge with ice cream buckets where you serve yourself. My brother got a bowl from the new bowl tray and to his disgust, saw that there were still food stuck inside. The vanilla ice cream was empty so we asked the waitress for a new one. She said she'll check but the next thing we knew she was seated eating, probably at her break. So we decided to ask another waitress for the ice cream. She brought out two new buckets of vanilla ice cream, and we scooped ourselves some. The chocolate ice cream was almost empty, and we only ate the vanilla ice cream because it was a new bucket, lest we taste all the hands and fingers of all the previous people who eagerly scooped out their share of ice cream before us.

The washroom was very disgusting. It was unmaintained and dirty.

We were charged 15.99/person. We hurriedly left the place, leaving no tips, as the place was virtually isolated, with waitresses seeming to come out of the kitchen every ten years or so. I told the waitress about the dirty bowl that was only half heartedly cleaned and she just passed it off as probably a dirty bowl that a customer might have mistakenly put in the clean tray instead of the dirty one.

Yeah right.

How is this place still open?

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Samurai Sushi on Fraser6428 Fraser Street, Vancouver
No Wonder theyre named Samurai Sushi..
Submitted Saturday, November 22, 2008 - 11:55pm [Dine in]

When i first tried this sushi place I personally did not like it because the sushis were extreeemeely BIG. therefore hard to eat.
anyways after few months I was hungry so I decided to buy sushi here and I started to like it.
Besides the cheap price they have here, the sushi's are big. I guess thats why they named it Samurai Sushi..
Anyways, Ive always only ordered salmon or any kind of sashimi in All You can Eat restaurants because they are too expenisve to order in a normal one.

But lo and behold! I got the $4.95 half salmon sashimi and it was
ridiculously big for the price! It was well worth it!

The staff are always friendly as well as the chefs who greet the customers as well.
And they wont force you to tip them, like say you pay debit or credit card, it doesnt indicate any tip button thingie but I think they deserve a good tip for their food and service.

The spider crab sushi is really good. Ive always delayed trying it because it's $7.95 or around that but it was worth it.
The SSSR (Shrimp Salmon etc) roll was really good too an donly $3.50 i think.

Awesome food.

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  • Value
  • Ambiance
Pinpin Restaurant6113 Fraser Street, Vancouver
Cheap food with Huge Portions (considering it's run by Filipinos)
Submitted Saturday, November 22, 2008 - 12:38am [Dine in]

I live probably 6 blocks away from PinPin's and so I often go here.
The place is right outside a busstop so it is very accesible though the place itself is pretty crowded and small so sometimes you have to wait for people to finish eating to get a seat.

The service of the waitresses was okay. It was not that good because they take a long time to attend to you. After you order, the food takes quite a while before you get it.

The food is awesome mostly due to the large portion servings you get, and the price is pretty cheap too. We always ask fro take out boxes because there's just so much that we can't finish the food. The sweet and sour fish is really good as well as their Bicol Express. One food I did not like was their "bangus bistec" or milkfish steak. It was served in a sizzling plate and looked really good but lo and behold, when I took a bite it tasted like "daing" and they just added the sauce.
That was my first time ordering that food from PinPin so I dont know if they just ran out of fish that day and decided to substitute "daing" (marinated sour fish) or they just really serve it like that but it was very sour and really weird tasting.
I love their leche flan because it is very sweet and tasty and a really good dessert.
All in all they have good food with huge portion sizes and cheap prices.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Kam's Bakery & Restaurant2419 Main St., Vancouver
Baked Seafood!
Submitted Saturday, November 22, 2008 - 12:29am [Dine in]

Kam's bakery is a good place to eat. I love their baked seafood rice though the portion has gotten smaller over time.

Their price range is usually $6-8 per meal which includes a drink as well. The service is normal and its always been a good way to pass time trying to do charades with the chinese waitresses when ordering your food.

There is a bakery located in the restaurant as well and its pretty good. The ambiance is okay. I love this place!

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