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us1234Surrey, BCSince March 10, 20092 Reviews
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Old Spaghetti Factory53 Water Street, Vancouver
The Worst Spaghetti Ever!!
Submitted Tuesday, October 13, 2009 - 5:27pm [Dine in]

The Old Spaghetti Factory is the place to eat the WORST SPAGHETTI EVER IN GREATER VANCOUVER, or perhaps in the world!! All the food there really tastes HORRIBLE. Even if you buy a cheap spaghetti sauce from Costco, it tastes much better than this place.

The menu is just a joke! It seems they try to put the cheapest ingredients possible in all of their food. There is spaghetti with sauce ONLY, spaghetti with cheese ONLY. You don’t need to come here to eat this food like this, a 5 grader can also make this stuff.

My kid ordered spaghetti with meat ball. It has no taste whatsoever as if the cook forget to put spices, really bad. As such, he didn’t eat a single thing during the dinner. My order is also equally bad and tasteless, as well as for the entire group. So, ALL FOOD here is EXTREMELY BAD!!

The only good thing of this restaurant is the decoration. But, hello, don’t forget, we are here to eat, not to visit an art gallery. We are smart customers, we can’t be tricked to give you a good rating just because you put such a lavish decoration.

If I can offer one advice for this restaurant’s owner: don’t waste your money from putting excessive artwork, but instead, use this to train your chef to learn how to make spaghetti. If you want to know what a good spaghetti should be, try your Gastown neighbour: Incendio or Marcello in Commercial Drive. They really make the best spaghetti in town.

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Green Basil4623 Kingsway, Burnaby
Restaurant's owner is very rude!!
Submitted Tuesday, March 10, 2009 - 4:04pm [Dine in]

This restaurant has very bad service and the owner has very bad attitude.

On Saturday March 7, 2009 at 7.30 PM we went for dinner there. It is four of us: me, my wife and our 2 little kids (3 year and 1 year). My one year old baby needed high chair and the 3 year old needed booster, but they didn’t have anything available. Because of that my wife was struggling to feed the 1 year old. Then, because my 1-year old can’t sit properly, she wanted to walk in the restaurant. My wife then followed and watched the baby in walking. In walking around, the baby didn’t bother anyone, actually the customers liked to see and talk to the baby. I and my other kid were sitting and eating.

Then, we saw that the highchair was not used anymore, but none gave it to us until 20 minutes later. When my baby was still walking around, the male Thai owner came in and shouted to my wife in very rude manner and said: “Take your kid away. She shouldn’t be running around here!!” We told him that it is very unprofessional that a fine restaurant like that only had one chair that was what made my baby kept walking around.

From this experience I conclude the following:

1. The male Thai owner does not like kids and the restaurant is not family friendly.

2. It is completely unacceptable for such restaurant to have only one high chair and no boosters at all. Having 10 high chairs, for example, will take the same space as for one because high chairs are stackable. By comparison, a cheap, smaller Vietnamese restaurant that we often go has many highchairs and boosters.

3. The male Thai owner doesn’t have manner and his behaviour was extremely rude to my wife. Obviously, he doesn’t know anything about serving customers in Canada.

4. The male Thai owner must undergo extensive customer service training.

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