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underobservationlangley b.c.Since May 20, 201017 Reviews
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3 (2.9)
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Uncle Fatih's Pizza1685 Broadway East, Vancouver
Best Slice Pizza
Submitted Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - 1:32am [Dine in]

This is one of those places that I think is great but only at certain times.
For instance, dont try to eat in, because their really isnt much room.
Second, I never get delivery because it's one of those pizzas where it tastes ten times better fresh.
This place is great to go to for slice pizza. When you're on the run with friends see a cheap film at the Rio and the cross the street and grab a slice.
Now the thing that makes this pizza special is simply the wide variety of toppings to choose from. Some may seem bizzare but all are delicious.
My personal fav is broccoli-potato and pineapple with ranch drizzle on top of the cheese. delicous.
The place doesnt look that nice, and the service varies but the topping range as well as the great prices and deals make this a great place to go when you're on the run and craving a slice.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Foundation, The2301 Main Street, Vancouver
Pretty Good for a Big Group
Submitted Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - 1:15am [Dine in]

Okay, so I'll be the first to admit it.
This place is totally for hipsters.
But that's okay.
I went on a very busy saturday night and had to wait some time with my group of friends in a line forming outside the door to get in. Probably because of the lack of seating in the small place.
Once inside, we were seated in a table in the back by the kitchen, loud music was playing - which was fine for me, though sometimes I had to raise my voice somewhat just so my friends could hear me over the music and the other people talking.
The place was very dimly lit, mostly by candles placed on people's tables - and the quotes on the wall werent so bad, I dont see why it seems everyone is so irratated by them.
The people who work there seem to have fun among themselves - I could hear them joking and laughing in the nearby kitchen, but when they come out to serve they take their time ( it was a good 15-20 minute wait for us) and can be somewhat rude with a kindof "im better than you" attitude.
All we ordered was a big nacho plate, we got it upgraded so that the nachos had potatoes on them too and so we could have guacamole with it.
considering it was only nachos, they took quite awhile to arrive, but when they did they were quite good. Not skimpy on the toppings, and a big portion. 2 orders of nachos filled all 9 of us up and we were able to bring a bit home in a doggy-bag for a friend. The potatoes on the nacho's were a great touch and the guacamole was excellent. I didn't like the salsa, it tasted more like water with tomatoes mushed up in it.
Overall, including tip our bill only came to about $20, which wasnt that bad considering the amount of food we got.
I would try it again.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
NY Grill & Bistro20204 Fraser Hwy, Langley
Come on people, it's not that bad.
Submitted Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - 12:55am [Dine in]

I went with my boyfriend for our one year and didnt know what to expect as most people I knew had mixed opinions about the place, but, everyone did agree that it was downright cheap.
We were not dissapointed as it is possibly the cheapest place we have ever gone, we both got a full meal for about $20 total.

The place looks okay, not terrible but not beautiful either. The service is the same, not outstanding but not terrible. Everything's pretty much so-so.

We were seated quickly and told that - hooray - the drinks have free refills. It was a bit more of a wait for the waitress to come back but she was probably just giving us time to decide what to eat.

We both got burgers with roast potatoes and salad, their was an option to switch to ceasar salad for a dollar more, but due to a limited budget we chose not to.
My boyfriend enjoyed his chicken burger even though he asked for no tomatoes and it came with one, but, it can be easily picked off so why complain when the burger is only $6?
My salmon burger was excellent and a very nice big salmon fillet. The bun could've been softer but overall the burger was good, though too much sauce which kept dripping onto my hand. Annoying, but once again, not something to complain about.
The roast potatoes were excellent and very flavorful, though they couldve been hotter, they wernt cold but they werent hot either - warm-hot I guess.
The salad was terrible, just a few bitter, tastless leaves thrown on a plate with some balsamic - we shouldve upgraded to the ceasar.

Overall, the place is pretty much so-so on everything, not great, not terrible, but okay.
okay service, okay food, and okay decour.
the main reason I'd eat here agin is the fabulous prices. A great place to go when pay-day looks far off.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Me-N-Ed's Pizza Parlor20270 Fraser Highway, Langley
Me and Eds = Overrated with a Capital O
Submitted Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 3:31am [Dine in]

Me and Ed's pizza as soon as I walked in struck me as a sports bar. Tvs, loud music - it struck me in a way I didnt like, I found it distracting and annoying.

The restuarant wasn't very full, yet it took the few waitresses working at the time quite awhile to seat us.

The service is so-so, soetimes being great and sometimes terrible. This time it wasn't too bad.

The bottomless pop is a good deal, but that's about it. and though the pizza is good it's not the best ive ever had (that goes to Uncle Faith's accross from the Rio on commercial drive) but as for langley, even papa johns is better I woould say.

The crust is thin-crust, but is a tad dry and lacks flavour, the only real advantage is the wide variety of toppings available.

But, that advantage is quickly quashed when you see that though Me and Eds isnt the best pizza in langley, it certainly is the most expensive. Clocking me in at nearly $27 for one pizza. Ridiculous.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Sakura Sushi20493 Fraser Highway, Langley
My Favorite Sushi Restuarant!
Submitted Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 3:21am [Dine in]

Sakura sushi is hidden on the one way, hard to see, and yet has a steady stream of customers. That's because the food is good, cheap, and fast, and the service is excellent.

Fistly the decour is wonderful, mixing hole-in-the-wall local with a hint of japan. The tinted windows are a nice touch, so people walking by dont gawk at you while you're eating.

The service is very good, having one seasoned sushi chef and one waitress working hard. The waitress comes by often to offer you tea and is very attentative yet not overbearing.
(Btw, tip her for god sakes, and a decent one please.)

The prices are cheap, cheaper than almost any other restuarant, and , though not all the food is top notch, it is still very good and a great value for that price.

My personal favs on the menu are the gyoza, simply because they're a tad crisper on the edges than how anyone else seems to make them. The bowl noodle is also a good choice as well as the donburi and rolls - cucumber rolls here are very good, and they have some fun variations of rolls as well for you to try though they're a tad more expensive.

Overall, a great little hidden place, a "diamond in the rough"

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Bubblism20466 Fraser Hwy, #101, Langley
Bubbilism - Best bubble tea in langley
Submitted Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 3:14am [Dine in]

When I was younger I lived in richmond, where there are literally hundreads of great bubble tea restuarants.
When I moved to langley I tried out several places, dissapointed, until I found Bubbilism.
I usually order a mango slush with pearls. The decor is pleasant, and the husband / wife run atmosphere is a good fit fot the small shop. The drinks are a tad overpriced, considering most of them are flavoured with powders, but considering the cost to lease a bussiness on the one-way that's not suprising.
The thing that makes the bubble tea so good, is simply the bubbles. The wife who makes them is from Taiwan and does the job right, making them just like I used to have in Richmond and in a way that no other bubble tea place in langley has come close to.
Bring cash and dont forget to have your Thirsty Card stamped!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Dot's Cafe20567 Fraser Hwy, Langley
Dot's - MUCH better than it looks.
Submitted Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 3:07am [Dine in]

When you first step into Dot's it doesn't look that impressive. Faded walls and old decour that has probably never been updated. The place is clean, but lacks a polished look.

The service is outstanding, the waitresses friendly, quick, and attentative. And fresh-made food is flying out of the kitchen amazingly fast. No more than a 20 to 30 min wait usually.

It's a great value for your buck, I filled up 3 people on the breakfast specials for little over $20. The cafe also has a great local feel.

I would highly reccommend dots cafe fot their outstanding service and prices, even if the restuarant itself is a bit outdated.

after all you cant judge a book by it's cover.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Papa John's Pizza20811 Fraser Highway, #17, Langley
Papa John's Pizza - best chain pizza in langley
Submitted Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 2:55am [Dine in]

Papa John's pizza has become my new haven for pizza.
After the departre of the old manager sometime around 2 years ago, there is a new manager Milan, and his pizza is the best kept secret around.

The store is immaculate, incredibly clean for a chain store - in fact cleaner than the kitchen of most restuarants, and the service is quick, usually no more than a 10 minute wait for pizza.
When they say better ingredients, they aren't kidding, I have personally seen the manager chop vegetables fresh.

The pizzas come out delicious, loaded with toppings, and with a soft, flaky crust.
They are a tad more expensive, probably the cost of using fresh rather than frozen, but the employees are usually quick to offer or suggest a better deal.

The manager is kind, and appreciates every customer. And the servers are quick and efficent. I rarely get a pizza screwed up, and even when it is they are quick to admit their mistakes and send me a new pizza, quick and free of charge.

Pizzas I recommend:
The canadian and the hawiian BBQ chicken.

Sides I recommend: Chicken strips (7 piece) with honey ustard dip, honey chipotle wings (10 piece) with ranch dip. Cheesy Bread (delicious and twice the size of domino's cheesy bread with 1/2 the salt)

Things I don't recommend: The garic parmesan breadsticks are delicious but a bit messy, grab plenty of napkins and don't eat this if you're wearing something nice.

Values: Just ask the staff, the deals are always changing but if you ask them what the best one would be, they are honest, more concerned with yur satisfaction than making a sale.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Golden River Express20821 Fraser Hwy, #55, Langley
Best Chinese in Langey - By Far
Submitted Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 2:44am [Dine in]

Golden river express is quick, (usually no more than a 5-10 minute wait for food) friendly, and downright cheap restuarant.
Also, The food is GREAT!
The soy sauce noodles are definatley one of my favs, as well as the chicken balls with sweet and sour sauce. The eggrolls are good, though a bit greasy, and the hand-made shrimp dumplings are to die for. The wonton soup is fairly good too, made with big chunks of broccoli and a fair sized wonton.
The people running it are always friendly, and give you a ridiculously HUGE amount of food for a ridiculously low price.
For instance on a common lunch break, I get a small container of soy sauce noodles and an egg roll. It costs me no more than $4 and the serving size is huge, I haven't been able to finish the full container of noodles yet.
The place is small but clean, and has a warm, friendly air about it.
The only critisim possible is that sometimes the duck is a tad dry and there is limited selection, but other than that, it's outstanding.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Angelo's Pizza5501 204 Street, #111, Langley
Angelo's great 2 for 1 pizza place with awesome crust
Submitted Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 2:38am [Dine in]

Angelo's is a typical mom and pop set up, with the father usually running the conter with his wife and son not too far behind him.
The prices are good, very good for the amount that you get, the pizza is 2 for 1 at it's finest, though I reccomend instead of delivery, to go in and eat it fresh.

Honestly, the topping's aren't the greatest, and you can tell by looking at them that they aren't above average quality or taste. The star of this pizza, is the crust and when it's fresh out of the oven - it's godly.
Somehow though, on the drive home it loses some of that godliness, thus why I reccmend you eat in.

The wait can be either short or long, it varies, and the restuarant looks downright tacky. The owner has so many gimmicks to attract customers and make some extra cash - even a claw machine! - that it comes out as downright laughable.

Even so, I would recommend trying out Angelo's on yur next lunch break.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Cravings Coffee & Bakery4061 200th Street, Langley
Cravings, so-so.
Submitted Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 2:32am [Dine in]

Craving's cafe is one of the few local cafes that offers an alternative to Trendz and starbucks, also located in Brookswood.
The food, just like Trendz, is all pre-made costco food, shipped in and then re-heated. Their muffins are the saving grace, fresh made and large enough to satisfy an appitite. The coffee is fairly good as well (though once again, it is not fair trade)

The place is quiet, the servers are friendly if not a bit distant, and are so-so at whipping up a quick order. They're certainly quicker than Trendz, where the girls take up to 20 minutes to make a sandwich, yet; still aren't so quick as for me to label them efficient.

The cafe looks like your typical hole-in-the-wall local eatery, but it is quite clean.

The prices can be a bit overpriced on some things, but their baked goods, muffins and scones are a great deal.

Things I reccomend:
Mango smoothie: thick, icy, and flavorful.

Berry Burst Scone: satisfys a sweet tooth in a crunch without breaking the bank or adding pounds to your waistline

Any of their muffins, especially raspberry strusel.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Domino's Pizza4061 200 Street, Langley
Domino's Pizza - A fast-food sweatshop
Submitted Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 2:24am [Dine in]

Domino's pizza is a chain, and it really proves that, especially at Brookswood location.
The pizza is just plain bad, toppings sitting under the makeline much longer than they should, managers constantly being changed, all of them pretty much incompetant. The res of the staff is fairly good, though they don't seem to have a good level of communication or teamwork. At least once or twice out of every 5 times I order my pizza is screwed up, and a few times I have heard the employees swearing loudly behind the counter, loud enough for the parents and children waiting at the front to hear.

All the toppings, and the staff will freely admit this, are shipped in frozen, thawed, and then used. If that doesn't get your tastebuds working guess what - they failed their last healthcheck! Miserably!! Another thing that the staff freely admits. The crust feels tough and almost leathery in some spots - disgusting.
At least it's fairly priced, most of it being quite cheap, no suprise for the terrible quality.
It seems that the staff working there, who are for the most part, friendly, are so fed up with their management that tey have just given up. I was picking up a pizza one day and was amazed at how hot the store was, it felt like i'd just walked into an oven! I asked the girl who rang me up how she could stand to work in such conditions. She replied that they'd been asking management to fix the air conditioning for nearly 2 years and were simply met with excuse after excuse. It is terrible work conditions. She also replied when I mentioned how dirty the store looked that managment doesnt do much about that either, making the workers clean up the walls and machnery, without proper training, equitment (masks and gloves for working with chemicals) or extra pay for their efforts.

Obviously, the owners of the store are just too cheap to shell out some proper money for maintence, equiptment, and even slight raises for their fed-up and overworked employees.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Hirame Sushi4139 200 St, #4139, Langley
Hirame, best sushi in brookswood
Submitted Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 2:09am [Dine in]

Though I wouldn't call it the Best place in Langley, I would say it's the best place in brookswood.

The restuarant is clean and it outlay looks very nice and authentic. It has a good feel to it.

The service is quick, usually with no more than a 30min wait for food.

The servers are friendly and not afraid to reccomend a good dish to someone who's never has sushi before, or who isn't too thrilled by the idea of raw fish.

The rolls are delicious, if you can I would recomend getting a roll combo to try as many as you can. My 2 personal favs being dynamite rolls (one of the only dynamite rolls covering with the yummy and texturally pleasing salmon roe) and the cowboy roll ( variation on dynamite roll with crunchy covering and served with a slightly spicy sauce). The prices are fair for the quality and the serving that you get, soe things like the ramen bowl or the donburi are HUGE - (come hungry) - whereas the servings or gyoza or tempura arent the largest but still fairly priced.

Very Japanese dishes I recommend (reccomended for expierienced diners of sushi): gomae (spinach with seasme sauch, yummy on top of rolls), and salmon sashimi cone roll (beautiful cut of sushi-grade salon wrapped in nori (seaweed) into shape of a cone)

Beginner sushi dishes I recommend: Tempura, Gyoza, Chicken Tereyaki, Ramen bowl.

Good Value meals: Ramen bowl, donburi, or any of their box meal combos.

A good place to take family, friends, bussiness partners, and even dates. :)

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Ocean Park Pizza & Steak House20097 40 Avenue, Langley
Ocean Park - hit and miss.
Submitted Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 1:49am [Dine in]

Ocen Park Pizza in brookswood seems very hit and miss to me. I've gone there quite a few times and sometimes get great service, other times I don't. Sometimes I get good food, usually I don't.

The restuarant itself doesn't look too bad, though you can tell the owners were trying to make it look upscale and missed the mark, it comes off somewhat kitschy -especially with those mirrors on the back wall, (sorry but no one likes to see the way their face looks while they're chewing)
The servers and service is hit and miss. No matter what though you're looking at a 45 min to 1 hour wait. From what I've heard from some people I knew who worked there, is that you can't get consistant service because people are always quitting, and people are always quitting because the bosses are cheap, rude, and demanding.

Sometimes when I go the food is quite good, other times it's terrible, it depends on what you order - that's in part to the fact that some of their food is made fresh and some of it is pre-packaged and re-heated.

The food mostly is overpriced for the quality of what you get, though the serving size is quite fair.

Either way, not the best place to go out on a family outing.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Camy's 2 for 1 Pizza4027 208 Street, Langley
Camy's - kindof, sortof.
Submitted Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 1:41am [Dine in]

Camy's pizza has been in Brookswood for quite some time and has passed through several owners, but not much else has changed.
The store front looks old, dirty, and could honestly use a good cleanup as well as a paintjob.
The pizza is fairly good, though the toppings aren't of the best quality, especially the meat, the crust saves it. The crust is baked in a pan making it slightly crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle.
I wouldn't bother ordering any of their sides, the pasta tastes like they use the pizza suace in it and the salads are a joke, a chunk of lettuce covered in bacon bits and smothered in dressing.
The staff are friendly and helpful though, always going out of the way to give you a better deal and they have a pretty decently priced slice-pizza. (Just dont go there during lunch-time, when it's sure to be packed by the students from the nearby highschool)
Overall, Camy's isn't the worst pizza joint in town, but it's far from the best. Though, if you're looking for a quick slice of pizza, it's as good as it gets in brookswood.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Toki's Chinese Food4115 208 Street, Langley
Toki's - Seriously, you could do better.
Submitted Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 1:35am [Dine in]

Toki's is one of the few places in Brookswood to get chinese food, which is a shame because it's not very good.
The building looks flithy, and is in a small lot near the Rider's Pub. The food is greasy, and you can tell most everything has been deep-fried to the point where even it's huge salt content couldn't give it flavour.
The food isn't badly priced, but considering just how terrible it is it makes it seem overpriced.
The one saving grace is the friendly, effiecent staff, who aren't without trying.
Overall, unless it's the middle of the night, nowhere else is open and you're absolutely starving for some chinese food, I wouldn't bother, and I would make the extra trip to go somewhere else in Langley, because Toki's is really the bottom of the barrel.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Trendz Coffee House4033 208th Street, Langley
Trendz - Overrated
Submitted Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 1:04am [Dine in]

I can't believe how many people claim Trendz is one of the best cafes in langley with great food. Ridiculous.
Sorry but as far as the coffee goes, it's fairly good (although none of it is fair trade) but the food? Please. The wraps and baked goods in the display case are all just pre-packaged from costco, all of it is Kirkland, costco's brand. How do I know? I used to work at the Shell gas station, which happens to share a dumpster with Trendz. It's all pre-packaged crap, very little of it is made fresh.
The sandwiches which are actually made fresh, are poor and overpriced, unless you get them with a combo. I had the unfortunate expieriance of trying a sandwich that was supposed to be bacon, cheese, and tomato.(at a heafty price of 7.99)
The girl serving me took a good 20 minutes to make it as well, and there were only about 2 other customers in the place. I used to go in there fairly often, because it was close to my work, and I found all the girls to be slow, inefficient, and hired simply because of their looks. (I only ever saw one "ugly" looking girl working there and she managed to be more efficent and quick than all the others) so back to the sandwich. What I got was 2 pieces of pre-cooked bacon the girl had quickly microwaved, after they were heated she threw them on with the other ingredients and put the sandwich into the panini press. What I ended up with was 2 shriveled pieces of bacon with 2 thankfully good slices of tomato that were absolutely drowned in cheese. Greasy and disgusting.
Now, I guess it could be said that I am biased, basing all this off of one bad expierience, but every time I have gone in there, which is quite often, I am met with incredibly slow service.
Sorry but I work at a pizza place right now, where everything really is made FRESH - like we cut the veges and everything. And, during a 1 hour rush when we have 200 pizzas on the board and only 2 people working we still manage to pump out about a pizza every 8 minutes. So 20 minutes for a microwaved wrap, or pressed sandwich is kindof ridiculous when you have 4 girls working in the coffee place.
All well, at least they have their looks.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance