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tinertsCoquitlam (Schoolhouse Street)Since March 2, 20132 Reviews
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La Villetta Ristorante3901 Hastings St., Burnaby
What an absolute waste of time!
Submitted Sunday, October 27, 2013 - 12:52am [Dine in]

My husband and I had planned to try this restaurant out because I purchased a Social Shopper coupon which can be used on weekends. So I called the restaurant at 8:30 PM today and asked if my husband and I can make reservations for 9:00 PM and the lady I spoke with said they don't take reservations but she said it was a quiet evening so they can easily accommodate two people as long as we get there before 10:00 PM. So we drove down to the restaurant and got there at around 9:05 PM, they host tells us that they cannot take us in after 9:00 PM because they are having a big Halloween party. I explained to her that I had spoken with another lady about half an hour earlier and she said that it should not be a problem. The other lady came out and explained that she made a mistake and apologized that they are not able to take us in. I was obviously very frustrated and disappointed with this that they have wasted our time driving all the way down and back for nothing!

I did not even get a chance to taste their food, but maybe I'm better off than the ones who have tried. :) To the ones still wanting to try this place, BEST OF LUCK!

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Makoto Japanese Restaurant5213 Rumble Street, Burnaby
*Must Read* AbSoLuTe NiGhTmArE!!!
Submitted Friday, March 1, 2013 - 11:16pm [Dine in]

I'm giving this restaurant 0/5!

I have been to Makoto a couple of times before and one thing is constant – service was VERY SLOW. But tonight was a particularly interesting evening because my family decided to celebrate my Mom’s birthday there for dinner. I thought it would be nice to surprise my mom with a cake so I called the restaurant ahead of time and asked if I can bring a cake and have it served after our meal – the lady I spoke with said it was okay. So I brought the cake to the restaurant before my parents came.

After waiting about 45 minutes for our meal, we had dinner and I asked the server if she can bring the cake out. After five minutes, the owner came to our table and asked me to go over the sushi bar, behind the counter. He yells “We are so busy here, you serve your own cake!!!” -- I was completely stunned. Then the lady server was about to put the candle on the cake and then the owner yelled at her while grabbing the candle from her hand and then told me “YOU PUT YOUR OWN CANDLE AND LIGHT IT YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!” while handing me the lighter. At this point, I didn’t realize that the entire restaurant (it is a VERY SMALL restaurant) was looking at us – that includes my parents, brother, sister-in-law, fiancé and my future parents-in-law. All the guests were shocked with what just happened. I lit the candle and brought the cake over to our table – still stunned in disbelief.

I have never been disrespected and embarrassed like that my entire life.

After dinner, my fiancé did talk to the owner and told him that what he did was very unprofessional. If they did not want to serve cake, he could have said it in a more polite and respectful way. I will NEVER go back to this restaurant and will definitely tell all my family and friends about this sad story.

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